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"We're not playing no more. We can't let the same assholes who were put back in power after the Blip win. The GRC care more about the people who came back than the ones who never left. We got a glimpse of how things could be."
Karli Morgenthau to Flag Smashers[src]

The Flag Smashers' Campaign were a series of attacks and skirmishes orchestrated by Karli Morgenthau in an attempt to turn Earth back to how it was before the Blip.


Snap and Blip

"They think that the world was better during the Blip. Trust me, it wasn't."
Joaquín Torres to Sam Wilson[src]

In the aftermath of the Snap in 2018, where Thanos snapped his fingers with the Infinity Gauntlet, half of all life in the universe died with trillions of lifeforms wiped from existence. With half of Earth's population erased, the planet fell into chaos and disarray. This caused an unprecedented period of global unity. The world's nations ceased all hostilities and differences and opened their borders, with countries that kept each other out via barbwires making peace, and jobs and houses for people that were willing to aid each other. The entire planet worked as one society to help each other in a time of severe crisis.

Following the Avengers enacting the Blip five years later, it impacted billions, including many of the homeless and poor disappearing. After the Blip, the Global Repatriation Council was formed to aid those displaced in the Snap, and the once united nations returned to hostilities.

This state of crisis lead to an ideology of a world without borders which lead to the formation of a terrorist group called the Flag Smashers. Karli Morgenthau, the leader of the Flag Smashers, and an orphan, began recruiting like-minded individuals for her cause, as she believed the GRC was more concerned about those who returned than those who had survived. The Flag Smashers, who were all connected by a woman named Donya Madani, amassed a large number of followers and supporters whose aim was to restore the state of things as it was in the Snap: a united world without borders or patriotism, helping each other in times of need. Their logo, a human handprint with the Earth as its palm, would reflect this.[1]


Stealing the Serum

Having coalesced as a group, the Flag Smashers' first initiative was to purloin a replica of the renowned Super Solider Serum. The organization learned of Wilfred Nagel, who had successfully recreated the Serum- thus they infiltrated his laboratory, and stole all twenty vials, using them personally to enhance their strength and ensure the accomplishment of their campaign.[2]

Robbery of Gasel Bank

Dovich, Gigi and DeeDee robbing the bank

As part of their campaign, the Flag Smashers amassed sympathy, civilian followers and supporters, who they later led to one of their rallies, in fact a cover up for the heist on Gasel Bank they intended to perform. The group handed out masks to the citizens, to create turmoil in their wake and increase the difficulty of police spotting them. In the chaos, Dovich then robbed the bank. Unbeknowst to the Flag Smashers, Lieutenant Joaquín Torres had insinuated himself into the midst of the group, and was able to film the bank robbery as evidence for later.[3]

Chase of the Flag Smashers

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Escape from the Power Broker

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Raid of the GRC Supply Depot

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Ambush on Karli Morgenthau

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Ambush at Latvian GRC Resettlement Camp

"I know a way that we can deal with Sam without getting involved with a direct fight."
"Yeah? How do you propose we do that?"
"We separate them. And then we kill Captain America."
Karli Morgenthau and Dovich[src]

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Attack on the GRC

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