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Francisco Rodriguez was the cousin of Elena Rodriguez who aided her in her battle to take Victor Ramon's guns, resulting in him being assassinated by Lucio and Ramon.


Stealing Guns

Hunted by Victor Ramon

Together with his cousin, Elena Rodriguez, who had received powers following Terrigenesis, Francisco came up with a plan to get rid of the corrupt National Police of Colombia in Bogotá. Elena Rodriguez used her speed to steal a busload of weapons from the police force and took them to their apartment. They originally had planned to throw the weapons into the river together, Elena had to stay at their apartment to take care of Alphonso Mackenzie, who she had kidnapped earlier that day.

Francisco Rodriguez drove his truck, filled with the weapons, to a bridge and began throwing them into the river. While doing so he was apprehended by Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter. Rodriguez was able to throw in one last crate before putting his hands in the air. Just moments after getting handcuffed by Hunter a car from the police force drove up to them. Victor Ramon and Lucio exited the truck. Lucio used his powers to first paralyze Morse, and immediately after Rodriguez and Hunter. In order to set an example Ramon took out his gun and shot Rodriguez in the head, killing him.[1]





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