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"On the night of the failed sacrifice, your children witnessed everything. They attempted to go to the police and discovered the involvement of the good Detective Flores."
Jonah to PRIDE[src]

Detective Flores was an officer of the Los Angeles Police Department. He was put in charge of the investigation on Destiny Gonzalez's death and issued a public statement indicating that he suspected the Runaways of being involved with the young girl's death, causing the Runaways to flee Los Angeles.


Amy Minoru's Death

"Where's your husband?"
"Robert? He knows you're here."
"I'll handle it."
―Flores and Tina Minoru[src]

Working for Los Angeles Police Department, Detective Flores had ties with the so-called charity PRIDE. When Amy Minoru seemingly committed suicide, Flores was called by Tina Minoru and came to the Minoru Mansion to discuss the upcoming investigation. Flores later concluded that Amy's death was effectively a suicide.[3]

Destiny Gonzalez's Death

"Detective Flores says the LAPD believes she has fallen in with a group of teenagers that are persons of interest in the death of Destiny Gonzalez."
―News Reporter[src]

When the body of Destiny Gonzalez was found on the shore of Los Angeles beach, Geoffrey Wilder arranged for Flores to be put in charge of the investigation of the young girl's death.[4][3]

Later, Flores met with PRIDE members Robert Minoru and Victor Stein who had been caught in a brawl with the hobo Murray. They discussed the matter at the Los Angeles Police Station, where he was also informed that two teenagers wanted to see him to talk about Gonzalez's death. However, as Minoru and Stein left, Flores briefly spotted the teenagers leaving the station due to Nico Minoru having recognized Flores from the time he had come to the Minoru Mansion after Amy Minoru's death.[3]

Flores later agreed to lend two LAPD officers to Geoffrey Wilder to rescue his son Alex, who had been kidnapped by the Crips.[5]

Flores kept leading the investigation on Gonzalez's death and issued a warrant for the search of the Runaways, who were officially suspected of having abducted Molly Hernandez and being involved in Gonzalez's death.[6]






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  • In the comics, Flores was a corrupt LAPD Lieutenant on the PRIDE's payroll. He was killed by Geoffrey Wilder after he failed to apprehend the Runaways numerous times.



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