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The New York City Fire Department, officially the Fire Department of New York City (FDNY), is the Fire Department responsible for the firefighting in New York City, New York.


Battle of New York

In 2012, following the battle between the Avengers and the aliens, the Fire Department attended to destroyed buildings, specifically those which had fires. They also worked in conjunction with the NYPD to help get residents to safety, such as Beth.[1]

Fire at Madame Gao's Warehouse

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Destruction of Genghis Connie's

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Duel at Coney Island

In 2016, after the Stark Cargo Plane crashed onto Coney Island and erupted into flames, the Fire Department arrived to put out the fires.[2]

Attack on the GRC

In April 2024, the Fire Department, in conjunction with the NYPD, arrived outside of the GRC Meeting Hall, which had been attacked by the Flag Smashers.[3]

Fire at Kate Bishop's Apartment

Clint Barton infiltrates the Fire Department

In December 2024, the Fire Department came to put out the fire in Kate Bishop's apartment. One firefighter, Grills, saw the Ronin suit inside and picked it up for his use. As the firefighters put out the fire, Clint Barton found a firefighter's suit and put it on in order to look for the suit. Knowing who Barton was, the firefighters didn't question him. When Barton found the suit missing, he left the apartment and returned the firefighter's suit to one of the firetrucks.[4]


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