"Mr. Slattery, me and the boys were just wondering if you could do... do the voice..."
―Fletcher Heggs to Trevor Slattery[src]

Fletcher Heggs is an inmate of Seagate Prison and a fan of Trevor Slattery.


Seagate Inmate

Meeting the Mandarin

Fletcher Heggs was a member of one of the prison gangs at Seagate Prison. When Trevor Slattery was threatened by White Power Dave, Heggs and his cohorts came to Slattery's defense, calling them his fan base.

After Dave left Slattery alone, Heggs asked Slattery to do his impersonation of the Mandarin, and while Slattery refused at first, he was convinced to do it. Heggs was thrilled by the performance and thanked Slattery for doing it.[1]


  • Seagate Penitentiary: Heggs was sent to Seagate Penitentiary and became one of the members of a prison gang. After Heggs defended Trevor Slattery from a physical confrontation, he admitted to him of how much of a fan he was of Slattery's work.





  • In the comics, Fletcher Heggs is Knight, one of Obadiah Stane's Chessmen.


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