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Fort Johnson is a United States Army installation located in the Everglades area in Florida.



Major Kathleen Sparr informed General Thaddeus Ross of a clue about Bruce Banner's locations, through a case of Gamma poisoning by a man in Milwaukee after consuming a drink impregnated with Banner's blood and bottled in the factory he was working on Brazil.

Both Ross and Sparr left the Pentagon and went to Fort Johnson in the Everglades, inorder to assembled a military unit to capture Banner. General Joe Greller, stationed at Fort Johnson and a friend of Ross, managed to enlist the help of Russian-born British special operations expert Emil Blonsky assigned by the Royal Marines to the unit.

Ross and his unit boarded a plane, where Sparr briefed them about the capture mission. Ross clarified the danger that Banner supposed, even although he did not appear an enemy combatant, as he was involved in the death of two scientists, a soldier, a state trooper in Idaho and two hunters in Canada.[1]



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