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"Just for a couple days. A safe place to sleep, take a shower..."

Frances is a member of the Church of Gibborim who, along with Aura, picked up runaways off the streets to recruit them into the church.


Meeting Destiny Gonzalez

"Just come check it out. A hot meal, a shower, a good night sleep."
"What is this, like a cult?"
"We don't use that word. And if it's not for you, you can totally leave. No strains, I swear."
―Frances and Destiny Gonzalez[src]

While cruising in the streets of Los Angeles with Aura, looking for runaways who could be welcomed into the Church of Gibborim, Frances encountered the young Destiny Gonzalez who was being harassed by two men. Frances and Aura took Gonzalez to their van, and despite Gonzalez's initial reluctance, she agreed to follow them.

Six months later, Frances attended a preaching session held by Leslie Dean.[1] Once it was over, Frances and Aura informed Dean that Gonzalez was missing. Therefore, Frances accompanied Dean and Aura to the Los Angeles Bus Depot where they found Gonzalez.[2]

Frank Dean's Failed Trial

"Our readings show that Ultra is still out of your reach."
"But I felt something.""
―Frances and Frank Dean[src]

As Frank Dean insisted to take a more active part into the Church of Gibborim's activities, Frances and Aura were charged with overseeing his attempt to ascend to the rank of Ultra, which included spending the night in the desert. In the morning, Frances and Aura joined Dean under his tent and informed him that he had failed, although Dean insisted to try again.[3]

Escape of Karolina Dean

"Get security."
"What? No. There's no problem. These are my friends."
―Aura to Frances and Karolina Dean[src]

During another of their search for runaways, Frances and Aura picked up Chase Stein and Molly Hernandez, who posed as marginalized youths to rescue their friend Karolina Dean who was being held in the Church of Gibborim Executive Office. Frances and Aura took them back to the Church. As the newcomers filled in their forms, Frances and Aura noticed the unusual presence of Vaughn Kaye, accompanied by Stein and Hernandez. They asked Kaye whether there was a problem and agreed when he said that the two teenagers were perfect for Leslie Dean.

Frances and Aura encounters the Runaways

Later, Frances and Aura encountered Stein and Hernandez one more time, this time with Karolina who they tried to take out of the Church's office. Frances called the security, although Karolina tried to pretend that everything was right. As the security arrived, Frances told them which path to follow to capture the fugitives, who managed to escape nonetheless.[4]



  • Taser Gun: Frances had a taser gun she used to incapacitate one of the men who was harassing Destiny Gonzalez in the street.

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