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"People have bailed on Matt his whole life, and I'm not gonna be one of 'em. You do what you want, but that's not the kind of friend I wanna be."
―Foggy Nelson to Karen Page[src]

Franklin Percy "Foggy" Nelson is a lawyer and the best friend of Matt Murdock. He co-founded the law firm Nelson and Murdock with his best friend and worked on cases with a passion for getting justice for the innocent including Karen Page and Elena Cardenas. Nelson remained loyal to Murdock even after discovering that Murdock had been living a secret life as a masked vigilante known as Daredevil. However, the revelation continued to have an impact on Nelson and Murdock as Nelson became more frustrated with his friend as Murdock's double life began to interfere with their case defending Frank Castle.

Eventually, Nelson and Murdock disbanded, and Nelson took a job at Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz while Murdock was presumed dead following the battle at Midland Circle. Upon learning of Murdock's survival and Wilson Fisk's release from prison, he decided to run for District Attorney to help keep Fisk behind bars. Eventually, Nelson, Murdock and Page would reunite to defeat Fisk again, with Nelson dropping out of the race for D.A. and proposing a new law firm.


Early Life

Growing up in Hell's Kitchen

"We've been enemies since we were four, Brett."
―Foggy Nelson to Brett Mahoney[src]

When Nelson was a young boy growing up in Hell's Kitchen, he had a rivalry with Brett Mahoney that lasted the majority of their childhoods.[1] Sometime later, Nelson heard about another boy named Matt Murdock, who had been blinded in an accident where he had tried to save an old man.

Nelson learned some skills working at his father's hardware store;[4] however, Nelson had dreams of becoming a lawyer. His mother was desperate for him to become a butcher instead; he often suspected she simply liked the idea of free ham.[13] In his adolescence, Nelson attended a theatrical summer camp.[10]

College Years

Meeting Matt Murdock

"Me and you, pal... We're gonna do this. We're gonna be the best damn avocados this city has ever seen."
"Best damn avocados."
―Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

Nelson introduces himself to Matt Murdock

Years later, Foggy Nelson got into Columbia University law school. Shortly after he arrived, he met his new roommate Matt Murdock; when Nelson saw that Murdock was a young blind man from Hell's Kitchen, he immediately remembered Murdock from the news story about him being blinded while saving an old man many years previously and called him a hero. They agreed to be wing-men for each other when attracting women and decided to get to know each other better over coffee.

Nelson gets to know Matt Murdock better

The pair struck up an immediate friendship that would last their entire lives; Nelson often teasing Murdock about his blindness while Murdock would tease Nelson about many of his poor life choices, such as his decision to join a course studying Punjabi simply to get close to a girl. While walking through the university, Nelson asked Murdock about a Greek girl who Murdock had been seeing; Murdock told him it had not worked out. They then agreed to strike a professional partnership and work together in the future as lawyers.[13]

Landman and Zack

Nelson works for Landman and Zack

"Foggy? What are you doing?"
"I'm gonna steal as many bagels as I can fit in this box. With you as my partner, there's no telling when I'll be able to afford a real meal."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

After graduating, the pair got work as interns for a large corporate company called Landman and Zack; during this time Nelson had a brief sexual relationship with his co-worker Marci Stahl. During their time at the law-firm, Nelson and Matt Murdock were left to work in a tiny storage room which had been converted into an office while they worked on law-suit cases involving innocent people who were being counter-sued by large selfish companies like the Roxxon Corporation, ruining their lives and taking all the money they had earned.

Nelson is convinced to quit Landman and Zack

Eventually, both Nelson and Murdock were offered paid jobs with the company; although Nelson was highly enthusiastic about the idea due to the incredible money opportunities, Murdock did not like the thought of working for such a large soulless company, noting that they had ruined the life of an innocent man. Murdock expressed his belief that this was not the right direction for them and convinced Nelson that they should instead create their own firm. Nelson agreed so they refused the offer and set about building Nelson and Murdock, stealing bagels from Landman and Zack before they left.

Nelson agrees to start Nelson and Murdock

While drinking at Josie's Bar a little while later, Nelson commented on a bruise on Murdock's face which he claimed to have gained after tripping while taking out the trash. Nelson drew an image on a napkin of his design for a sign for Nelson and Murdock's law company and handed it to Murdock. Although Nelson made it clear the idea terrified him, he insisted that if Murdock believed that it was the right direction for them to take then he would stand with him. With Murdock insisting there was no one he would rather do it with, Nelson happily agreed as they raised their glasses to the future.[13]

Nelson and Murdock

Buying Office Space

Nelson and Brett Mahoney making their deal

"I gotta go bribe a cop."
"Ugh. Foggy."
"Kidding, NSA, if you're listening! But seriously, yeah, I gotta go bribe a cop."
―Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

A little while later, Nelson booked a meeting with a realtor to look at new office spaces for their law firm; he called Matt Murdock to remind him and mockingly asked if he had a girl in bed with him due to his weary tone. While on his way to the offices, Nelson visited his old friend, Brett Mahoney, and gave him a bag of cigars for his mother in exchange for any tip-offs about new cases in which he and Murdock could work as the lawyers.

Nelson and Matt Murdock looking at an office

During the office tour, Nelson arrived first and when Murdock finally appeared, they both teased the realtor, Susan Harris, about her awkwardness regarding Murdock's blindness; Murdock told Nelson he was welcome to have the room with a view. While Nelson was put off at the location, Murdock told the realtor that the office was perfect and he wanted to put an offer down. Nelson argued that they might not be able to afford it before he and Murdock debated the direction of their law-firm. Despite his reservations, they then put an offer in for the office and moved in the same day.[1]

Defending Karen Page

Nelson and Murdock meet Karen Page

"You don't necessarily show the best judgement when beautiful women are involved, Matt."
"How would I even know if she's a beautiful woman?"
"I don't know, it's kinda spooky actually. But if there's a stunning woman with questionable character in the room, Matt Murdock's gonna find her and Foggy Nelson is going to suffer."
―Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

Nelson later received a phone call from Brett Mahoney regarding a homicide, in which a young woman named Karen Page had seemingly stabbed her co-worker to death in her apartment after drinks. Nelson and Matt Murdock spoke to Page who insisted that she was innocent. Although she informed them she did not have any money to pay them, Murdock decided to take the case regardless.

Nelson and Murdock discuss the case

Although Nelson was unsure that they should defend Page instead of taking a deal as she seemed to be undoubtedly guilty, Murdock insisted that they do as he had a feeling that she was telling the truth. Nelson commented that Murdock's judgement was never as good when their client was a beautiful woman, leading to a discussion on how he could always tell that a woman was beautiful despite being blind. Murdock convinced Nelson to back him up on the case and they discussed who could be the guilty party, with Nelson suspecting that Page might not be telling the whole truth.

Nelson speaks with Blake and Hoffman

Before the case could go to trial, however, Page was nearly assassinated in her jail cell by officer Clyde Farnum, leading to Nelson and Murdock to have her released by Detectives Christian Blake and Carl Hoffman on the grounds of her life being endangered while in their care and they had failed to press charges against her. The detectives reluctantly agreed to free Page and before they left, Blake threatened Murdock that he would "kick the shit" out of him if he spoke to him out of turn again. Nelson and Murdock then collected Page from her cell.

Nelson comforts Karen Page

Nelson and Murdock took Page back to their office where they interviewed her again and gained new details as to why her employer, Union Allied Construction was trying to kill her. She revealed she had found a file which detailed huge numbers of funds disappearing into the system, being used purely for profit and basically being stolen. Page told them that she had wanted to tell Fisher and knew that this was what had gotten him killed. Although Page insisted she had to leave, it was agreed that she should sleep at Matt Murdock's Apartment to ensure she was not targeted again.

Nelson has lunch with Murdock and Page

The next morning, however, Page explained that she had returned to her apartment during the night to retrieve the file and was attacked again, only to have been rescued by a man in a mask, who had later exposed Union Allied Construction as the ones responsible for the attacks, resulting in the story being on the front page of the newspapers. With her case cleared, Nelson, Murdock and Page celebrated over a homemade lunch and Page was offered a job as their new secretary at Nelson and Murdock, but only after she had offered to work for them for free.[1]

Late Night Drinking

Nelson goes drinking with Karen Page

"Could you... could you hear me just now?"
"The correct answer is 'Yes, and you sound amazing.'"
"Well, of the two lies, I took the lesser."
―Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]

While Nelson was working late in the office, he sang loudly and happily to himself, but was horrified when Karen Page called out to him to inform him that she was also in the office and could hear him. Nelson asked her why she had not gone home and Page revealed that she did not want to after the recent attacks on her; Nelson suggested that she should instead join him for a drink. At Josie's Bar, Nelson comforted Page about her experiences, assuring her that not everyone in Hell's Kitchen were like the ones who tried to kill her. When it became clear that she was still desperate not to return home, he decided that they would instead spend the whole night together drinking.

Nelson gets drunk with Karen Page

As the night wore on, Nelson spoke to Page about his past and how he was an extremely awkward character in Law School. During the night, they went to Matt Murdock's apartment and tried to convince him to join them on their late-night escapades; however, Murdock did not answer his door and their loud shouting and banging awoke his neighbor. They soon gave up on Murdock and continued to walk through the city, with Nelson joking that Page had now made him terrified of the city. Page thanked Nelson for taking care of her and cheering her up.[14]

Defending John Healy

Nelson arrives at work with a hangover

"You have quite the legal vocabulary, Mr. Healy; am I correct to assume that this is not your first rodeo?"
―Foggy Nelson to John Healy[src]

The next morning, Nelson returned to the office with a terrible hangover and asked Page never to let them go out drinking all night again. Matt Murdock arrived shortly afterwards and teased the pair before they were interrupted by a knock at the door. The three stood confused for a moment as this was the first visitor they had had and Murdock asked Page to open the door, welcoming James Wesley into their office.

Nelson and Murdock speak to James Wesley

Wesley explained that he represented an individual who was interested in their law firm because of Nelson and Murdock's history of living in Hell's Kitchen. He offered them the chance to represent his client John Healy, who had been arrested for murder. When Matt Murdock tried to learn more about his reasons for coming to them and his client, Wesley insulted Karen Page's employment at Nelson and Murdock. Murdock initially showed rude distrust towards Wesley, as he did not like the fact Wesley had not given up his name to them, much to Nelson's annoyance. Murdock left the office and told Nelson to go to the court house to meet with Healy.

Nelson questions John Healy

Nelson met with John Healy at the police station and it soon became clear to him that Healy was highly experienced in courtroom proceedings. Healy gave all the right answers to Nelson's questions, showing little to no fear towards his situation. Just as Nelson made the decision not to take the case as Healy was clearly guilty, Murdock arrived, apologizing for his lateness and informed him that they would take on his case and they began their interview again. Nelson and Murdock worked out a case of self-defense based on missing evidence and poor witness testimonies.

Nelson defends John Healy in court

During the trail, Nelson gave the opening statement to the jury in which he defended Healy passionately, claiming that the prosecution could not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt and it would be justice for Healy to be set free. As Murdock gave the closing statement the next day, he took a long pause before speaking; Healy questioned what he was doing but Nelson assured him that Murdock knew what he was doing. Murdock gave a long speech to the jury convincing them to free Healy. The jury came to a Hung Jury and allowed Healy to go free. However, the very same night, Healy committed suicide. [2]

Late Night

Nelson and Murdock discuss their careers

As Nelson and Matt Murdock were leaving the Nelson and Murdock Law Office late one night, Nelson regaled Murdock with the tale of how his mother wanted him to be a butcher rather than a lawyer. He began moaning to Matt Murdock about the lack of legitimacy of their office as it lacked office equipment. Before questioning if they had made the wrong choice in leaving Landman and Zack, Murdock argued that they were making a difference with Nelson and Murdock. As Nelson called a taxi, Murdock received a phone call on his new phone and told Nelson to head off without him.

Nelson sees Page has got office equipment

Nelson was then phoned by Karen Page the same night and asked him to return to the office. When he arrived, she revealed that she had brought a massive bundle of old second-hand office equipment from an auction, including a fax machine from the early nineties and there was more on the way. She nervously informed him that she had paid for it using the company's bank details although she insisted that she had a plan to pay for the equipment. Rather than getting annoyed, however, Nelson told her the tale of his mother wishing him to be a butcher.[15]

Helping Elena Cardenas

Nelson meeting with Elena Cardenas

"See you think there are only two options, these tenants take the pay out and leave or leave without taking it, but given how long they've put up with Tully's bullshit, I think you're actually afraid that Mrs. Cardenas and her neighbors will find a way to get by."
―Foggy Nelson to Marci Stahl[src]

The next day, Nelson found Karen Page trying desperately to make the fax machine work with little success; he jokingly mocked her about the idea that she should be nicer to machines before machines take over the world.

Nelson and Matt Murdock arguing

Matt Murdock began asking the pair about a Russian having his head cut off but they were interrupted by a knock at the door. They welcomed Elena Cardenas who revealed that they had been recommended to her by Brett Mahoney's grandmother; Cardenas explained that she needed help as the landlord who owned her property was trying to kick her out and demolish her home without her permission. They learned that the landlord was being represented by their previous employers Landman and Zack. Murdock revealed that he was too busy to go there and told Nelson to go in his place.

Nelson and Karen Page speak to Marci Stahl

Nelson arrived at the Landman and Zack Building, bringing Page along for comfort. He was greeted by his ex-girlfriend Marci Stahl, who had taken the job he and Murdock had been offered and revealed she was now part of the team representing Armand Tully, Mrs. Cardenas' landlord. Stahl mocked Nelson for his current work position. Nelson and Stahl argued about what move should be made, Stahl claiming that it was in Mrs. Cardenas' best interest to move while Nelson and Page argued that the workman acted illegally. Nelson remained confident and told Stahl that he would see her in court as they were acting illegally; as he left, he commented on Stahl's lack of a soul since working for Landman and Zack.[4]

Hell's Kitchen Burns

Nelson has a date with Karen Page

"Foggy, you're bleeding."
"Oh, that explains it."
"Explains what?"
"The stabbing pain in my side."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

Nelson and Karen Page later visited Elena Cardenas at her home. Seeing the abysmal state the property had been left in, Nelson offered to help her with her housework. After he and Page had cleaned her home, Mrs. Cardenas insisted on making the pair dinner, to which they happily agreed. The pair sat down and enjoyed their client's cooking and joked about whether or not they were technically now on a date. Nelson proceeded to tell her tales of him and Murdock in Columbia University, including a tale of how they moved all of Murdock's furniture to the room down the hall to confuse him.

Nelson realizes he's been injured

While they were eating their food, a massive explosion happened just outside the building, knocking the pair from their chairs and causing damage to the building. Mrs. Cardenas arrived with a head injury and Nelson went to check if anyone else was injured before taking her to Metro-General Hospital. Once at the hospital, Nelson ensured that Mrs. Cardenas received medical attention from Claire Temple before getting his phone to call Matt Murdock to ensure he was alright. Before he could make the call, Page noticed the blood coming from his side. At this point, Nelson discovered he had been injured in the explosion with a piece of glass embedded in his side and was taken away by the doctors.[4]

Nelson phones Matt Murdock from hospital

While recovering from his treatment in his hospital bed, Nelson and Karen Page watched the television as footage of the masked man attacking a group of policeman was featured; Page revealed that he was the same man who had saved her a few days before, but Nelson became convinced that the masked man was responsible for the bombings across the city. Nelson asked about Matt Murdock, and Page told him they had not been able to get ahold of him. Nelson tried to go look for him but Page insisted that he stay where he was; he then tried to call him again but got no reply.[16]

Protecting Karen Page

Learning of Page's Mission

Nelson debates the Masked Man

"Foggy's not just anyone, alright. He's a kick-ass attorney, and sooner or later we're going to need one of those, and he just plain kicks ass."
"When the need arises."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

Nelson made a quick recovery and soon returned to work. While reading the newspaper, Nelson commented on the report of the Devil of Hell's Kitchen, who had attacked the police officers the night before, Nelson expressed a desire to rip the man's mask off so he could punch him. Karen Page defended the man, claiming it was only speculation that he was a terrorist, but Nelson claimed he was just a nut-job while Matt Murdock insisted that he should not be tried and tested by the newspapers. Seeing that the mood was going down, Nelson pitched the idea of putting together a company softball team; Nelson awkwardly tried to ask Page out but was turned down. Nelson spoke to Murdock about whether or not Page was in danger before discussing Murdock's love life.

Nelson protects Karen Page

Feeling nervous about Page's life outside the office, Nelson followed her and witnessed her being attacked by two men as she left Elena Cardenas' Apartment. Nelson sneaked up behind the men and hit them with his baseball bat, leading to Page angrily demanding why Nelson was following her and insisting that she could handle herself as she maced her attacker. Nelson told her to discuss this away from her attackers; as Page ran away, Nelson hit one of the men with his bat again, knocking him out before running away and chasing after Page.

Karen Page introduces Nelson to Ben Urich

Once she had calmed down, Page took Nelson to Ben Urich's office to discuss what she had been working on behind his back. When Urich expressed his displeasure at Page having told someone else about their work, Page defended Nelson, insisting that he was a great attorney who could kick ass and he could be trusted. Page showed Nelson a chart showing the crime rings in Hell's Kitchen, leading to the unknown man in charge. They discussed if the man in charge was connected to the man in the mask, Urich and Page claimed that he was more likely working against the "King of Diamonds".[5]

Lying to Murdock

Nelson and Karen Page discuss the Kingpin

"We know the law, we'll use that to our advantage."
"Do we have a choice?"
"Not so much."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

In the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Nelson and Page discussed why they must not inform Matt Murdock of their continued investigation, as Page noted that Murdock would call them foolish although Nelson claimed them to be courageous. In an attempt to lighten the mood, Nelson teased Page about her terrible coffee.

Nelson tells Matt Murdock the truth

Before they could continue their talk, however, Murdock walked into the office and Nelson tried to pretend they were discussing his hair. Murdock demanded to know what they weren't telling him and, despite Nelson's warnings, Page immediately confessed they were looking into the Union Allied Construction case. Murdock insisted that they stop, but Page refused to be defeated so Murdock agreed to help as long as they approached the case from a legal position, which Nelson agreed to.

Nelson investigates Union Allied Construction

They spent the night going through Union Allied Construction's legal papers looking for clues, Murdock found a connection between the men who attacked Page and Westmeyer-Holt Contracting who were still employed by Union Allied. Page then saw that Detective Christian Blake had woken up from his coma, Nelson commented that Blake was a douchebag but did not deserve to be shot by the Masked Man and they commented on how he would be one of the only people to know what really happened on the night of the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen.

Nelson watches Wilson Fisk's speech

The next morning, Nelson was buying himself a cup of coffee when he say a WHiH World News Report which showed Wilson Fisk stepping forward to condemn the actions of the Man in the Mask who he called a terrorist who had mercilessly attacked Leland Owlsley. Fisk told the people of New York not to bow down to fear and stand together to make Hell's Kitchen a better place. Nelson watched the report closely and soon realized that their investigation was in great danger as this man was clearly the Kingpin they had been searching for.[17]

Losing the Battle

Nelson and Ben Urich at Nelson and Murdock

"We are small, but awesome. And we're gonna make a difference. I know it doesn't feel like it sometimes... a lot of the time, but we are, with the power of the law."
―Foggy Nelson to Matt Murdock[src]

Ben Urich was invited to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to discuss what should be done next, despite Karen Page and Nelson insisted nothing had changed, Urich insisted Fisk was now in the best position possible as the people's viewed him as nothing but good. Matt Murdock then arrived as Urich explained that he had met the Man in the Mask who was also hunting Fisk, although Nelson still called him a terrorist. Urich explained the man had given him documents that could expose Fisk with the right evidence to back them up. Page insisted that they keep digging to find something to bring Fisk down although Nelson advised against trusting the Masked Man.

Nelson speaks to Elena Cardenas

To continue the investigation, Nelson contacted Marci Stahl and learned that Armand Tully was indeed on an island where he could not be contacted and Wilson Fisk had just become the owner of the properties he had owned. They were interrupted by the arrival of Elena Cardenas, who explained the offer to evict the tenants had been doubled, but Nelson insisted that she keep fighting. Once she left, Matt Murdock claimed it to be dangerous to keep ahold of the property when Fisk wanted it so much. Murdock relented under Page and Nelson's arguments and told them to keep digging while he went to speak to Fisk's girlfriend Vanessa Marianna. That night, they successfully identified their attackers from the night before as Joseph Pike and Stewart Schmidt.

Nelson gives Matt Murdock a gift

The next morning, Nelson found Matt Murdock speaking to Karen Page about him not having gotten what he wanted from Vanessa Marianna. Nelson and Page explained how they had identified Pike and Schmidt although this still did not give them a solid lead. To lighten the mood, however, they presented Murdock with a sign for Nelson and Murdock that they had had made based on Nelson's design from years earlier. Their good times were stopped when Page answered the phone to the police, who asked them to come to the morgue as Elena Cardenas had been murdered.[18]

The Death of a Friend

Nelson learns of Elena Cardenas' death

"What are we supposed to do, against somebody who owns everything, everyone. What can we do to someone like that?"
"The only thing you can, you make them pay."
―Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]

They arrived at the morgue where Brett Mahoney presented Elena Cardenas' body, which they identified to be hers. Mahoney explained that she had been robbed and stabbed by a Junkie outside her front door. Karen Page explained to Mahoney that she did not have any family left so Nelson agreed to see to the arrangements of her funeral. Nelson then comforted Page as she cried into his shoulder, he then looked at Murdock who remained silent but clutched his walking stick tightly.

Nelson raises a drink to Elena Cardenas

The three went to Josie's Bar to drown their sorrows as Josie gave them free drinks out of sympathy. Nelson told Matt Murdock about how Marci Stahl had warned them of the criminal activity in Cardenas' building but they had put it aside as nothing more than a fear tactic. As Murdock began to explain how Wilson Fisk could be responsible, Fisk appeared on the television making a statement about the incident where he claimed to be in mourning for her death and defending his own involvement in the case. Nelson received a phone-call about funeral arrangements and left the table.

Nelson speaks to Karen Page

As the night wore on, Matt Murdock left and Page and Nelson continued drinking until Nelson could barely stand. Nelson could no longer hold back his emotions was he openly wept over Elena Cardenas' death, expressing his regret at not advising her to take the money that was offered. He went on to explain how the Hell's Kitchen he grew up in was unpleasant but at least had a heart, which it had lost. Nelson asked Karen Page how they should fight Wilson Fisk, and she claimed that they had to make him pay.

Nelson learns Matt Murdock is the Devil

Having left Karen Page, Nelson went to Matt Murdock's Apartment to seek his friend's comfort and insisting that had to make Wilson Fisk pay for what he had done. Nelson then heard a loud crash inside the Apartment and managed to break in via the roof. Nelson found the apartment was trashed and searched for his friend. Much to Nelson's horror, the Man in the Mask appeared in the apartment, with torn clothing and blood pouring out of him, the man collapsed without a word. Before calling the police, Nelson removed the man's mask, only to discover the man was in fact Matt Murdock along.[18]

Nelson v. Murdock

Discovering the Truth

Nelson swears at Matt Murdock

"This city needs me in that mask, Foggy."
"Maybe you're right, maybe it does. But I don't, I only ever needed my friend. I wouldn't have kept this from you Matt, not from you."
"You don't know that, you don't know that."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

When he briefly regained consciousness, Murdock asked Nelson to call Claire Temple instead of an ambulance. Nelson did as instructed and once Murdock was patched up, he waited for him to awaken. When he did, Nelson explained what had happened; however, he remained furious due to his discovery. Nelson demanded to know if Murdock was really blind. Murdock explained that he could see due to his heightened senses but this only infuriated Nelson further, but Murdock insisted he had never told anyone.

Nelson lies to Karen Page for Matt Murdock

Nelson asked if Murdock was responsible for the Bombing of Hell's Kitchen but Murdock insisted that he was not, blaming it on Wilson Fisk, claiming Fisk and Nobu Yoshioka had been the ones who had attacked him. They were interrupted by Karen Page's call; Nelson answered and claimed Murdock had been in an accident and told her to stay at the office. Furious for lying to her, Nelson insisted that Murdock tell him the whole story. Murdock showed Nelson his uniform and explained that he had been trained by an old blind ninja named Stick. Murdock demonstrated his abilities by explaining that he could sense what Nelson had eaten two days ago and that he could tell when he lied from his heartbeat.

Nelson tells Matt Murdock his vigilantism is foolish

Nelson was called by Brett Mahoney who informed him that the junkie who killed Elena Cardenas had been found dead; Murdock told him that he must have been murdered by Wilson Fisk. Murdock assured him that he had never killed anyone but he had wanted to kill Fisk in revenge for Cardenas' murder. Nelson allowed Murdock to get some sleep; when he awoke, they continued their discussion where Nelson yelled at him about the foolishness of what he was doing. Murdock told him how he started by beating up a pedophile; Nelson suggested that it was not about justice but purely rage.

Nelson ends his friendship with Matt Murdock

Nelson insisted that if Murdock continued down this path he would surely die and he questioned what would happen to him and Karen Page. When Nelson suggested that he should leave the case to the law, Murdock reminded him of what had happened to Cardenas, insisting that he was doing everything he could to make the world a better place. Nelson then compared Murdock to Wilson Fisk. Nelson pushed the idea of how no one would believe he was not involved if Murdock was ever caught before telling him that he would never have kept this secret from him if it was the other way around before leaving.

Nelson decides to quit Nelson and Murdock

Having left Matt Murdock's Apartment, Nelson traveled to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to collect his belongings, having decided he could no longer work beside his former best friend in light of this betrayal. Nelson looked at the placard he had had made for the law-firm and thought back to the days when they first agreed to work together in the company, before dumping it in the rubbish bin and walking out with a box of his belongings, leaving Nelson and Murdock and his friendship behind seemingly for good.[13]

Avoiding Murdock

Nelson sleeps with Marci Stahl

"And what? You got a crazy old lady with a story about a young Willy Fisk beating his dad with a hammer."
"He beat his father to death."
"He was twelve, forty something years ago."
―Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]

That night, Nelson met with Marci Stahl and they had sex at her apartment. The next morning, Nelson lay in bed while Stahl prepared to go to work; Nelson received a call from Karen Page which he ignored. Stahl teased Nelson by calling him by his nickname Foggy Bear, which annoyed him. Nelson told her that he had no intention of going to work with Matt Murdock again. Stahl told him that she did not care about his dramas and left.

Nelson is confronted by Karen Page

Nelson drank alone at Josie's Bar until Page found him and took a drink for herself. Nelson insisted that he had been too busy to answer her calls and told her that her story of Marlene Vistain revealing that Wilson Fisk had murdered his own father as a child, but that was not enough to bring him down. Page argued that as Fisk's mother was supposed to be dead this proved that Fisk had been lying. Page tried to learn what had happened to Matt Murdock but Nelson refused to answer, claiming that he and Murdock were going through a very rough patch in their friendship. Page informed Nelson that Elena Cardenas' apartment block was being torn down and they needed to continue to fight against Fisk while they still could.[19]

The Case Continues

Nelson apologizes for Matt Murdock's drama

"What you said last night, you were right. No matter what's going on between me and Matt, it doesn't change anything with Fisk. I'm gonna keep digging, you can't just run around killing people and call yourself a human being."
―Foggy Nelson to Karen Page[src]

Nelson went to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to continue collecting his belongings when he accidentally startled Karen Page. Nelson attempted to apologize for his fall out with Matt Murdock affecting her. As Nelson went to collect more of his belongings, he vowed to continue going after Wilson Fisk and asked for the documents Ben Urich had given her from the Masked Man, with Nelson admitting he no longer viewed the man as a terrorist. As Nelson exited, he found Murdock standing in the doorway; Murdock let him go without a word.

Nelson having his meeting with Marci Stahl

Nelson arranged to meet Marci Stahl at Josie's Bar, where she complained about Josie's service. Nelson revealed he needed her help to go after Fisk as he had been targeting more homes like Cardenas'. Although Stahl attempted to leave citing "conflict of interest" as Landman and Zack represented Fisk, Nelson convinced her to read the research he had done into the case and draw her own conclusions. Stahl read the entire document and asked for the sources; although Stahl attempted to defend Fisk and Leland Owlsley, Nelson was able to make her rethink the case.[7]

Rebuilding Relationships

Search for Evidence

Nelson catches up with Matt Murdock

"Last time you went after Fisk I found you half dead, more than half. You go after him in the mask again he might kill you, or you might kill him while would probably have the same effect on someone as catholic as you are."
―Foggy Nelson to Matt Murdock[src]

While Nelson continued to investigate Wilson Fisk's case, Ben Urich was murdered in his home. Nelson chose to continue his investigation rather than attend the funeral, much to the annoyance of Karen Page. Nelson went to Fogwell's Gym to speak to Matt Murdock. Nelson told him that Marci Stahl had been copying documents from Landman and Zack about Fisk and Leland Owlsley, but Murdock told him to stay away from the case. They discussed rebuilding Nelson and Murdock so they could use the law to bring down Fisk and move forward in their friendship.

Nelson and Murdock speak to Brett Mahoney

Agreeing to work together, Nelson and Murdock went to see Brett Mahoney for any information he could give them. He revealed that he had had a run in with the masked man during a fire at a Chinese drugs warehouse where he had told him that many of the cops at the precinct were working for Wilson Fisk. They discussed Ben Urich's involvement in the case, with Mahoney noting that Urich's place was completely clean of prints and his notes and computer was gone. Once Mahoney had left, Murdock revealed he overheard another cop Corbin discussing killing Carl Hoffman for Leland Owlsley.

Nelson helps dig for evidence with Murdock and Page

Returning to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Nelson, Murdock and Karen Page went through the documents Marci Stahl had given them to try and find a clue to Carl Hoffman's location. Nelson joked about his chances at becoming a butcher while Page commented on how happy she was to have them all back together again. They discussed what they were looking for and Nelson and Murdock were forced to lie about seeing the man in the mask who had told them about Hoffman. Eventually, Page found a building on the records which seemed to have been secretly removed and Murdock went to investigate despite Nelson's protests.[20]

Wilson Fisk's Downfall

Nelson defends Carl Hoffman to the FBI

"Now everybody knows what kind of asshole Fisk really is."
"And we are the ones who made it happen."
―Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]

Murdock was able to find Carl Hoffman and saved him from Wilson Fisk's assassination attempt at the hands of Corbin and several other corrupt members of the New York City Police Department. Hoffman requested to be represented by Nelson and Murdock as he made his statement against Fisk. Nelson was present with Murdock and Karen Page as Hoffman told the FBI everything he knew in exchange for nothing but the freedom of his guilt. As a result Fisk, Randolph Cherryh, Parish Landman, Corbin, Turk Barrett and many other were arrested.

Nelson celebrates Wilson Fisk's arrest

As they watched the news report of Fisk's arrest, Nelson, Murdock and Page shared drinks in their office to celebrate. Nelson made acknowledgments to Marci Stahl's involvement in their win while Murdock commented that having Nelson and Murdock back together was greatly important to him as it meant the people closest to him were safe and they'd gotten closure for the ones they had lost. They raised their glasses in respect to Elena Cardenas, Ben Urich and everyone else Fisk had hurt or killed.

Nelson tells Matt Murdock to keep safe

To their horror, however, the van carrying Fisk came under fire; Fisk was rescued as the FBI agents were murdered in the road. Nelson recommended that they make their way home before the roads were shut off due to the chaos. As they got in a taxi to go home, Murdock told Nelson to get Page back home without him. Nelson confronted him, but Murdock asked him to trust him as he promised he knew what he was doing. During the night, Wilson Fisk was attacked by Murdock, now calling himself Daredevil and Fisk was soon subdued, rearrested by Brett Mahoney and sent to jail.[20]

Moving Forward Together

Nelson looks to the positive future

"That is a serious upgrade."
"I don't know, I think the horns are a little much."
Karen Page and Foggy Nelson[src]

Nelson, Matt Murdock and Karen Page gathered outside Nelson and Murdock the next day to discuss Wilson Fisk's arrest while Nelson put up the sign outside their building. Page and Nelson joked about Daredevil's costume and name. Nelson then left to help Marci Stahl get herself a new job at Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz and they commented on how they were the ones to have put Fisk away, they then joked about the need for clients for Nelson and Murdock but Nelson assured him they would just take things one day at a time.[20]

Financial Troubles

Keeping Murdock's Secret

Nelson and Matt Murdock walk to their office

Nelson and Matt Murdock walked towards the Nelson and Murdock Law Office together, joking about Nelson's date the previous night with a barista. The conversation took a serious turn when Nelson noticed that Murdock was bleeding at the base of the skull, which prompted them to discuss Murdock's vigilante activities as Daredevil. Nelson once again voiced his concerns about what would happen to their firm if Daredevil's identity was ever made public as he complained about having to lie to Karen Page about how Murdock got hurt. He also worried about Murdock getting killed, although Murdock explained how important his work as Daredevil was, telling him how he had saved a client of theirs, Zuly Almeida, whom their firm was unable to protect from her abusive husband.

Nelson learns of their financial problems

In the end, Murdock assured Nelson that he would be very careful and they continued their walk. The pair eventually arrived at the office to discover it was packed with clients, before Page talked them through their first appointments of the day, Mr. Marino, Mr. Maxwell, and Miss Jacinto, before disclosing to the lawyers that Nelson and Murdock was in financial trouble. Their clients tended to barter for their services, giving them baskets of fruit and baked goods, because they could not afford to pay them, as Murdock assured her that they would manage.[8]

Defending Grotto

Nelson playing pool with Matt Murdock and Karen Page

Nelson, Matt Murdock and Karen Page went to Josie's Bar to shoot pool together. After warning Page not to drink Josie's water, he excused himself to use the restroom and, when he returned, he found Page and Murdock getting cosy as she helped him set up a shot. When Nelson approached the pool table, Page went to the bar to buy another round and Nelson joked with Murdock about not being able to leave them alone for just a few minutes, as Murdock responded by perfectly sinking his next shot.

Nelson listening to Grotto's horrifying story

Murdock told Nelson that there was a patron at the bar whose heart was beating too rapidly, and he noticed that his finger was tapping the trigger of his gun. Murdock went to speak with the man, and soon returned with him, introducing him as Elliot Grote, known on the streets at Grotto, who had come to Josie's looking for Nelson and Murdock. Grotto claimed to be the sole survivor of a Massacre at the Burren Club, in which high ranking members of the Kitchen Irish were killed by what he described as an army. He asked Nelson and Murdock to help him get a witness protection agreement in exchange for testimony against the Kitchen Irish. Suddenly, Grotto collapsed as Page went to his aid and discovered that he was bleeding from the attack. Page took Grotto to Metro-General Hospital while Nelson and Murdock went to the Burren Club.

Nelson entering into the scene of the crime

Outside of the Club, they found news reporters, ambulances, and the New York City Police Department, including Brett Mahoney. Nelson told Mahoney that they might have a client who was a witness to the massacre, and asked what he could tell them, as Mahoney pulled them aside and warned them that an army of highly trained professionals had been attacking criminal groups all over Hell's Kitchen, and warned them to stay away from it.

Nelson and Brett Mahoney discuss the killing

When Mahoney stepped away, Nelson asked Murdock what he had heard with his enhanced hearing, as Murdock told him that the Dogs of Hell, a local bike gang, had been attacked in much the same way that the Kitchen Irish were. Murdock told him he would investigate as Daredevil, which prompted Nelson to remind him that he was not bulletproof. Nelson then offered to speak to a friend of his who was a member of the Dogs of Hell. When Murdock told him to be careful, Nelson yelled after him that he was not allowed to say that.[8]

Questioning the Dogs of Hell

Nelson is questioned by Jimmy the Bear

"You don't seem like the most sentimental guy, but you're still listening and that knife isn't in my neck, so I have to believe that right now, maybe, you and I are on the same side."
"You've got guts, Harvard. I'll give you that."
―Foggy Nelson and Leon[src]

Nelson approached the entrance to the Dogs of Hell's headquarters, asking to let inside to speak to his friend Smitty. At the mention of Smitty's name, the men guarding the entrance pat him down and then let him inside. He was brought to Jimmy the Bear, the leader of the Dogs of Hell. When he admitted that he knew Smitty from Catholic school when they were kids, Jimmy threatened him and told Leon to take him outside.

Nelson tries to learn what happened to Smitty

Once outside, Leon told Nelson that Smitty was dead. Scrambling, Nelson told him that he once helped a biker named Foster, and another named Ricky Wex, and also one named Pope. This last name gave the biker pause. Out of respect for Pope, the biker told Nelson that Smitty was killed when an army attacked his crew on I-90. He then told Nelson to leave and never come back.[8]

Protecting Daredevil

Nelson gets a call from Karen Page

Karen Page called Nelson to tell him that she and Grotto had been attacked at Metro-General Hospital. She took Grotto to the 15th Precinct Police Station while Nelson went to the hospital to see what he could find out. Nelson tried to get Matt Murdock on the phone but there was no answer.

Nelson searches for Daredevil in New York

Outside the hospital, Nelson overheard a police officer's radio. The voice said that there were reports of shots fired from a rooftop on 10th. Rushing away, Nelson talked his way into different New York City buildings on 10th, searching the rooftops for Murdock. He found him barely conscious and bleeding, and carefully took him back to Matt Murdock's Apartment, being very careful that no one would see them along the way.

Nelson argues with Matt Murdock

When they came, he told Murdock that Page was safe with Grotto at the Precinct, and then vented his frustration that Murdock had once again been seriously injured. He told Murdock that he was going to the Precinct to meet with Page and Grotto. When Murdock suggested he come along, he told him to stay home and rest and told him to consider stopping his actions as Daredevil. Murdock refused, and Nelson sighed, resigned, and told him to get some rest before leaving.[21]

Dealing with Samantha Reyes

Nelson questions Grotto at interrogation room

At the police station, Nelson had found Karen Page helping Grotto fill out his witness protection paperwork. He told them that Matt Murdock was taking a sick day. Nelson questioned Grotto, asking why he told them an entire army had attacked the Burren Club, when now it looked like it was the work of one man.

Nelson and Brett Mahoney discussing the Punisher

They were then interrupted as Brett Mahoney arrived with a prison uniform for Grotto, as Page and Nelson stepped outside with Mahoney to let Grotto change. Mahoney informed them that the District Attorney was sending someone to the Precinct to discuss the witness protection agreement, warning them to take whatever deal the D.A. offered before talking to them about public perception about Daredevil. Mahoney mused that there were bound to be copycat vigilantes cropping up because New York City cheered every time Daredevil took a criminal down. He said that the police force was split in their opinion of the shooter; some believed he was making their jobs easier by killing criminals, while others believed it was only a matter of time before innocent people were caught in the crossfire.

Nelson personally confronts Samantha Reyes

Nelson was shocked when he realized that the District Attorney herself, Samantha Reyes, had arrived, as her assistant, Blake Tower, informed him that the D.A.'s office would take over dealing with Grotto. Once Nelson protested, Reyes threatened Nelson and Murdock if he did not cooperate. Unfazed, Nelson began calling the Attorney General's office, reminding Reyes that District Attorneys did not have jurisdiction in witness protection agreements. While Reyes was furious, she agreed to let Nelson and Murdock represent Grotto. When Reyes and Tower walked off, Page complimented him on how he had handled the situation, but he warned her that more trouble was to come.

Nelson finally convinces Grotto to help them

In an interrogation room, Grotto offered to tell everything he knew about the Kitchen Irish, but Reyes was unimpressed, asking Grotto to wear a wire and meet with Edgar Brass, a known drug dealer. Grotto was sure that he would not survive such a betrayal, but Reyes and Tower showed him autopsy reports of the Kitchen Irish and others that the mystery shooter had killed. Reyes left the room to take a phone call, and Tower told them that the intelligence community had nicknamed the killer the Punisher.

Nelson returning back inside of his law office

Nelson and Page returned to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, where he spoke with Mrs. Kwan, one of their clients who had paid the firm in kimchi. Page handed him a stack of bills, most of which were overdue, and when Nelson found one that was a first notice, he called it a win.

Nelson catches Page looking up an autopsy

Page was intently looking at morgue reports of the Punisher's victims, gravely pointing out that she could have been one of them. Nelson told her that she was not someone who needed punishing, and invited her out for coffee.[21]

Reyes' Deception

Nelson assisting Grotto apply the hidden wire

In the end, Grotto had agreed to the deal, and Nelson and Karen Page accompanied him to the location where he would meet Edgar Brass. Nelson had joined Samantha Reyes inside of the control center while Grotto, wearing a wire, went outside to meet Brass and get him to admit that he was selling drugs.

Nelson learns of Samantha Reyes' deception

They listened in to the feed from Grotto's wire when he entered a shipping container, and they lost both visual and audio. Page was suspicious that they lost audio and realized it had been purposefully shut off. She turned it back on, and she and Nelson were shocked to overhear that the actual reason for Grotto to be at this location was to lure out The Punisher. Page was furious that Grotto was being used as bait, and Nelson said he would have fun suing the District Attorney for lying to them and their client.

Nelson and Karen Page watching the truck

They watched on the monitors as a truck came barreling into the area, but the New York City Police Department reported that it was a distraction; the Punisher was not inside. Page leapt to her feet, intending to find Grotto and bring him to safety, but Nelson restrained her, telling her that the safest place for them was in that room.

Nelson seeing Daredevil fighting the Punisher

Reyes acknowledged something happening on the monitor, and Nelson and Page looked at it, and saw Daredevil fighting against the Punisher on a nearby rooftop. Reyes told the police to take a shot at the Punisher, even when the police reported they did not have a clean shot.

Nelson tries to find Daredevil on the rooftops

When the Punisher and Daredevil both crashed through a skylight, Nelson could no longer sit idly by, and rushed out of the room, much to Page's shock. By the time he reached the rooftop, the police were staring down through the broken skylight, and the Punisher and Daredevil were both gone.

Nelson furiously argues with Samantha Reyes

He rejoined Page and watched as she railed against the District Attorney, angrily accusing her of using their client as bait. Although Grotto was now missing, and the witness protection agreement would expire at midnight, Reyes threatened them, saying if they went public with their story, they would make sure that Nelson and Murdock took the blame for the operation's failure.

Nelson and Karen Page discuss their situation

When Reyes left, Page accused Nelson of not backing her up, but he assured her that all the legal tricks in the world would not have made a difference. Page calmed down and asked what they should do next, to which Nelson told her that he wouldd call Matt Murdock, and Page said she would go back to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office to continue with their work.[21]

Seeking Claire Temple's Help

Nelson attempting to locate Claire Temple

When he could not get Matt Murdock on the phone, Nelson went to the Metro-General Hospital's Emergency Room, seeking Claire Temple. With the ER was full of patients, many of them gang members and other criminals, Nelson had evenutally found Temple, as he reminded her of who he was, which she acknowledged with a groan.

Nelson talking with Claire Temple about Matt Murdock

She complained that it was not a good time, as the ER was slammed, although Nelson asked if their mutual friend had sought out her help. Knowing fully well he meant Murdock, she assured him that she had not seen him since she had stitched him up after he was nearly killed by Nobu Yoshioka, much to Nelson's disappoint.

Nelson being put into work by Claire Temple

As Nelson voiced his concerns for Murdock, she put him to work, having his assist her as she patched up her patients, telling him that she had barely left in the ER in a month, since she was disciplined for helping another person, someone she described as being stronger than their mutual friend.

Nelson convinces gang members to not fight

Suddenly, a patient began yelling at a rival gang member, and the two of them grabbed medical instruments and prepared to fight, frightening the medical staff and patients alike. Witnessing this, Nelson called out one of the gang members, telling him that he was a lawyer and that if the criminal started a fight in the ER, no lawyer would agree to defend him, not even his kind hearted partner. He appealed to the gang member's self interest and convinced him and the other criminal to drop their makeshift weapons.

Nelson compliments Claire Temple before he leaves

Once the New York City Police Department had taken the gang members away, Temple checked medical records and confirmed that Murdock had not been admitted to the hospital or the morgue, and that included locations uptown. Nelson was relieved but still worried about Murdock, while Temple told Nelson that he was a good friend, and Nelson told Temple that Murdock should not have let her go. She smiled and asked why he thought he did, and returned to work.[22]

Mourning Grotto

Nelson attending Grotto's quiet funeral

Nelson, Karen Page and Matt Murdock were the only people to attend Grotto's funeral, presided over by Father Paul Lantom. Afterwards, they returned to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, where Page showed them the X-ray of the Punisher's skull that Blake Tower had slipped her the night before. She wanted to find out why Tower thought it was important for her to have it. Nelson was adamant that they not get involved, as he feared what Samantha Reyes would do to the firm if they continued to dig into the Punisher.

Nelson and Matt Murdock see that Karen Page is missing

The phone rang, so he went into his office to answer it. It was Mr. DiPesta, one of their clients. He called for Murdock to join him and they agreed that they had to file paperwork on the case that day. They looked for Page but found her gone. Murdock noticed that she took the Punisher files with her. Murdock then said he had to find the Punisher and left. Nelson called after him to find Page first.

Nelson watches a news segment on the arrest

That evening, Page, Nelson and Murdock met at Josie's Bar and listened to the news reports that Frank Castle, aka The Punisher, had been apprehended. Although Nelson was glad he was off the streets, Page was still bitter that the District Attorney was trying to cover up things about his past. The three of them toasted their friend Brett Mahoney, who had made the arrest, and to a safe Hell's Kitchen. Nelson left to buy them a round of shots, smiling back as Page and Murdock sat together.

Nelson waiting outside with Matt Murdock

Murdock and Nelson waited outside of Josie's for Page to settle their tab. Nelson joked to Murdock to be careful, because it was dangerous for a good Catholic boy to actually be happy. Murdock jokingly responded that he had no idea what Nelson was talking about. Page joined them and asked where they were going next. Nelson said he was going home because someone had the awful idea to do shots. He told them he would see them in the morning and left, using a newspaper to shield himself from the heavy rain.[23]

Defending the Punisher

Preparing their Case

Nelson offers Matt Murdock the last payment

The next morning, Nelson read about the Punisher's arrest in the newspaper when Matt Murdock had arrived at the Nelson and Murdock Law Office. Nelson asked him if he was hungry or hungover, to which Murdock answered a little of both, to which Nelson offered him the last of Mrs. DiNizio's peach cobbler, which was the last of anything in the office. Murdock apologized, saying it was his fault the firm was doing poorly as he had been distracted with his life as Daredevil. Nelson told him not to be sorry, as he hoped that now the Punisher was off the street, Samantha Reyes would be more favorable towards their firm.

Nelson learns Page went into Castle's house

They were interrupted as Karen Page arrived and Nelson smiled knowingly at how awkward Murdock and Page were towards each other. She had bought coffee for all of them, and a stack of newspapers, as she complained that none of the papers reported anything about Castle's Marine Corps service or his family who had been killed during the massacre at Central Park. When Murdock wondered how she knew any of this, she admitted to breaking into the Castle Residence, much to the shock of both Nelson and Murdock who were alarmed that she would do something so dangerous and illegal, but she threatened to take their coffees back if they went on about it.

Nelson comments on the donation of money

Nelson immediately advised her to leave the Castle case alone, and told them that they should concentrate on clients who could actually pay them. He went into his office, and answered the phone when the bank called and was stunned to learn that a large deposit had been made, and told the others. Murdock explained that a potential client had made the deposit, but he warned them not to spend any of the money, as he was not sure things would work out, promising that he would look into it and left the office.[9]

Blake Tower's Warning

Nelson getting confronted by Blake Tower

Later, Karen Page was at the reception desk when Blake Tower arrived, asking to speak to Nelson and Murdock. Nelson invited him into their office as Tower asked for all their files on Grotto's case, which Nelson said he would be happy to provide as soon as he was served with a subpoena. Tower warned him that if he did not cooperate, Samantha Reyes would destroy their firm, to which Nelson joked that they kept saying that, and yet, Nelson and Murdock were still there.[9]

Meeting with Marci Stahl

Nelson meets up with Marci Stahl for a drink

In the evening, Nelson waited at Josie's Bar for Marci Stahl, for whom he had ordered a vodka martini. When he asked Josie why the olive was grey, she sarcastically called it one of life's mysteries. Nelson removed the olive just as Stahl entered, claiming that Josie was out of them.

Nelson learning of Samantha Reyes' plan for vigilantes

At first Stahl thought it was a date, but Nelson told her about their trouble with Samantha Reyes, and she realized she wanted information from her. Stahl said that the partners at her firm were taking about Reyes and how she had her sights set on the mayor's office, with Reyes seeming to be running on an anti-vigilante platform, having previously tried to arrest Jessica Jones before turning her sights to Frank Castle. Stahl said she believed that Daredevil would be next on her list.[9]

Doing it Themselves

Nelson speaks with Christopher Roth about Frank Castle's case

In the morning, Nelson and Karen Page met with Christopher Roth, the court appointed attorney for Frank Castle, who wanted Page to sign a witness statement, but she said it was full of inaccuracies. Matt Murdock soon arrived, and Roth told them that the District Attorney was looking to extradite Castle to Delaware for crimes he had committed there, since Delaware still had the death sentence.

Nelson becomes unsure of signing the papers

Page told Roth that she could not sign the witness statement in its current condition, and Roth left. Page told Nelson and Murdock about her frustrations with the way the District Attorney was handling the Castle case, while she and Murdock both tried to convince Nelson to defend Castle themselves with Nelson and Murdock, although Murdock suggested that all they had to do was negotiate a plea deal that would take the death penalty off the table. Nelson flatly refused, saying that Samantha Reyes' bullying had made it impossible for them to get new clients.

Nelson talks about Matt Murdock's proposed plea

Page realized that Nelson wanted to speak to Murdock alone, and she excused herself. Once he was sure Page was out of earshot, Nelson expressed how shocked he was that Murdock would want to help the man who chained him to a roof. However, in the end, Murdock was able to convince Nelson that they should take the case, while Nelson told Page to get her stuff, as they were going to Metro-General Hospital to meet with Castle.

Nelson finds the hosptial full of new security

They arrived at Metro-General Hospital to find it crawling with security and reporters from the New York City Police Department. After showing their identification, they were allowed into the hospital where were greeted by Brett Mahoney, who had been promoted to Detective Sergeant because of Castle's arrest. Mahoney told them that Castle already had a lawyer and tried to dissuade them from speaking to Castle, knowing that they were going to incur the ire of the District Attorney. Once he realized that they were serious, Mahoney had them searched a second time before sending them in to Castle's room, as they were warned not to give anything nor take anything from Castle, and not to cross the tape that surrounded his bed.

Nelson entering Frank Castle's hosptial room

The three entered Castle's room, and Murdock stepped forward to speak with Castle, although Nelson had to warn him when he got too close to the tape. Murdock introduced them to Castle, and Castle remarked that he knew who they were, derisively commenting that they defended scumbags. Murdock attempted to convince Castle that they would do a better job of negotiating a plea than his public defender, but Castle brushed this off.

Nelson becomes worried by Page's actions

Page, ignoring Mahoney's previous warnings, rushed at Castle, even as Murdock attempted to restrain her, as she showed him the photo of his wife and two children that she had taken from the Castle Residence. She angrily told him that if he was dead he would never get the answers he was looking for.

Nelson reminds Samantha Reyes about Grotto

Murdock was able to pull Page back just as Reyes arrived, angrily ordering the three of them out of Castle's room. In the hallway, she accused them of breaching ethics by meeting with Castle without Roth present, but Murdock argued that they had a right to pursue a potential client. She then suggested that since they had represented Grotto, one of Castle's victims, that there was a conflict of interest, although Nelson pointed out that all public record of their working with Grotto had mysteriously disappeared. Mahoney then entered, announcing that Castle had agreed to let Nelson and Murdock represent him.

Nelson becomes interrupted by a chauffeur

The three retired into an empty hospital room to begin work, where they decided to bring all their files on Castle to the hospital to save time, as the arraignment was fast approaching. Just then, there was a knock on the door, and a chauffeur announced that there was a car service waiting for Murdock. Murdock explained that he forgot he had scheduled a meeting with the wealthy potential client who had deposited money in their account.

Nelson is in disbelief the Murdock has to leave

Nelson was dismayed that Murdock could leave them at such a critical time, but Murdock promised to take care of things as quickly as possible and to return. Before leaving, Murdock kissed Page, prompting Nelson to ask if they were officially dating, while Murdock searched for an answer, but Page simply responded that they were not labeling it. Page offered to walk Murdock out, leaving Nelson alone.

Nelson makes questions with Page for Castle

Once Page returned, the two compiled a list of questions that they needed to ask Castle in order to prepare a plea deal, while Nelson was very nervous about having to interview a killer. Once they were prepared, Nelson and Page had returned into Castle's hospital room to begin their questioning.

Nelson tries to ask Castle his few questions

At first, Castle was not responsive to Nelson's questions, as he then said he would only speak to Page, alone. Nelson was vehemently against this, but Page agreed, believing that she could manage to get through to him. Reluctantly, he left the two of them alone.

Nelson gives Castle the news of their plea

Once Page returned with the results from her talk with Castle, Nelson was able to negotiate a plea deal. The new deal stipulated that Castle would not be extradited to Delaware, and would have the possibility of parole. Nelson and Page gave Castle the good news, and Nelson strongly encouraged Castle to take the plea deal, which Castle agreed to.

Nelson and Page are overwhelmed by press

At the arraignment, Castle surprised everyone by pleading not guilty to Judge Cynthia Batzer, while furiously staring at Reyes throughout his statement. Following this, Nelson and Page left his room, finding that the hospital was surrounded by reporters. Nelson, very shaken, commented that they were now going to be defending Castle in what he called the Trial of the Century.

Nelson confirming Frank Castle's fast track

He tried to get Murdock on the phone, but Murdock did not answer, so he went to Murdock's apartment and found him dressed in a tuxedo, which he commented on. He told Murdock that Castle plied not guilty, and that Reyes had fast tracked the trial. Murdock suggested filing for an extension, but Nelson informed him that Castle agreed to the fast track. Nelson then bluntly told his friend to clear his schedule because the trial would start the following week.[10]

Castle v. State of New York: Day One

Nelson figures out their defense strategy

At the New York State Supreme Court Building, over four hundred potential jurors were brought in for the trial before the defense and prosecution could agree on a panel. Back at the Nelson and Murdock Law Offices, Nelson, Karen Page and Matt Murdock looked through the files to prepare a defense, while Nelson believed that persuading the jury that Frank Castle had suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder would be the best way to win the case. Page thought this was the wrong call, and Murdock agreed, saying that the insanity plea had a very small success rate in New York City. However, Nelson convinced them that the PTSD defense was the way to go and Murdock agreed to work on an opening statement, and Page left to tell Castle their decision.

Nelson asking for some help with his research

Nelson looked over the depositions from Dogs of Hell members as Murdock worked on his opening statement. When Nelson found many discrepancies and went to Murdock's office, asking if they could look them over together, as Murdock agreed to as soon as he finished up a phone conversation.

Nelson learns Castle rejected their PTSD plea

Murdock left for the evening, leaving Nelson to look at the photographs depicting the gory and bloody way Castle dispatched his enemies. Page returned, offering him coffee and telling him that Castle refused to let them introduce PTSD as a defense, much to Nelson's disappointment, but she told him that she and Castle looked at the autopsy reports of Castle's family together. Castle said they were wrong, and suggested that the medical examiner, Gregory Tepper falsified them on purpose. Nelson thought the best way to proceed would be to get Tepper to admit to falsifying the documents on the stand. Page offered to call Murdock to give him the news, but Nelson said he would do it.

Nelson makes his speech for Castle's defense

The first day of the trial, Nelson, Page and Castle waited for Murdock, who was running late, with Nelson panicking that Murdock would be late on such an important day. Samantha Reyes delivered a very effective opening statement and, since Murdock still had not shown up, Nelson realized that he had to do it. After a rough start, he delivered an impassioned and well delivered opening statement, asking the jury to keep an open mind, while Murdock arrived midway through the statement.

Nelson agrees to Matt Murdock's examination

Outside the courtroom, Nelson and Page both railed at Murdock for being late, but Murdock assured Nelson that he did a brilliant job with the opening statement. Murdock asked if he could be the one to cross examine Tepper the next day, suggesting that Page meet him later so she could go over their files with him. Nelson, wary of Murdock's behavior and reliability, nonetheless agreed.[24]

Castle v. State of New York: Day Two

Nelson listening to Gregory Tepper's speech

The next day, after Blake Tower questioned Doctor Gregory Tepper, the medical examiner, Matt Murdock cross examined him. He had barely begun when Tepper asked Judge Cynthia Batzer if he could make a statement. He was acting so nervous that Judge Batzer had the court cleared of the jury and all spectators.

Nelson listens to Doctor Gregory Tepper's confession

Once the courtroom was cleared, Tepper admitted to falsifying the autopsy reports of Frank Castle's family, plus one other, a John Doe who was killed the same day. Nelson listened on as Tepper claimed that he did it under threat; people came to his office and threatened his family if he did not falsify the reports.

Nelson hearing Gregory Tepper discuss of his attacker

Tepper said he did not care if he lost his job or was arrested, but that he was frightened of the woman who had visited him the night before. When Batzer pressed him for more information, he revealed that a masked woman with a foreign accent had threatened him if he did not tell the truth in court. The judge felt that Tepper's entire testimony was tainted and ordered it all stricken from the record, while Nelson asked for a mistrial, but the judge refused.

Nelson getting confronted by Matt Murdock

Nelson, frustrated by this turn of events, entered the men's room as Murdock followed him and locked the door behind him. Nelson furiously accused Reyes of sending someone to threaten Tepper the night before, but Murdock told him that it was Elektra Nachios, his college girlfriend. Nelson was stunned, responding that Nachios was only a diplomat's daughter, but Murdock told him that she was different now, and very dangerous. Murdock quickly and frantically started to tell Nelson that Natchios was in town to fight the Yakuza, whom he thought he had driven out of New York City as Daredevil.

Nelson argues with Matt Murdock about Elektra

He also told him that Natchios was the new wealthy client who had deposited the large sum of money into Nelson and Murdock's bank account. Murdock continued to tell him about their fight against the Yakuza, but Nelson had stopped listening as he was furious and upset and Murdock had once again lied to him, and had kept this information from him even when it affected the Castle case. He once again spoke angrily about Murdock's life as Daredevil, and talked about all the strategy sessions for the Castle case he had missed because he was too busy being a vigilante.

Nelson furiously leaves Matt Murdock behind

Nelson sarcastically noted that it was almost dark and told Murdock that surely he had someplace to be, while Murdock tried to stop him from walking away, and before Nelson left, he told him to tell his girlfriend to stay away from his trial. When Murdock replied that Natchios was not his girlfriend, Nelson told him to be sure to tell Page that. When Nelson emerged from the men's room, Page said that she heard yelling and asked what was going on, as Nelson told her to ask Murdock before leaving.[24]

Castle v. State of New York: Day Three

Nelson discusses moving on without Murdock

The next day, Nelson and Karen Page were in the New York State Supreme Court Building, but Matt Murdock had failed to arrive. Nelson told her he had asked Murdock not to come, but admitted he did not think he would actually listen. Nelson called Colonel Ray Schoonover, the former commanding officer of Frank Castle, to the stand.

Nelson listening to Colonel Ray Schoonover

Schoonover told the court that Castle had saved his entire team while on a mission, despite his commanding officer's poor decisions, while also calling Castle a hero. When Samantha Reyes cross examined him, she suggested that perhaps Schoonover had heard the story incorrectly, only for Schoonover to clarify his statement, saying he knew the story was true because he was there; he was the commanding officer whose poor decisions almost got the team killed, noting that Castle saved his life as well.

Nelson and Andrew Lee discussing the injury

Next, Nelson called Dr. Andrew Lee to the stand, who testified that Castle's brain injury from the Massacre at Central Park had caused an incessant firing of the neurons in the fight or flight section of the brain. He told the jury that because of the gunshot to his head, Castle was experiencing the loss of his wife and two children over and over again. However, this was interrupted when Brian Cooley rose and yelled that Castle had killed his father, to the shock of the courtroom. While Judge Cynthia Batzer ordered the man taken away, and instructed the jury to disregard the outburst, Nelson and Page both knew that damage had been done to their case.

Nelson convinces Page to call Murdock back

Outside of the courthouse, Nelson and Page realized that the only way to mitigate the damage done to their case was to call Castle to the stand. Nelson suggested that Murdock be the one to question Castle, although Page objected, reminding Nelson of the great job he had been doing on his own. Nelson responded that there were certain things Murdock was better at, and this was one of them. Reluctantly, Page agreed to visit Murdock and ask him to inform him of their decision.

Nelson scolds Murdock and demands he help

Murdock agreed to call Castle to the stand, and arrived at the courtroom, asking to speak to Page, although she coldly told him to speak to Nelson. Nelson, still angry at his friend's lies, reminded Murdock that he is the only one to have heard Castle's story of what happened the day his family died, as he asked him to get Castle to tell that story on the stand.

Nelson listening to Matt Murdock's speech

Unfortunately, when Murdock questioned Castle, he was not responsive. Murdock asked the judge if he can treat the witness as hostile, which she agreed to as Murdock changed tactics, and made an impassioned speech calling Castle, and the other vigilantes in New York City, heroes, to the applause of the gallery. He then went on to say that Castle had taken things too far by killing people, and arguing that he needed help, not punishment. Castle asked the judge if he could speak, and she granted him permission. To everyone's surprise, Castle told the courtroom that he would kill all his victims again if given another chance. As Nelson watched in horror, Castle became more loud and agitated as he described his victims as scumbags who deserved what they got, as the judge ordered the bailiffs to take Castle away, he loudly proclaimed his guilt, telling all assembled that he was the big, bad Punisher that they all feared.

Nelson mocks Matt Murdock about the lost case

Outside the courtroom, Nelson was furious at Murdock, blaming him for their loss, claiming that he turned the questioning into a speech about vigilantes. Murdock protested, saying that someone had gotten to Castle, but Nelson angrily told them that he was glad they lost the case before storming off.[25]

Nelson's Final Plea

Nelson and Matt Murdock end their partnership

The next day, Nelson entered Matt Murdock's Apartment, taking note of Murdock's injuries. He then came up with the suggestion of closing the Nelson and Murdock offices, to which Murdock agreed. Nelson, however, tried one final time to convince Murdock to reconsider his vigilanteism as Daredevil, but Murdock insisted that he was done apologizing for who he is, causing Nelson to leave and return to the office to pack his things.

Nelson suggesting to avoid Matt Murdock

He was greeted by Karen Page, who arrived late to the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, taking note of Nelson packing up. He was shown photographs from the Massacre at Central Park. One picture featured a body on the ground, and in another one, the body is missing. He is also informed by page that the pictured body had no death certificate. While Page suggested to look in to this, which could help rebuild Nelson and Murdock, Nelson simply told her that Nelson and Murdock was officially over. She revealed to Nelson that when she went to get Murdock from his apartment, she caught him with another woman in his bed; she informed him that she was done being lied to and demanded to find the truth about Frank Castle's. However, Nelson suggested a life away from Nelson and Murdock.[26]

Getting Shot

"On paper, we're still Frank Castle's attorneys."
"And I am so proud of that."
"Frank's out, but instead of going after him herself, Reyes is dragging us into the lion's den. What could we possibly know about his escape?"
"Precisely dick."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Nelson, Karen Page and Matt Murdock would arrive at the New York State Supreme Court Building, they been summoned by District Attorney Samantha Reyes. They are taken through security individually by Agent Gallagher and then shown in to Reyes' office, where Nelson and Murdock was asked for help by Blake Tower to find the Punisher. Murdock heard a gun being cocked and screams for everyone to get down, knowing Page over and covering her with his own body. Bullets shoot into the room, wounding Nelson on the arm and killing Reyes.

Nelson would speak with Murdock as he is being treated by an EMT, where Murdock told him that he is going after the Punisher. Nelson was then joined by Page and Tower as the three would talk about the Punisher, which Blake would tell them that he is leaving New York City and suggested that they do the same. Page offers to accompany Nelson to Metro-General Hospital but he assures her that he will be fine.[27]

Nelson getting a surprise visit by Marci Stahl

Nelson would get visited by Marci Stahl, who told him that his opening statements in The People vs. Frank Castle were so impressive that someone would be interested in hiring him. Nelson was also met by Claire Temple, once he been discharged from the hospital. However, Temple informed Nelson that she had just quit from the hospital, and that their mutual friend will have to find someone else to patch him up the next time he got injured.[28]

Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz

Disbanding Nelson and Murdock

Nelson packing his things

Nelson would return to the law office of Nelson and Murdock, where he is met by Murdock examine Braille subway maps while Foggy packs his things. Nelson is told by Murdock that his wondering if the Hand are using subway tunnels to move throughout the city without being seen. Nelson tells him about his grandfather, a bootlegger during Prohibition, and how he used abandoned railway tunnels to move product while eluding the authorities. He encourages Murdock to look there instead. Before Murdock leaves, the two of them admit feeling both sadness and relief that Nelson and Murdock is no more.[29]

Meeting with Jeri Hogarth

Nelson meeting with Jeri Hogarth for a job

Nelson would go into a restaurant to meet with Jeri Hogarth about a job at her firm, Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz, suggesting that should he play his cards right, he could be made partner. He is stunned by the starting salary, and intrigued when Hogarth says there is a future in defending vigilantes.

At Josie's Bar, Nelson would have a drink with Karen She remarks on how sad it feels with Murdock not with them, but then congratulates Nelson on his new job. He promises her they will always be friends before settling Nelson and Murdock's tab with Josie.[30]

Representing Luke Cage

Nelson introduces himself to Luke Cage

"Franklin Nelson. I ran point on your case. We spoke on the phone a lot."
―Foggy Nelson to Luke Cage[src]

Now working for Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz, Nelson found himself at the defense of the Harlem vigilante Luke Cage, whom Nelson contacted through phone calls. With evidence recovered by Bobby Fish, Nelson managed to get Cage out of Seagate Prison. During Cage's liberation, Nelson introduced himself to Cage, and quickly offered his and the firm's help on starting over, however, Cage stated that he will move forward.[31]

Helping Matt Murdock

"Whatever you're going through, I'm not gonna judge. But I do think I can help you through it."
―Foggy Nelson to Matt Murdock[src]
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Under Police Protection

"I don't think you understand the gravity of your current situation. Your real life and your other life are two trains dangerously close to colliding right now."
"I am well aware."
"Did you hear what that cop said? If you're ever investigated, you lose everything. They'd reopen every case. Matter of fact, I come with you. We both get disbarred."
―Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]
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Close Loss

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Speaking with Jeri Hogarth

"Do you think because we have shared a table a handful of times in court that you have the right to involve yourself in my life? My shit? A partner? Your goddamn boss?"
"I didn't mean–"
"You cannot help me. You cannot do anything but your job. So, um, exercise some goddamn discretion and bury your head in the sand, because that's where it belongs, instead of up my ass."
Jeri Hogarth and Foggy Nelson[src]

Nelson spoke with Jeri Hogarth in her office, informing her that he wished to help her in staying at the firm. Instead, he received ridicule and was requested to leave her office, wishing that she attempt to work things out on her own.[32]

Assisting Harlem's Hero

Nelson defending Luke Cage during a lawsuit

"I got a possible cash flow solution. A high-end personal appearance gig. Easy money."
"I won't do porn. Or escort."
"Relax, gigolo. The call was for a personal appearance. Selfies, handshakes, maybe lift something heavy."
―Foggy Nelson and Luke Cage[src]

After Luke Cage gets caught in a lawsuit filed by Dontrell Hamilton for being brutally beaten by the former, Nelson represented Cage while Benjamin Donovan represented Hamilton. Hamilton spoke his defense, claiming to having been assaulted without provocation, angering Cage enough that he accidentally snapped off the end of the conference table like Styrofoam. Nelson negotiated to avoid bringing the lawsuit up in court.

Nelson and Luke Cage discussing their case

Subsequently, Cage privately voiced his disappointment at being shaken down while Hamilton gets away with domestic abuse. Nelson refuted that in spite of the facts, Cage's history as an ex-con would only muddle the jury's perceptions. He then suggested Cage wear a mask like Daredevil if he were to continue crimefighting, which Cage insisted that concealing his identity was useless given his race and his powers. As Cage risks going back to jail for assault if brought to court, Nelson tells him to pay a $100,000 fine within 72 hours.

Nelson and Luke Cage meeting Piranha Jones

Nelson later called Cage at Pop's Barber Shop, suggesting he could make a public appearance to earn easy money; Cage instantly refused to do prostitution or escort. Cage promised to call him back and later did after three separate attempts to get a job from prospective patrons didn't work out. Nelson subsequently accompanied his client to the office of Uptown Investments, where they met Piranha Jones who was a big fan of Cage, as evidenced by the memorabilia of Cage's exploits in his office. Cage was reluctant to accept his offer as it required him to go out escorting Jones in a club while wearing one of his old bullet-torn hoodies, much to his annoyance.

Nelson later accompanied Cage to Piranha's party. Nelson was soon left by himself as his client was pulled away by Jones. Later on, Nelson became concerned when Jones called Cage up on stage, intending to shoot him for show. Suddenly, Cage was shot by Stylers, allowing them to kidnap Jones, whom Cage chased after.[33] Later, Nelson was called up by Cage again, who requested Donovan's personal phone number, so he could negotiate the meeting with Mariah Dillard. Nelson was able to reach out to Donovan and Partners and get a number for Cage who later arranged a meeting with Dillard at Ryker's Island.[34]

Return of Daredevil

Meeting with Karen

"You know how I know he's gone? Because if it was Matt, if he was really still alive, he would've reached out to us."
"You know how I know that you don't really believe that? You keep saying "gone" instead of "dead." Now, don't you want to take a minute and just be absolutely sure that's not your best friend out there somewhere?"
"I wish it was my best friend. But it's not. He's dead."
―Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]

Nelson was called by Karen Page who said that she was finally ready to pack Matt Murdock's belongings and talk to the landlord about selling his apartment. Nelson came to the apartment where he met with Page who suddenly told him that she actually rented the apartment and lied to get Nelson to come. Page then informed Nelson that Murdock is being evicted from the apartment and now she needed his help to convince the landlord for extension, as Page was struggling to pay the rent for two apartments at the same time.

However, Nelson told Page that Murdock could not survive the collapse of the Midland Circle and she needs to face the truth that he is dead. It was hard enough to accept for Nelson himself, as he blamed himself for bringing Murdock his Daredevil's Suit but Page assured him that Murdock made his choice on his own. Page admitted that what Nelson said makes sense but still could not let go of her feeling that Murdock could still be alive, so Nelson then decided to help Page. He told her that he will cover the bills for the first month's rent but after that, Page will have to deal with it herself.[35]

Family Dinner

"I had this idea of how things were gonna go. Matt and I talked a lot about what we'd do. Open our own firm. Help people. Get rich. I was the 'get rich' part. He was the 'help people' part. When he was around, I knew who I was."
―Foggy Nelson to Theo Nelson[src]

Nelson attended a family dinner at Nelson's Meats, as he was immediately embraced by some of his nephews who took candies from his pocket an ran away. Nelson then was greeted by the rest of his relatives, including his mother Anna who was happy to see her son coming to see them but also needed to talk to him in private. Anna told him that his father's arthritis is getting worse and he has a harder time working at the shop, and nothing can be done about that. Anna then tried to convince Nelson to come back and help his brother Theo at the sho instead of making his career as a lawyer, to which Nelson replied that he will help the family if they need him. Nelson promised to give it a thought which satisfied Anna, although she was not satisfied when she saw Ruthie Nelson with candies she took from her uncle.

Nelson then went to talk with Edward who poured himself a glass of a wine Nelson brought and told him how proud he is. Edward recalled how Nelson always strived for big heights and now he made himself a career in Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz. Nelson, however, was rather hesitant to agree that he got what he wanted, but did not show it to his father. Nelson later approached Theo and thanked him for taking over the shop when he left to pursue his career, although Theo wanted him to stay. Nelson did not recall his brother saying anything, to which Theo replied that Nelson needs to do what he is good at and live his dream. Nelson then admitted that he is not as happy as a lawyer without Matt Murdock by his side, and working for HCB was not as satisfying as he imagined, and Theo told him that he can always return to the shop.

Suddenly, Karen Page came to the shop and Nelson jokingly remarked that no everyone can stop talking about his career choice and instead wonder if he was cheating on Marci Stahl. Page then told Nelson that she has a reason to believe that Murdock was still alive, telling him about Neda Kazemi who was rescued from the criminals by the man in the black mask. Nelson argued that New York City has no shortage of vigilantes, and they cannot know for sure if she witnessed Daredevil. Although Page was certain that it was Daredevil, Nelson remained unconvinced, thinking that Murdock was actually alive, he would have reach out to them. Page was angry that Nelson refused to even consider that his best friend might be alive, but he still insisted that Murdock was dead, which made Page leave the shop. Nelson then turned around and saw his parents and the brother who witnessed their conversation in an awkward silence.[11]

Return of Wilson Fisk

"Would you care more if you weren't trying to get reelected?"
"Watch it, Counselor."
"Fisk had Ms. Cardenas killed. Maybe you don't give a damn, because she's dead and can't vote for you, but she was a good person. She cared about her community, was braver than both of us put together. Fisk will hurt more people like her. She didn't have a voice, because the people in power didn't care. You're supposed to be Ms. Cardenas's voice."
―Foggy Nelson and Blake Tower[src]

Back at Marci Stahl's apartment, Nelson woke up in cold sweat, as he had a nightmare with Matt Murdock's dead body. Stahl tried to comfort Nelson, telling him that what happened to Murdock was not his fault, but Nelson could not shake the feeling that while he is enjoying his life, Murdock had to give up his. Stahl then suggested Nelson to seek a professional help, but Nelson told her that he cannot and apologized for worrying her before going to take some medecine. Nelson then checked the New York Bulletin news feed and to his utter horror, found out that Wilson Fisk was released from the custody.

Nelson approaches Blake Tower at his office

Nelson did some research and found out that Fisk cut a deal with the FBI to give up criminal organizations of New York City in exchange for protection and being cleared of legal charges. Nelson came to see Blake Tower and discuss the issue, while he was preparing for his re-election campaign for the District Attorney's position. As Tower agreed to hear him out, Nelson expressed his willingless to cooperate with the DA's office and reverse Fisk's deal and get him back behind the bars. However, Tower told him that although he tried to object to Fisk's house incarceration on every imaginable ground, but he is unable to go against the federal government who needed Fisk's cooperation.

Refusing to give up, Nelson tried to convince Tower to let him build the case against Fisk, but Tower stopped him, as it was nothing but a losing battle. Nelson objected that it was too soon to give up, but Tower was still unconvinced and suggested Nelson to let it go and move on. Nelson then called Tower out for being hesitant to fight against Fisk because he did not want to risk the re-election, accusing him of neglecting the lives Fisk took, like Elena Cardenas, as the dead cannot vote for Tower. Nelson claimed that Tower must fight to protect the people of their city, but Tower refused to listen to him and told Nelson to leave immediately.[36]

Reunion with Matt Murdock

"I know you're gonna want to get involved. You and Karen will try and fight Fisk in some way. I'm telling you, I need you to stay out of it and leave it to me."
"No. You don't get to show up like this and say something like that and expect me to be cool with it. You're my best friend, asshole."
Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson[src]

Feeling defeated and helpless, Nelson came to the bar to have a drink, thinking about Blake Tower doing nothing to stop Wilson Fisk, and throwing away a flyer of his re-election campaign. Suddenly, Nelson witness in disbelief how Matt Murdock approached him, thinking that he was hallucinating from the alcohol. Murdock, however, assured Nelson that what he sees was real, and he was actually still alive, as Nelson embraced his best friend. He pondered how Murdock survived the collapse of Midland Circle, as all of them believed that Murdock died in the ruins after his fight against the Hand.

Nelson is told by Matt Murdock that he is not coming back

As Nelson asked if Karen Page knows that he is back, Murdock suddenly told Nelson that he was not actually back, which made him confused. Murdock told his friend that he decided to throw his life as Matt Murdock away and live only as Daredevil, which meant that he will not come back to his friends. As Nelson listened, Murdock warned him and Page to stay away form Fisk, as now Murdock will be the only one who fights him, so both Nelson and Page will not get in danger because of him again.

Nelson was still trying to process the fact that Murdock was alive, but he only told him that they should stay out while Murdock finds a way to bring Fisk down. Nelson refused, saying that Murdock cannot just show up out of nowhere, while his friends believed that he was dead, only to get them to stay out of his way. Murdock replied that he made a mistake by becoming Nelson's friend, as his selfishness put him in danger, which only angered Nelson more. Murdock ignored Nelson's words and asked him to pass his warning to Page, so they would not get targeted by Fisk, before leaving. Baffled by Murdock's behavior, Nelson tried to call out to him, but Murdock only walked away from the bar, leaving Nelson confused and saddened.[36]

Returning home, Nelson told Marci Stahl about Murdock's confusing return, while frequently checking the locks on their door. Stahl tried to calm Nelson down, but he was still concerned that Fisk will target both him and Stahl, as both of them contributed to his arrest. Nelson had to reluctantly admit that Murdock was the only suitable for confronting Fisk, which made Nelson feel even more helpless. Stahl suddenly suggested to go on offence instead of sticking to the sidelines, but Nelson argued that Fisk had the FBI on his side, and Blake Tower will not jeopardize his re-election by fighting Fisk. Stahl then told Nelson to run for the position of District Attorney and although he was unlikely to win, the public call for action might get the chances against Fisk in his favor. Nelson was scared to endanger Stahl, so he agreed to fight Fisk directly, although he noticed that he had lost his wallet.[37]

Running for District Attorney

"I'm running my own write-in campaign for district attorney, to oust Blake Tower and to put Wilson Fisk into the deepest prison hole allowable under the Eighth Amendment. And I would love nothing more than to do that with the endorsement of each of you and your illustrious union."
―Foggy Nelson[src]
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Interrogated by Ray Nadeem

"With all due respect, I think you have Matt Murdock all wrong."
"Yeah, well, uh, I don't think I do. I think Matt Murdock is hiding a double life. Lawyer by day and criminal by night. And you and Ms. Page both know all about it. It makes you uncomfortable. And complicit. And that's why you're no longer law partners or friends. Because once he's finally caught, you know you're on the hook as an accessory to his crimes. Or, if you're lucky, simply aiding and abetting."
―Foggy Nelson and Ray Nadeem[src]
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Attack on the New York Bulletin

"I was convinced I was gonna die. The last thing I remember thinking was, "Not yet.""
"Oh, you must've been so scared."
"More than I've ever been in my entire life. But there was something else beneath it. This feeling of being unsettled. Important things left undone."
―Foggy Nelson and Marci Stahl[src]
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Public Forum Debate

"Wilson Fisk is informing on carefully-selected targets. Using the government as his private army to reclaim his position at the center of this city's criminal underworld."
"This is fantasy."
"No, it's a harsh reality. There are government officials who are controlled by various criminals. What Wilson Fisk has done is take all those criminals and turn them over to the FBI. And keep all those corrupt officials for himself. He's planning to turn himself into a one-stop shop for bribery and protection."
―Foggy Nelson and Blake Tower[src]
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Ultimatum for Nelson's Meats

"This old English dude comes to see me. He knew all about the creative accounting on the loan app. He said unless I could convince you to walk back everything you said about Fisk he'd have Red Lion call the loan."
"Of course."
"Foggy, that application... if anyone looks too carefully at it..."
"You're going to jail."
"Not just me. Mom and Dad signed it, too."
Theo Nelson and Foggy Nelson[src]
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Familial Pressure

"We didn't have any say in this, Foggy. You went and pissed off the biggest mob boss in the city, but we're the ones paying for it. Or we will if you don't do what he says."
"If I read that statement to the press, Fisk wins, Theo."
"He's already won, Fogg. Now, do the right thing. The right thing for your family."
Theo Nelson and Foggy Nelson[src]
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Saving Karen Page

"Truth is, I'm killing time."
"Killing time for what? Why do you keep looking at her?"
"Because I need to kill a few more seconds. Okay, I'm good. Agent Nadeem, I'm here for my client."
―Foggy Nelson and Ray Nadeem[src]
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The Trio Reunited

"Nobody's above the law. The only thing powerful enough to take down scumbags like him is the law."
"He's twisted it into something that actually protects him."
"Federal law, maybe, but we can build a state case that even Blake Tower can't deny, force him to take it to the grand jury."
―Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]
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Representing Ray Nadeem

"Fisk is threatening my family. He got them dirty, and now he's using them as leverage against me."
"So if you win the election and take my job, Fisk will control New York's DA?"
"Right. So, honestly, I'm dropping out whether you give me an hour of your time or not. But I'm asking you to anyway."
―Foggy Nelson and Blake Tower[src]

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Nadeem's Final Confession

"He knew he was gonna die."
"Okay, so maybe it won't hold up in court. But if we put this out there, it'll make Fisk's life a living hell."
"Actually, a dying declaration is exempt from the hearsay rule."
"The court says that a person who believes that they're dying is has less incentive to lie. Therefore, anything they say is–"
"You're telling me this is admissible in court?"
"Every damn word. It's the silver bullet to take down Fisk."
―Foggy Nelson and Karen Page[src]
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Nelson, Murdock and Page

"What does that mean? We go back to helping people out of a crappy office, getting paid in chickens?"
"I think Theo would let us work out of here, to start."
"At least we'd have a place to sell the chickens. So what do you think?"
"Why the hell not?"
Karen Page, Foggy Nelson and Matt Murdock[src]

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"You seem like a decent guy, Mr. Nelson. You care about people. About doing the right thing."
Ray Nadeem[src]
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Nelson is witty, fun-loving, and sociable, yet intelligent and professional when the situation demands it. Matt Murdock and Nelson have been best friends since college. Murdock appreciates that Nelson doesn't treat him like he's fragile and Nelson appreciates Murdock seeing him as an equal and hearing about the beautiful women entangled in Murdock's love life. The two friends were determined to start their own law firm and make a difference in Hell's Kitchen. Nevertheless, Nelson is the more pragmatic of the duo and thinks that they should take cases that actually pays the bills while Murdock wants to take cases that defend only the innocent.

Nelson disapproves of Daredevil's vigilantism and thinks that justice should be done in court. Ultimately though, Nelson's priority is whatever is best for the people of Hell's Kitchen, to the point where he gave Murdock his Daredevil suit so that he could save the city once again.


"I'm not jaded from doing the same thing for too many years, either. I'm still passionate about what the law can do. And that's a very powerful tool to work with."
―Foggy Nelson[src]
  • Master Lawyer: Nelson went to Columbia University and graduated with honors in law, second in his class to his then-roommate Matt Murdock. He and Murdock worked as a duo under one law firm before establishing their own firm Nelson and Murdock, in which they represented clients like Karen Page and Frank Castle. Due to disagreements and the lack of Murdock appearing during the Castle court case, the firm disbanded, though he received an offer by Jeri Hogarth to join Hogarth, Chao & Benowitz, in which he represented Luke Cage.
  • Bilingualism: Nelson is fluent in his native English, as well as Punjabi which he learned in college.



  • Baseball Bat: Feeling nervous about Karen Page's life outside of their office, Nelson had followed her and witnessed her being attacked by two men as she left Elena Cardenas' Apartment. Nelson then sneaked up behind the men and hit them with his baseball bat to protect Page.


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Appearances for Foggy Nelson

In chronological order:


  • In the comics, Foggy Nelson received his nickname from Matt Murdock because of his snoring, with Murdock describing him as "a human foghorn".

Behind the Scenes

  • Foggy Nelson in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the second live-action incarnation of the character, following an incarnation portrayed by Jon Favreau, who also portrays Happy Hogan and directed the first two Iron Man films.
    • According to Charlie Cox, Favreau made a reference to his portrayal of Nelson in Spider-Man: No Way Home, improvising a line "Yeah, I’m a little foggy on how that happened.", however the line did not make the final cut.[38]
  • In April 2015, Elden Henson spoke of his excitement for the character's role in the series: "I was really excited as I was getting the scripts and reading that Foggy wasn't just a useless sidekick. He's not just comic relief. I mean, he is some of those things. He does have comic relief, but it was exciting to know that these other characters would have their own path and their own things that they're dealing with."[39]
  • Jake Eavey was a stunt double for Elden Henson in the role of Foggy Nelson.


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