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"There's no point, no purpose! There's no plan, brothers and sisters. No playbook King James or otherwise. Preying on fears. Since he won't do a damn thing. 'Cause the good Lord only helps those who help themselves. So, save your prayers, your candles. Save your pleas in the dark of night. They make no difference to him."
―Francis Xavier Delgado[src]

Father Francis Xavier Delgado is a priest and former history teacher at St. Sebastian's Preparatory School.


Early Life


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Counseling Tyrone Johnson

"Then why not tell me about it?"
"Because I I knew what you'd say."
"And what's that?"
"The same thing you've been saying for the last three years."
―Francis Xavier Delgado and Tyrone Johnson[src]

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Hero's Journey

"Okay, let's talk about what makes a hero. Now, as we've been discussing for the last few weeks, the best heroes, the ones we love and cherish, they follow an arc."
―Francis Xavier Delgado[src]

While also being one of the counselors inside in St. Sebastian, Father Delgado was also in charge of one of the courses in the school. In one of the classes, Father Delgado explained the theory behind the hero's journey, with a graphical example of the steps that these characters tend to follow.[1]

Visit at Johnson Residence

Delgado visited Otis and Adina Johnson after Tyrone Johnson ran away from home for being sought by the NOPD after being blamed for assassination. While praying silently, Delgado looked the cops questioning Otis.[2]


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