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The Fire Dragon was a dragon from Muspelheim that was chained in the domain of Surtur. Following the temporary defeat of Surtur at the hands of Thor, the dragon freed himself and tried to kill him, only to be decapitated by the Bifrost Bridge.


Escape from Muspelheim

When Surtur showed his malevolence and taunted Thor about the fact that the latter's father, Odin is no longer on Asgard, it led to a lengthy battle on Muspelheim. During the battle when Surtur's creatures stormed on the Asgardian, the dragon appeared but didn't initially partake in the fight. But the Fire Demons' attempts proved fruitless as Thor, using Mjølnir, easily defeated them all. In the process, Surtur saw no option but to send in the Fire Dragon and while he fared better, he was quickly and temporarily subdued when Thor dropped Mjølnir in his mouth.[1]


When Thor called for Heimdall, who had been replaced by Skurge, to open up the portal of the Bifrost Bridge for him, the Fire Dragon chased the Asgardian before he went through the Bifrost Bridge with Thor himself. However, the act of passing through the portal and returning to Asgard ended up killing the monster moments later by getting his head sliced off. This ended up causing the Dragon's blood to be spilled over Skurge and the Asgardian women that were with him.[1]


  • Dragon Physiology: The creature is a dragon. Dragons are an ancient race of reptiles that possess vast abilities. 
    • Fire Manipulation: Fire Dragon can generate massive waves of fiery energy.
    • Flight: The dragon has wings of fire that enable him to fly.




Behind the Scenes


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