"Frank Delacourt. He died in the accident."
"Because of me, they're gone. I killed them."
Phil Coulson and Hannah Hutchins[src]

Frank Delacourt was a technician for StatiCorp.


Frank Delacourt was a technician at an StatiCorp facility in Batesville, Utah, working in a project involving a Particle Accelerator.

He was killed along with Jack Benson and Arlene Willoughby in an explosion caused by Tobias Ford, in an effort to catch safety inspector Hannah Hutchins's attention.

Delacourt's wife, along with most of the town, blamed Hutchins for the explosion.[1]




  • Only one brief image of Delacourt is shown. This image is shown alongside the image of Jack Benson, therefore it is unclear which image is Delacourt, and which is Benson.


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