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"The Golden Tigers had a pipeline. They'd bring people over, I sold 'em papers."
―Frank Choi to Colleen Wing[src]

Frank Choi is the owner of Frank Choi's Furniture who was hired to provide forged paperwork for the Golden Tigers' illegal people-smuggling operation. He cut a deal with the FBI to inform on the Golden Tigers.


Golden Tigers

"I do good work. It's not cheap. Sometimes, I let them pay me with property, you know? Jewelry, mostly. Art. This lady brings a box, says it's worth a fortune. It's just a brush and comb set. I was skeptical, too. Believe me. She spun this whole yarn about a princess and this fisherman she falls in love with. He's in hot water with a pirate king, whatever that is, and is marked for death. She goes to save him. The princess ends up taking down the pirate and takes over his ship. And that was supposed to be made from the bow sprint. Legendary. Priceless. A bunch of grade-A crap on a stick."
―Frank Choi to Colleen Wing[src]

Frank Choi had been a part of the Golden Tigers; during this time, he provided paperwork for individuals brought into the United States. Among them was a woman who, despite having no currency on her, traded a decorative box that she had claimed to have value. He was also told of a story about the Pirate Queen of Pinghai Bay who fell in love with a fisherman.[1]

Meeting Colleen Wing

"I got someone downstairs that you might be interested in talking to. Furniture store owner by the name of Frank Choi."
"Frank Choi is downstairs?"
"Yeah. You were right. Turns out he cut a deal to inform on the Golden Tigers. I convinced the feds to let you ask a few questions before he heads off to wit pro."
Misty Knight and Danny Rand[src]

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