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"For all time."
Mobius M. Mobius and Hunter B-15

For All Time. Always. is the sixth and final episode of the first season of Loki.


The clock is ticking in the season finale which finds Loki and Sylvie on a date with destiny.


Loki and Sylvie at the Citadel at the End of Time

The Citadel at the End of Time stands on a lone astronomical body, surrounded by a beam of light representing the Sacred Timeline. Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir, having emerged from the Void, approach the front door. An anxious Sylvie emotionally prepares herself, when the door suddenly opens, and the two venture inside. Encountering Miss Minutes, she tempts them with an offer from He Who Remains, the actual creator of the Time Variance Authority. The proposal would see the two Variants restored to their place on the Sacred Timeline without significant disruptions to its stability, alongside personal alterations: Loki wins the Battle of New York, becomes King of Asgard, and kills Thanos; Sylvie would reunite with her family. Miss Minutes also said that He Who Remains could put them together on the timeline, allowing Sylvie and Loki to have anything they wanted together. Ultimately, the duo turns it down, declaring they will write their own destinies.

Miss Minutes sends various files to TemPad his Ravonna Renslayer

Miss Minutes then summons herself unto Ravonna Renslayer at the TVA Office, sending various files to her TemPad. Renslayer notes that the files aren't the ones she specifically requested from her. Moments later, Mobius M. Mobius returns to her office, wielding a Time Stick. Renslayer tells Mobius that he had to be pruned to preserve the TVA's core directive. As she attempts to summon Minutemen to her aid, Mobius reveals that they are already aware of her Variant nature. Indeed, Hunter B-15's actions lured a Minutemen unit to 2018 Ohio, where they encounter a school principal whom they recognize as Renslayer.

He Who Remains reveals himself

As Loki and Sylvie slowly advance through the Citadel's halls, they eventually come across an elevator, which opens to unveil He Who Remains inside. With Loki and Sylvie threatening with their weapons, they are invited to sit down for a chat. Sylvie attempts to kill He, but He avoids death, due to his knowledge of all that will occur, including what the TVA doesn't know. He also informs the couple that their path to the Citadel was paved by him beforehand. He questions Sylvie's trust in Loki, noting that she is virtually incapable of trusting anyone.

Ravonna Renslayer leaves the Time Variance Authority using a Timedoor

Meanwhile, Renslayer continues to defend the TVA, stating that their operations are necessary to preserve temporal order. Mobius, having experienced being pruned to the Void himself, argues on behalf of the free will for the Variants. Renslayer insists that no one besides the creator of the TVA will ever possess that free will. When she opens a Timedoor, Mobius attempts to prune her, but he is quickly disarmed and sent to the ground. Despite being given the chance, Renslayer does not prune her former friend again. Instead, she uses the Timedoor to leave the TVA Office in search of "free will."

He Who Remains speaks about the Multiversal War

He Who Remains affirms to Loki and Sylvie that the existence of the TVA is necessary to protect the Multiverse from himself. Specifically, Variants of He who live in the 31st Century, discover interuniversal travel, and begin interacting with each other. Initially, the interactions were peaceful, but the actions of a select number of malicious Variants sparked the Multiversal War, bringing the Multiverse to near-destruction. Eventually, one specific He Variant discovered Alioth, weaponizing it to end the War and isolate his timeline as the Sacred Timeline. Additionally, he formed the TVA to assist in retaining only one timeline. Unconvinced, Sylvie accuses He of being a liar.

Branch timelines.png

He Who Remains gives Loki and Sylvie two options: kill him and unleash countless wicked versions of himself, or take over the TVA in his place. Loki, confused as to why He would give up control of Time itself, also accuses him of deception. The weary He informs them about his advanced age, declaring the young Variants to be the perfect candidates to take his role as the Keepers of Time. He beckons them to use their experiences to decide the fates of alternate timelines as they see fit. Suddenly, however, the once merry He Who Remains grimly announces that "the threshold" has been crossed, with thunder beginning to rumble outside the Citadel. The Sacred Timeline begins to diverge into multiple branches. He reveals that he doesn't possess knowledge of what occurs beyond the threshold.

Loki Sylvie kiss.jpg

Sylvie remains unconvinced of He Who Remains' intentions, suddenly lunging to kill the creator of the TVA. Loki, though, is fully convinced of the multiversal risk, attempting to talk Sylvie out of killing He. Nevertheless, Sylvie remains insistent on going ahead with her murder, accusing Loki of trying to take control of the TVA as a throne for himself. Descending into a brief duel for the fate of the Multiverse, Sylvie gains the upper hand and dashes to kill He, but Loki blocks the blow. Refusing to harm her, Loki assures an emotional Sylvie that power is out of the question for him, and all he wants is to see her well. She drops her weapon, and the two share a kiss. However, Sylvie declares they are not the same, opening a Timedoor with He's TemPad, blasting Loki back into the TVA.

Branched Timelines.png

Loki attempts to return to the Citadel, but the time door closes, leaving him distraught. Sylvie recovers her sword and plunges it into He Who Remains' heart, killing him but not before cryptically telling her that he'll see her soon. Having finally avenged her reality and realizing her actions, the Goddess of Mischief collapses and broke down in tears as the Sacred Timeline splinters outward into countless branches. Mobius, B-15, and other TVA workers observe as the branches go well beyond the point of no return.

Kang the Conqueror (Loki).png

After spending a moment lamenting Sylvie's betrayal, Loki runs into the TVA library, encountering Mobius and B-15 there. Loki attempts to warn them about the impending danger of the numerous He Who Remains Variants due to the liberation of the Sacred Timeline. However, Mobius and B-15 don't recognize him. Looking outside, Loki notices, instead of the three Time-Keepers statues, a sole statue of a Variant of He Who Remains.


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Song title Artist Location(s)
It's Been a Long, Long Time Harry James and Kitty Kallen
  • Introduction and glimpse of the "Sacred Timeline".
Toia Mai Haka Extreme Music
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Eucalyptus APM Music
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Monlam Extreme Music
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For the Sake of Old Lang Syne APM Music
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Totem Pole Johnny Eagle
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Swan Lake, Op. 20, Act IV: By the Lake: Finale Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra & Ondrej Lenárd
  • Introduction and glimpse of the "Sacred Timeline".
Adhaan Maghribi Sahraoi
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I Can Say Pat Thomas & Marijata
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Bagatelle in A Minor WoO 59 'Für Elise' Ludwig van Beethoven
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I Put a Spell on You
(Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover)
Nina Simone
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Toia Mai Haka
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Children's Song (from Togo) Moba Children of Togo
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The Luck You Got The High Strung
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Swag Saha Nahi Jaye Sohail Sen, Shadab Faridi & Neha Bhasin
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I Should Be So Lucky Kylie Minogue
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Amigos 4 Life Extreme Music
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Curva Sud APM Music
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The Flower Seller (A) APM Music
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