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"What is that thing there?"

Flora colossi, commonly referred as Groot, are a species of plant-like organisms native to Planet X.


One of the Flora colossus, Groot, became involved with the criminal Rocket Raccoon, becoming a friend to him as well as Rocket's partner in crime. Groot eventually became a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]


"Well, he don't know talking good like me and you, so his vocabulistics is limited to 'I' and 'am' and 'Groot.' Exclusively, in that order."
Rocket Raccoon to Star-Lord[src]

Few individuals in the known universe are able to converse with Flora colossi due to their esoteric vocabulary: Rocket Raccoon is well versed in it, and later the other Guardians of the Galaxy seem to have picked it up, as shown when they scolded Groot for his foul language. Thor also knows the language as having learned it at Asgard, implying that other Asgardians may know the language as well.[2]

The language seems to be tonal, where a spoken phrase can mean many things, and is incomprehensible to the untrained ear.[1]

Characteristic Traits[]


Groot releasing bioluminescent seeds

Flora colossi are humanoid in form with a thick, robust body structure that makes them almost invulnerable to physical harm. They have a highly accelerated healing factor, able to regrow limbs and even their entire bodies from nothing more than a twig. Flora colossi have complete control over their bodies, able to extend their limbs as vines to reach high places or as whip-like weapons, grow twigs on any part of their body as a threat display or shield, change their body shape, grow leaves or flowers, and release bioluminescent airborne seeds.

Notable Flora colossi[]


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  • When asked how he understood Groot's language, Thor joked that he took it as an elective.[3]


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