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The Framework Headsets were the devices used to connect users into the Framework.


First Use

"All the transcranial apparatus, that's all me."
"No. Of course, you're brilliant, too. Of course."
"Because soon you won't even need the eyewear or the earwear, because it'll all be inside your head."
Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons[src]

The Framework Headsets were designed by Leo Fitz in order to interact with the virtual environments generated by the Framework after Holden Radcliffe significantly improved the program architecture. Jemma Simmons was the first person to use the headset, and ended up in a simulated recreation of her laboratory, which she commented was pleasantly quiet instead of her real laboratory in the Playground. Once she removed the headset, Fitz insisted that it could still be improved and that some pieces of equipment would no longer be necessary. They then commented on Melinda May and his STRIKE team using the headsets to train virtually.[1]

Sedating Melinda May

"The Framework could create a nice pastoral scene to help her relax, but who knows what her brain will make of it now. Could end up being land of the dinosaurs. So we're just gonna use it for feedback."
Holden Radcliffe to Jemma Simmons[src]

In an attempt to calm down Melinda May as she experienced hallucinations causing her to see demonic figures after being touched by Lucy Bauer, Holden Radcliffe equipped her with a Framework headset, hoping that a peaceful simulation could be created, although he doubted that it would work due to the trauma she was suffering from. He and Jemma Simmons also used the data scanned by the headset to map May's brain and assess which parts were the most active. Radcliffe later removed the headset in preparation for a dangerous operation involving stopping May's heart with a defibrillator.[2]

Framework Update

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Superior's Control

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