"You have no idea what it's like living on a base with a bunch of cretins. A thousand men all looking for me to tell them what to do and when to do it. If I didn't tell them, they wouldn't know whether to shit or fall back in it."
Morty Bennett to Mistress[src]

Fort Bryon is the United States Army installation where Morty Bennett was stationed.


Infiltration into Fort Bryon

In order to get Agent Orange's name, the Punisher with Micro's help infiltrated Fort Bryon where was Colonel Morty Bennett. On base, Bennett spent time with his Mistress. Bennett's mistress started erotic role-play with him. They were suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Castle who was shocked to see Bennett in that situation, while Bennett's mistress yelled out that he was there before running away and called Anvil team led by Billy Russo.

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Bennett's life is threatened by Punisher

While Micro hacked Bennett's phone, Castle opened his face to him and threatening him. When Castle learned about hostiles he filled the room with smoke, telling Bennett not to make a sound or he would kill him. Castle vanished in smoke as agents stormed into the room with laser-pointed rifles. They silently searched for their target before being taken out one by one by Castle, who chose not to kill any of them.

Russo found and aimed their rifle at Bennett by mistake, only for Castle to appear from the darkness and knock him out. Eventually, Castle took out Russo, non-lethally shooting him. At this time, Micro finished hacking and said Castle to escape. Castle leaping out of the window while Russo continued shooting at him.

As the smoke left the room and the agents got back onto their feet, Russo revealed himself much to Bennett's surprise, as he ordered him to tell the soldiers at the base that this had all been a training exercise before telling Bennett to follow him to a safe house, with Bennett coming to believe that Rawlins was behind the entire situation. The base was put on alert in order to find intruder. Castle successfully got to the exit but confronted with young soldier who told Castle to surrender. He shot soldier in arm and escaped on his van.[1]


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