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"A nasty place, absent any basic scrap of decency."
"Someone just described Florida."
Pretorious Pryce and Piper[src]

Florida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States of America.


Search of Bruce Banner

Fort Johnson

In 2008, Major Kathleen Sparr and General Thaddeus Ross went to Fort Johnson in the Everglades, in order to assemble a military unit to capture Bruce Banner. General Joe Greller, stationed at Fort Johnson and a friend of Ross, managed to enlist the help of Russian-born British special operations expert Emil Blonsky assigned by the Royal Marines to the unit. Ross and his unit boarded a plane, where Sparr briefed them about the capture mission.[1]

Oil Slick

In 2010, the Roxxon Corporation oil tanker Norco spilled a million gallons of crude oil off the coast of Pensacola. Matthew Ellis used his political influence to avoid that the Roxxon executives were judged and imprisoned for the event.[2]

Retrieval of Item 47

Benjamin Pollack and his girlfriend Claire Weiss planned and committed a series of thefts using a Chitauri Gun that fell from the sky inside their laboratory in New York City and that Pollack managed to repair. With the money stolen from different banks across the United States, Weiss and Pollack bought a big Pearson-boat in Key West, and they were planning to leave in a period of twenty-four hours. S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Jasper Sitwell managed to obtain information about the purchase from the previous owner of the boat. Agent Felix Blake ordered Sitwell to travel to Key West to retrieve the weapon and neutralize the thieves. Weiss and Pollack were staying at a motel, where they counted the money they stole and realized they had obtained enough money to live the rest of their lives. While they were about to begin a celebration, one of their neighbors turned up the volume of the music, and Pollack went to the room to ask him to turn it down. When Pollack knocked on the door, he encountered Sitwell, who lured him to the room with the music. Sitwell managed to restrain Pollack, but he resisted and cried to Weiss in order to let her know that an agent had tracked them down. Weiss took the Chitauri Gun and shot at the wall, opening a hole to the room, and approached the room to check Pollack's status, while Sitwell entered her room through the door and struggled with her for the weapon. Pollack tackled Sitwell, and the weapon fell to the floor, firing itself and destroying the money stolen by Pollack and Weiss. Sitwell interrogated the couple about the status of the weapon, being theirs the only one who still functioned, and Weiss revealed that Pollack managed to repair it, and Pollack offered to show Sitwell how he did in order to avoid going to jail. Sitwell revealed that his mission was to retrieve the weapon and neutralize them. Pollack and Weiss thought the worst of that reveal, but Sitwell recruited them to S.H.I.E.L.D.[3]

Anti-Matter Meteorite

"Remember the panic when that anti-matter meteor splashed down just off the coast of Miami, nearly devoured the city?"
Phil Coulson and Skye[src]

S.H.I.E.L.D. was able to stop an Anti-Matter Meteorite whose trajectory would have made it splashed down just of the coast of Miami and it would have devoured the city. This incident was later used by Phil Coulson as an example of how keeping dangerous events quiet and contained is very important to avoid spreading panic amongst the population, when Skye thought about warning the people who lived around Llactapata in Peru of the potential danger of the 0-8-4 discovered there.[4]

Aldrich Killian's War

Mandarin's Broadcasts

Aldrich Killian's mansion

In 2012, Aldrich Killian used his mansion in Miami as his primary location in the broadcasts of Trevor Slattery's Mandarin threats using a green screen and what Slattery denominated as movie magic to make him appear in countries with a known presence of the Ten Rings. Later, Killian ordered Savin to attend his appointment at Rose Hill.[2]

Kidnapping of Pepper Potts

Pepper Potts is held hostage by Aldrich Killian

Pepper Potts was taken to the mansion by Maya Hansen revealing her collaboration with Killian and their intention to use Potts as an incentive to make Tony Stark work in improving Extremis.[2]

Infiltration of Tony Stark

Tony Stark arrives at Aldrich Killian's mansion

Tony Stark tracked the origin of the Mandarin broadcasts to Aldrich Killian's Mansion in Miami, managing to defeat all the guards using a variety of home-made weapons. Stark located and interrogated Trevor Slattery, realizing that the "Mandarin" was only a decoy created by Aldrich Killian to divert the attention over the explosions caused by Extremis, and the man thought responsible of it was just a British actor named Trevor Slattery. While interrogating Slattery, Eric Savin rendered Stark unconscious.

Aldrich Killian mocks Tony Stark

Maya Hansen asked a now prisoner Stark to help her stabilize Extremis, but Stark tried to convince her of doing the right thing and liberate him. Killian showed up, explaining that the desperation Stark made him feel in Switzerland and that the anonymity he experienced then would be the rule he would follow to achieve his goals. Therefore, he created the Mandarin to be the face of evil, the target for people while he pulled the strings behind the scenes. In order to make Stark feel the same desperation, he showed Pepper Potts painfully trying to assimilate the Extremis injected into her body. Hansen had a change of heart, provoked by Stark's words and Killian's actions, threatening to kill herself using an overdose of Extremis and demanding Killian to liberate Stark. Killian simply killed her without hesitation, and told Stark that a high level position was now vacant.[2]

Kidnapping of James Rhodes

James Rhodes confronts Aldrich Killian

James Rhodes was taken to Aldrich Killian's Mansion and Aldrich Killian managed to take him out the Iron Patriot Armor using his Extremis powers. Rhodes defeated some of the guards, but was rendered unconscious as he was surprised to see Killian breathing fire. Killian celebrated that everything was going according to his plan, as the following he would control the most feared terrorist in the world, and the new President of the United States, as Eric Savin would to use the Rhodes' armor as a trojan horse in order to infiltrate the Air Force One and kidnap President Matthew Ellis.[2]

Liberation of Tony Stark

Tony Stark and James Rhodes freed

An alarm set in the watch Tony Stark obtained from Harley Keener indicated that Stark's Mark 42 armor should have finished recharging its energy. Stark threatened the guards watching over him while tied to a mattress base, and as the guards mocked him, different pieces of the armor arrived, allowing him to defeat all the guards he came across. Iron Man witnessed how Aldrich Killian abandoned the complex, and how Eric Savin departed inside the Iron Patriot Armor. He tried to follow them, but the armor was unable to fly. He found a battery and connected it to the armor in order to raise its power reserves. James Rhodes regained consciousness and told Stark his current situation. They went to defeat the remaining guards in order to meet Trevor Slattery, and they obtained a clue for Killian's next move, that it involved a ship and another move that had something to do with Vice President Rodriguez. Stark and Rhodes seized Slattery's speedboat, bought by Killian as payment for his acting as the Mandarin, and travelled to the Roxxon ship Norco.[2]

Rescue of the Air Force One Crew

Tony Stark rescues Air Force One crew

Eric Savin detonated an explosive that opened a hole in the Air Force One while it flew over Florida. Thirteen of the members of the crew that survived Savin's attack to kidnap President Matthew Ellis were sucked out of the plane, but Tony Stark remotely commanded his Iron Man Armor to rescue them. Stark carried the thirteen making a human chain, and slow down the fall just when they were about to hit the ocean, dropping them near Miami and saving their lives. Stark congratulated them for good team work, but his armor was hit by a trucker.

Acquisition of the Norco


Aldrich Killian acquired the Norco to use it as an excuse to kill President Matthew Ellis and make it seem as a Mandarin terrorist action for political reasons due to Ellis' role in the aftermath of the oil slick.[2]

Arrival of President Ellis

Aldrich Killian and Pepper Potts

Aldrich Killian arrived at the Norco and checked Pepper Potts, who had been injected with Extremis and was held prisoner inside the ship, and revealed that she was taken captive not just to motivate Tony Stark into stabilizing Extremis, but actually as Killian's personal trophy.

Matthew Ellis meets Aldrich Killian

Killian greeted President Matthew Ellis as he was taken to the ship inside the Iron Patriot Armor, who recognized the ship as the Roxxon Norco. Killian told his motives to retain Ellis in the ship, as he did not want to negotiate for Ellis' life; he intended to kill him masquerading as a Mandarin terrorist attack in order to let Vice President Rodriguez, secretly in league with Killian, to become the new president.[2]

Battle on the Norco

Arrival of the Iron Legion

James Rhodes and Tony Stark on the Norco

Tony Stark and James Rhodes were able to board the Norco, but were outnumbered as the tanker was guarded by a large squad of Extremis Soldiers. Rhodes located President Matthew Ellis, tied inside Rhodes' Iron Patriot Armor waiting for his public execution. Stark and Rhodes were spotted by the soldiers, and forced to take cover, while starting to be surrounded by the soldiers. Stark grew confident as a humming noise was heard approaching, and Rhodes asked if it was what he believed it was. A whole legion of Iron Man Armors surrounded the ship, as the much needed backup for Rhodes and Stark.

Iron Legion arrive

Stark ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to target the soldiers due to their unique heat signatures, and ordered to neutralize them with the maximum prejudice. The armors started battling the soldiers, gaining the upper hand though some of the armors were destroyed during the fight. Stark also defined some of the battle strategy for the armors, such as ordering the Mark XXXVIII to stabilize structure of the oil tanker. Stark donned one of his armors to battle himself, but did not let Rhodes wear one as they were explicitly coded for Stark. An armor controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S. carried Rhodes, but they were attacked by a soldier and forced to jump to one of the footbridges. A pair of Extremis soldiers attacked him, but Stark's armors easily defeated them before they could harm Rhodes.[2]

Hostage Rescue

Pepper Potts is almost saved by Tony Stark

Stark went on to rescue Pepper Potts, still tied inside the tanker, but she was hit by one of the explosions and was trapped under a large amount of debris, but Killian himself attacked Stark and disabled the Arc Reactor of the armor using his advanced Extremis abilities, and taunted Stark due to his inability to defeat him in front of Potts, but Stark waited until the last moment and cut Killian's arm. The arm started to melt the ship due to its high temperature, and make Potts fall through the open hull.

James Rhodes rescues Matthew Ellis

Rhodes went to save President Ellis and defeated a pair of Extremis Soldiers, tricking them into falling from the container they ambushed him. Rhodes liberated the president, and recovered his armor. As Iron Patriot, Rhodes rescued Ellis and took him outside the ship. Meanwhile, Stark rushed to save Potts. He tried to convince her to let go as Stark will catch her and prevent her falling, but the debris moved and Potts fell to her seeming death, leaving Stark devastated.

Tony Stark fights Aldrich Killian

Killian reappeared unharmed and having recovered his arm, and taunted Stark again for letting Potts die. Stark angrily confronted Killian, using different armors that were destroyed by Killian, and avoiding a fatal blow in a scenario paralleled by Killian to the roof in Bern where they never met. Stark waited as the Mark XLII armor approached, but it crashed against an obstacle and disassembled into pieces. Killian, prepared to kill Stark, taunted him for what he thought it would be the last time, but Stark answered him in order to buy some time, telling Killian that it was right that Stark didn't deserve Potts, but there was no need to improve her, as she was already perfect. Stark ordered the Mark XLII to be worn by Killian, and asked J.A.R.V.I.S. to trigger the self-destruction of the armor to kill Killian.[2]

Final Showdown

Aldrich Killian sees Pepper Potts

Killian survived the explosion, and reappeared before Stark claiming that he was the Mandarin, but was confronted by Potts, who also survived her fall. One of the armors approached, intending to attack Potts recognizing her Extremis heat signature, but she angrily destroyed it with a single punch, tearing apart the repulsor gauntlet and using it to detonate a missile that he launched to Killian, finally killing him.

Pepper Potts hugs Tony Stark

Stark and Potts, relieved by the end of the battle, discussed what they would do after that, as Potts finally understood Stark's obsession with the armors. Potts was worried to hurt Stark due to Extremis, and promised her to help her without distractions, as he ordered J.A.R.V.I.S. to destroy all his remaining armors.[2]

Arrest of Trevor Slattery

Trevor Slattery's arrest

Following the death of Aldrich Killian and the rescue of President Matthew Ellis, Trevor Slattery was arrested in Miami for his involvement with A.I.M. and his role in the Mandarin broadcasts. Slattery gained all the media attention he sought as an actor, and was pleased to see how many reporters gathered to cover the news about him.[2] Slattery ended up being imprisoned at Seagate Prison.[5]

Kidnapping of Phil Coulson

Lloyd Rathman, Senior Partner and director of wealth management for Kester, Dyer and Rathman LLP, was the owner of a party boat in Key Largo. Skye, excluded by Victoria Hand from the investigation to locate kidnapped agent Phil Coulson, posed as S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Melinda May to make Rathman help her hack into the bank accounts by using his private corporate I.D. To gain Rathman's cooperation, she threatened to freeze all his assets, but offered to keep them all, even the party boat in Key Largo, if he cooperated in her investigation.[6]

Clairvoyant Candidates

Chase of Deathlok

Phil Coulson and John Garrett devised a plan of investigating the candidates rejected from the Index as possible identities for the Clairvoyant, enlisting senior agents Victoria Hand, Jasper Sitwell and Felix Blake to assist them. During their mission, agents Blake and Melinda May were attacked by Deathlok while investigating one of the candidates, Thomas Nash, but Blake was able to shoot one of Leo Fitz's Tag Rounds, that S.H.I.E.L.D. used to track Deathlok to Pensacola. Coulson and Garrett led an operation including agents May, Grant Ward and multiple S.W.A.T. teams, with Leo Fitz and Skye remotely assisting them, in order to capture Deathlok, who was hiding in an abandoned racetrack in Pensacola. Before entering, Ward assigned an agent to protect Skye, as the Clairvoyant had ordered her death before, and maybe he could order Deathlok to try it again. Garrett acknowledged the agents involved that the use of stealth during the raid was futile, and warned them about Deathlok's cybernetic enhancement, and then entered the compound blasting the door. As the field agents cleared the first room, Fitz located Deathlok deploying his Golden Retrievers, an item that impressed Garrett. Skye watched an image of Deathlok caught by one of the retrievers, and as she switched the view to a multi-spectrum overlay, she saw what the Centipede Project did to Michael Peterson in order to transform him into Deathlok, implanting metallic prosthesis beneath his skin. Deathlok destroyed the retriever that was filming him, and Coulson ordered Fitz to return to the tactical van as Deathlok knew they were there. The agents looked for him through the whole compound, and Deathlok managed to ambush a small team led by Ward, attacking them with his Forearm Rocket Launcher. Though two men were hit, Ward was able to take cover, avoiding the explosion, and managed to return the fire. Skye requested a medical team for Ward's men, and warned May that Deathlok was coming her way. As May pursued him, Deathlok jumped to the bottom floor, and Coulson continued the pursuit to the sub-basement, asking Fitz if he could send a retriever to his location. Coulson advanced and came across Garrett, almost shooting at him. They both saw Deathlok behind them, and although they pursued him, Deathlok managed to escape them. However, agents Coulson and Garrett found another person in the basement, Thomas Nash.[7]


Phil Coulson and John Garrett found Thomas Nash in the basement of the racetrack in a vegetative state, connected to a heart rate monitor, a computer that synthesized his voice, and a series of screens. As Coulson and Garrett faced Nash, the computer said that he surrendered. Ward and May also arrived at the room where Nash was found, and the agents started interrogating Nash, who seemed to be the Clairvoyant. Nash's computer spoke for him, making references to the quotes and data the agents had about him, such as paraphrasing Edison Po's quote about that he did not like to be touched, that marked the first time Coulson and his team heard about the Clairvoyant. Before proceeding, Ward checked the room and though there could be explosives inside, and Coulson ordered them not to touch anything before checking if there was any explosive device. Nash assured that there were no traps in the room, and that they met because they were destined to do it. As Garrett asked if Nash was the Clairvoyant, Nash's computer replied that he was Thomas Nash, but Po gave him that title, that he considered a bit dramatic. Coulson warned the rest of the agents not to lower their guard, as Deathlok or another enemy could appear and attack them, though Nash assured that Deathlok was gone, having cut his feed so that nobody could find him. Coulson asked Nash the reason why he made Deathlok lead the agents to him, and his answer was that he wanted to see him with his own eyes, finally understanding why he could not see Coulson after his death, as if he became a broken man that did not know he was broken. Garrett suggested to stop listening Nash and take him to the Fridge, but Nash was not afraid of being imprisoned, as in his vegetative state, he could not be confined more than he was in his chair. Nash continued teasing Coulson, saying that he would be able to see him wherever he went, like when he saw Coulson holding Skye when she almost died. Coulson angrily told Nash that he would be kept in a small cell and nobody would hear him again. Nash did not cease teasing Coulson, saying that he had betrayed, and now feared what was going to happen, as something was coming for him and Skye, saying that she would die giving them what they wanted from her. Suddenly, as he continued with his threats, Ward shot and killed Nash in cold blood. Everyone was surprised by that reaction, and Ward was taken into custody for killing Nash.[7]


John Garrett and Phil Coulson discussed Grant Ward's sudden reaction that led him to kill Thomas Nash, and how he was taken over by his emotions and killed him in cold blood. Ward was going to be escorted to the Hub, and Garrett asked Coulson if he wanted him to escort Ward. Coulson refused, as he wanted to talk to Ward before presenting him to the review board. Garrett then left, as he was still assigned to hunt Deathlok, and Coulson asked him to keep him updated on his progress. Melinda May informed Coulson of a message received from S.H.I.E.L.D. Headquarters, that Nick Fury had returned and requested to see him at the Triskelion. May noticed how Coulson would finally be able to ask him about the multiple things that were bothering him.[7]


Cybertek operates a facility in Miami. When John Garrett was affected by an EMP caused by Leo Fitz, Raina contacted Cybertek and they began preparing the facility to treat Garrett.[8]

Fire of Santa Maria de las Flores

"The body of Lewis Seaver was found in the remains of the Santa Maria church fire in Miami."

Sebastian Derik, looking for clues about the series of symbols he felt the need to carve, located Lewis Seaver, a former Project T.A.H.I.T.I. patient and now a parishioner of the church of Santa Maria de las Flores.

Seaver, who also carved the symbols in the back of a painting in the church, was attacked by Derik, who tried to make him remember the other pieces of the overall design by carving the symbols in his body, as Derik had discovered that feeling pain overcame the memory replacement they were subjected to.

Derik killed Seaver, and covered his tracks putting the whole church on fire, though the painting where Seaver had carved the symbols managed to survive the fire, which was deemed a miracle.[9]

Miracle Painting

Visit of the Bishop

The local bishop visited the church of Santa Maria de las Flores to assess both the destruction of the church caused by a devastating fire and the existence of a miraculous artifact that was not destroyed, a 500-year-old painting. The priest of the church received the bishop, who wanted to see the painting immediately. The priest explained that the art work, painted in Spain during the 1500s, managed to survive the fire, but was not sure of the bishop's intentions of being verified by experts. The bishop explained that though faith was enough for them, the rest of the world needed actual proof to believe in the miracle and contribute to the rebuilding of the church. Seeing the reservation the priest had, the bishop asked what was happening, and the priest showed the back of the painting, carved with the Words of Creation.[10]

Date by the Beach

Lance Hunter had a date with a woman named Bridget in South Beach, as part of an undercover assignment to infiltrate a fundraiser in Miami, hosted by Bridget's boss Gabriel Soto, intended to collect money to rebuild the church of Santa Maria de las Flores, devastated by fire. Hunter walked holding hands with Bridget, and managed to flirt with her to the point of kissing her near the beach. Hunter seized the opportunity to steal a ticket for the fundraiser from her purse, giving it to Skye as she passed on a scooter behind them.[10]

Fundraising Event

Skye quickly returned to the hangar where the Bus had been stationed in Miami, in order to duplicate a ticket for the fundraiser organized to collect money for the church of Santa Maria de las Flores that Lance Hunter managed to steal. Skye joined Antoine Triplett at the briefing room of the Bus, and duplicated the original ticket as the original ones had a cost of $25,000 each, and contacted Alphonso Mackenzie to inform him of her success. Mackenzie was undercover acting as the driver for Phil Coulson and Melinda May, who were also disguised as a rich couple attending the fundraiser, with the main purpose of the whole mission being to obtain the painting that managed to survive the fire and had the Words of Creation carved on its back. Mackenzie tried to let Coulson allow him to work on Lola, Coulson's personal car, showing him how he restored the luxury car they used to arrive at the fundraiser, but Coulson refused even before Mackenzie actually asked. Coulson and May, dressed for the event, headed for the entrance of the manor, though May was uncomfortable with her outfit, and was willing to $500 for a pair of flats instead of her high heels. The guard at the gate asked for their identification, with Coulson handing him both his and May's, with the identities of Charles and Heidi Martin, behaving as a modern and rich couple. The forged tickets worked, and Coulson congratulated Skye as he entered into the party. Skye, in charge of remotely assessing the security of the event, informed them that Gabriel Soto, host of the event, had the painting in a secured sublevel storage room, planning to show it to the guests that same night, and though she was still assessing the security, it was safe to assume it would be heavy, as there were diplomats here and state officials among the guests. Lance Hunter also contacted with Skye at the Bus, and Coulson and May at the event when Mackenzie picked him up in South Beach, explaining that Bridget, Soto's executive assistant, revealed to him that Soto would send the painting the next morning for verification, while she and Hunter shared an intimate moment. Skye insisted to be present during the operation to help them to neutralize all security systems, but Coulson insisted on reducing their presence to just two agents to minimize detection in a small space, as he already explained her how covert operations worked. Coulson explained the importance of the mission, saying that the painting displayed the same symbols that John Garrett carved and the ones that appeared in the Obelisk; thus, studying this 500-year-old piece of art could give them some answers. Skye, Triplett and Leo Fitz heard how May was loudly laughing, blending with other guests, and Skye was worried that something bad had happened, as she had never heard May laughing. May promptly joined Coulson, complaining that her face hurt due to the laughing, and they deactivated the comms to maintain their cover and discuss some details. Skye was surprised to see that Coulson and May requested radio silence.[10]

Dance Session

Phil Coulson asked Melinda May for a dance during the fundraiser event they infiltrated posing as a rich couple, and Coulson was impressed that she still remembered the steps. Coulson and May used the dance as a cover to scan their surroundings for the security guards and systems in the room, while remembering May's years at the S.H.I.E.L.D. Academy, and their first mission together in Sausalito. The nostalgic talk reminded Coulson of the fun they used to have together in their youth, even despite drawbacks, like what happened in that first mission, as May had to wait in the bay for five hours until Coulson came for her, as their mission commander sent them without an exit plan. May said that if they changed it was because life happened, and though nostalgia was fine, she had to deal with reality, asking Coulson about the symptoms derived from the injection of the GH.325 and the whole Project T.A.H.I.T.I., as Coulson's hand's tremoring indicated that the symptoms were worsening. Coulson was worried that the rest of the agents saw it, but though Skye asked her usual question, all of them thought it was a standard operation instead of something personal for Coulson. May warned him that if she considered it was too much for him, she would take Coulson out of the operation. Coulson then revealed the true reason to turn off the communication with the rest of agents; he wanted to discuss a contingency plan in case he started to behave like John Garrett did. May was uncomfortable discussing a plan to kill Coulson, even in case of need, and tried to dismiss the conversation. She spotted someone in the room, Brigadier General Glenn Talbot, though at the moment, they didn't know who he really was.[10]

Maintaining the Cover

Phil Coulson approached the man he thought was Glenn Talbot and greeted him, receiving a friendly greet in response. Coulson was surprised to hear that, believing his differences with Talbot were something from the past. Coulson asked him not to blow his cover and to allow him to continue with his mission, as it would benefit both him and Talbot; both the United States Armed Forces division headed by Talbot and Talbot's own career had already benefited from Coulson's assistance. As Coulson announced he was going to continue with his operation, the man announced there would not be interferences, unless he felt he needed to do it.[10]

Men and Women

Lance Hunter and Alphonso Mackenzie arrived to Miami, joining Skye, Antoine Triplett and Leo Fitz inside the Bus, congratulating each other for their work in their mission of obtaining the fundraiser ticket from Bridget. Triplett complained that while he was waiting in the plane, Hunter was flirting with Bridget, and Hunter spoke about how women ended up being attracted to him, something that Skye didn't understand. Hunter ended up explaining, despite Mackenzie's complaints, how he met his ex-wife, on a spring night at the Outer Banks, being deceived by her appearance that hid, in his opinion, a cruel demon. Phil Coulson resumed contact with them, announcing that Glenn Talbot was apparently at the fundraiser, and their cover was at risk, so he decided they would retrieve the painting they were looking for at that moment instead of waiting. Melinda May approached Gabriel Soto, flirting with him in order to allow Coulson to scan Soto's retinas while pretending to take a photograph of May and Soto; they had to hurry, as their cover was blown, and the security guards had been alerted of their presence.[10]

Infiltration of the Storage Room

Phil Coulson and Melinda May descended to the sublevel storage room where the miracle painting displaying the Words of Creation has been secured, with Coulson knocking down one of the security agents with a punch in order to open the door to the room. Coulson used an holographic reconstruction of an image of Gabriel Soto to bypass a retinal scanner. However, as Skye remotely guided Coulson and May to the storage room, she detected a laser grid at the entrance. Coulson prepared to cross without activating it, but May simply walked through it, as the security guards had already been alerted of their presence. Coulson and May searched for the painting in the room, but were unable to find them, as unbeknownst to everyone, the painting had been claimed by a man seemingly acting under authorization of the United States Armed Forces, using Glenn Talbot's authority to take possession of the piece of art, claiming it was related to an ongoing government investigation. Coulson wondered how Talbot knew the importance of the painting and the symbols inscribed on its back; May prompted Coulson to get out of the place.[10]

Contacts with HYDRA

Glenn Talbot informed Daniel Whitehall that he managed to take possession of the painting despite S.H.I.E.L.D.'s attempts to obtain it, sending him a picture of Phil Coulson and Melinda May. Whitehall ordered him not to come, as they didn't pose any trouble yet, so Whitehall devised a new plan to take advantage of the situation.[10]


Phil Coulson and Melinda May managed to escape from the mansion where the fundraiser event was held, despite being outnumbered, trapped and hoping not to get killed, which May simply felt it was like the "old days". Coulson still wanted to retrieve the miracle painting, which he believed was in Glenn Talbot's possession. Coulson also insisted on having a conversation about a contingency plan in case he got overwhelmed by the side effects of the GH.325 drug, but May avoided the conversation once again using an opportunity to escape the area. However, they were intercepted outside of the complex, seemingly by Glenn Talbot himself. He confronted both agents, saying it was obvious they were after the same miracle painting, and, knowing about the symbols carved on its back, he asked for Coulson's help into examining it, in order to learn about its meaning. Coulson and May had some reservations, not fully trusting the offer and believing there was something behind it, but they were assured they would simply examine the painting in a secure military facility, so they agreed with the plan. Coulson asked to communicate with his agents and give new orders and disappeared; he was given an hour to meet at the Hotel La Ona. Coulson did not trust the deal he was offered, so May volunteered to investigate the true reasons, which would also serve her to make up for having to dance with him, though she reluctantly revealed she liked it a little bit. Coulson asked her to contact him as soon as she learnt anything, knowing that she would handle the situation if something went wrong.

Bonding with S.H.I.E.L.D. Colleagues

Antoine Triplett caught Skye doing research on the church of Santa Maria de las Flores that Phil Coulson had not ordered her to do, and while she simply said she was being industrious, Triplett saw beyond that and, knowing Skye, correctly guessed she was trying to find the parts of the mission they haven't been informed about. Lance Hunter joined them saying that he appreciated Skye's meticulousness, but he just preferred a beer and a nap, describing himself as lazy. Skye said that "lazy" was not the word she would use to describe him, to which Hunter sarcastically asked if it was "dangerous". He recognized he was just lazy, he simply hid it well. Skye went to ask about Hunter's Ex-Wife, and what was the reason that they broke up. Alphonso Mackenzie regretted she brought back the topic, and Hunter blamed the failure of their marriage to her ex-wife being a "demonic hell-beast", with Mackenzie obviously remarking that Hunter didn't like her. Skye compared it to her situation, as he had a crush on Grant Ward, who was outed as a killer and now was imprisoned at the Playground. Mackenzie complimented all his former relationships, though Hunter disagreed, saying that Mackenzie had to to pretend that he liked quinoa to please his partner. Leo Fitz, who had been in the room during the entire conversation, was approached by his recurring hallucination of Jemma Simmons, who prompted him to join the rest of agents while they were bonding, or he would be left out. He silently left the room alone in response.[10]


Melinda May discreetly arrived at the Hotel La Ona to investigate the reasons Glenn Talbot could have to investigate the miracle painting from the Santa Maria de las Flores church, that had the Words of Creation carved on its back. Upon arriving, May witnessed Agent 33 checking two files, one about Phil Coulson, and the other about May herself. When she saw the HYDRA insignia on the file, May bursted into the room and attacked Agent 33, subduing her and asking about Talbot's location. She was answered from behind and taken by surprise by this Talbot. May battled both the man and Agent 33, witnessing how, as he punched the man's face, it disrupted the Photostatic Veil he was wearing to disguise himself as Talbot. May managed to remove the mask from him, learning that the Talbot they saw during the fundraiser event was actually Sunil Bakshi. However, Agent 33 seized the opportunity to knock May down using a taser. Seeing that May's presence there was proof that Coulson didn't trust General Talbot, Bakshi decided to send Agent 33 disguised as Melinda May to fulfill their mission for Daniel Whitehall. Agent 33 took a drop of May's blood and a recording of her voice to activate the Photostatic Veil, effectively disguising herself as Melinda May. Bakshi ordered Agent 33 to bring Coulson to the hotel, and handed her a Hijacker to neutralize the rest of the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Agent 33 decrypted May's phone and called Coulson, lying to him by saying that while Talbot's offer seemed to be solid, he needed to quickly accept as he was keeping the deal unknown to his superiors. Bakshi managed to track Coulson's location and sent Agent 33 to take him and neutralize the other agents.[10]

False Faces

Inside the Bus, Leo Fitz visited his former laboratory, now transformed into a garage and storage room, where he was confronted again by his hallucination of Jemma Simmons, who tried to make Fitz understand that running away from people was not the answer for his problems. He claimed that he liked to be alone, because of the mere existence of the hallucination.

Fitz confessed he felt he had trouble talking to everyone except her, but instead, the hallucination said he was afraid of not having anything to say, and prompted him to talk about his thoughts and feelings. Fitz complained, because precisely talking about his feelings didn't worked in the past, when he confessed his love to the real Jemma Simmons.

Besides, Fitz considered that he did not have anything in common with the rest of agents, and that he did not feel to be a part of "the team"; the hallucination told him he could be part of them if he stayed with them instead of hiding in the garage. Fitz also felt that transforming the laboratory into a garage was an example of the low importance other people gave to his opinion, despite having a better laboratory in the Playground.

Fitz felt that even Grant Ward was more valuable than he was, and he could speak without trouble, and wished the real Simmons have heard his excuses for the way he tried to kill them. The hallucination also said that he should let everyone else see who he really was underneath his stumblings and stuttering.

His conversation with himself was interrupted by the arrival of Agent 33 disguised as Melinda May, who asked him where Phil Coulson was. Coulson was chattering with the rest of his agents about Glenn Talbot and his presence at the fundraiser event, without knowing that who he believed to be Talbot was actually Sunil Bakshi disguised.

Agent 33 entered the room and called Coulson in order to speak to him in private, and lied to him saying that despite their surprise, Talbot's offer was honest. However, to draw him to HYDRA's trap, Agent 33 said that despite Talbot's desire to meet just with Coulson, she would go with him no matter what. Coulson and Agent 33 went to the hotel, and before leaving, she placed the Hijacker that Bakshi gave to her in order to keep the rest of the agents busy.[10]

Interrogation of Melinda May

Sunil Bakshi realized that Melinda May, whom he tied to a chair, had regained consciousness and revealed his intention to interrogate her about a series of questions, starting with S.H.I.E.L.D.'s interest in the miracle painting. Bakshi theorized that S.H.I.E.L.D. shouldn't be a big agency, and very few agents could have remained as such following the HYDRA Uprising, and wanted to know the identity of their boss and the location of their headquarters, though May answered with a threat. Bakshi, dismissing her threats, promised her that she would tell him everything he wanted to know, as she would meet Daniel Whitehall, Bakshi's superior, who would use a very effective method for obtaining the information and making her comply, though until then, he would improvise torturing her with an electric current.[10]

Heir to the Agency

Phil Coulson intended to talk to Melinda May about the contingency plan they needed to devise in case he succumbed to the side effects of the GH.325 drug, without knowing that the woman he had by his side was actually Agent 33. Coulson regretted having to wait until being trapped in a car to talk about it, but May's constant attempts to avoid the topic left him without a choice.

Coulson needed to know May could do what needed to be done, and was worried about what would happen after that, but he wanted May to become the new Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.[10]

Infection of the Bus

Inside the Bus, Leo Fitz struggled with the decision of joining his colleagues, while avoiding to talk to his hallucination of Jemma Simmons in their presence, as he considered it embarrassing.

Suddenly, the Hijacker that Agent 33 placed on the plane started to shut down the energy of the plane, destroying some of the plane's systems, closing the cargo ramp and locking the emergency exits to trap the agents inside the plane. As Skye and Alphonso Mackenzie were first assessing the situation, Fitz located the Hijacker, learning they had been sabotaged.

Knowing the device, as it was based on S.H.I.E.L.D. technology, Fitz tried to explain to the rest of the agents that, if they did not stop it, the plane would explode, as a virus was liberated in the plane's systems, and started to sequentially destroy the stabilizers, monitors, navigation systems and the communications before disrupting the wings, that would trigger an explosion big enough to destroy the plane, as the fuel was stored inside the wings.

Fitz took Lance Hunter to the avionics room of the plane, as he knew how to stop the virus but did not have the accuracy with his hands to properly do it. He needed to guide Hunter to do it for him, as the rest of agents were repairing the systems that had already fallen to delay the virus, and Hunter was the only without technical skills to help with that. Fitz guided Hunter through the process, and despite Fitz's troubles communicating, they successfully fixed the plane, with both agents celebrating the success.[10]

Face to Face

Phil Coulson arrived to the Hotel La Ona with Agent 33, feeling that despite her appearance, that woman was not Melinda May. In order to test her, before entering the room where they were supposed to meet Glenn Talbot, Coulson pretended to have a casual conversation with her, letting her know it was great to work with her on an assignment, and invited her to have a cup of coffee they were supposed to have. Agent 33's agreement with his offer was the final proof he needed, as May hated coffee, and Coulson punched her in the face. They started a fight that made Sunil Bakshi approach, so the real Melinda May seized the opportunity to free herself from the chair where she was bound and confronted Sunil Bakshi. Coulson taunted Agent 33 as they fought, saying that he lied when he assured her that it was fun working with her, and the real May stepped up to fight the woman impersonating her, to Coulson's surprise. May and Agent 33 furiously fought each other. Bakshi tried to escape with the miracle painting, with Coulson in close pursuit. Bakshi requested reinforcements and an extraction team, but Coulson did not let him escape, shooting him with an I.C.E.R. to retrieve the painting. Inside the room, Agent 33 taunted May saying she knew all her moves because she was a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent before, but May retaliated saying she was sure she did not know all of them. Coulson retrieved the painting, but also overheard that a HYDRA tactical team would arrive in two minutes. He hurried to the room, where, after a prolonged fight, May finally defeated Agent 33 by electrocuting her face. As the HYDRA team arrived, they found both Bakshi and Agent 33, while Coulson and May successfully escaped and returned to the Bus to leave Miami.[10]

Retired Mobster

Silvio, one of New York City's most notable crimelords, planned on retiring once organized crime in the city began to change as a new player emerged and Don Rigoletto, the previous main crimelord, was killed. Silvio revealed his intentions to moving to Florida to Ben Urich, a reporter of the New York Bulletin who, over the years, became his friend.[11]

Silvio moved to Florida shortly after, and while living there, he was contacted by Urich in order to corroborate one of Urich's stories, as Silvio may remember something about Bill Fisk owing money to Rigoletto.[12] However, before being able to help Urich, Silvio left Florida and returned to New York City in order to attend Urich's funeral.[13]

Witness Protection Program

"Bet these assholes are sending me to Florida."
"Actually, they are."
"Did I tell ya I hate Florida?"
Grotto and Karen Page[src]

In order to arrest the Punisher, District Attorney Samantha Reyes tricked Grotto into helping them. Grotto worried that after doing so he would be send to Florida, a state he hates.[14]

Miami Blackout

"Four cities blacked out in five hours – London, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Miami."
Phil Coulson to Alphonso Mackenzie[src]

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Framework Network

With the knowledge of the Darkhold, Holden Radcliffe and Aida began perfecting the Framework. Upon completion, the code had become so powerful that it had to be processed on devices from all around the world. Part of the data was transmitted on a university campus in Tallahassee, Florida.[15]

Siege of the Lighthouse

During the siege of the Lighthouse, Deke Shaw rescued Leo Fitz from the Remorath. While on an elevator together Shaw began to talk to him self, mentioning he never seen the ocean, the Great Wall or Orlando. Fitz reacted to this, asking what had happened to his multiverse, through which Shaw was everywhere at once.[16]

Curtis Hoyle's Idea

"Why can't we meet up and go fishing in Florida like normal friends, huh?"
"You know I don't fish, Curt."
"Have you ever been to Florida?"
Curtis Hoyle and Frank Castle[src]

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Amy Bendix's Relocation

"When you get down to Florida I want you to call this number."
"Buddy of Curtis and mine. He runs a dive school. He's a good guy. He'll take care of you."
Frank Castle and Amy Bendix[src]

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S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters

Wanda Maximoff's Visit

S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters

The extra-governmental intelligence agency, S.W.O.R.D. stationed its Headquarters in Florida. In 2023, shortly after the Blip, Wanda Maximoff drove to the S.W.O.R.D. Headquarters in Florida. There she asked the staff to see Vision knowing that S.W.O.R.D. had custody of his body and to bury him. The staff directed her to see the acting director Tyler Hayward, who allowed Maximoff to come inside to see him.

Wanda Maximoff demands to collect Vision

Maximoff used her powers to open the doors and confronted Hayward in his office, asking to see Vision. After seeing Vision being dismantled, Maximoff asked in horror what they were doing, in which Hayward told her that Vision was now S.W.O.R.D. property. Enraged, Maximoff broke the glass window and flew down to Vision's side. Maximoff became emotional after being unable to feel Vision and opted to leave.

Wanda Maximoff leaves the Headquarters

Unable to do anything for Vision, Maximoff left the Headquarters and walked back to her car in the parking lot and drove out of Florida.[17]

Return of Monica Rambeau

Monica Rambeau returning to the S.W.O.R.D.

Three weeks after being restored to life, Monica Rambeau travelled to Florida to return to the Headquarters and met with Hayward, who told her that he had become acting director of the agency following her mother's death. Meeting with Hayward in his office, he told her that she was grounded for land operations, at her mother's wishes, and sent her to her assignment.[18]

Flag Smashers' Political Ultimatum

In 2024, the Flag Smashers targeted a Global Repatriation Council camp in Jacksonville on their campaign.[19]


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