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"I worked for her. Me and the others. She took care of us, and we did jobs for her."
"The kind of jobs that got people trying to kill you? Doesn't sound like she cared about you that much."
Amy Bendix and Frank Castle[src]

Fiona's Crew was a group of grifters led by Fiona.


"Your friends died because they got involved with a blackmail scheme. I mean, what do you think happens when you play games like that? Lives get ruined. They get ended."
Frank Castle to Amy Bendix[src]

Fiona approached several young homeless teenagers, such as Amy Bendix, Simon and Shantel, offering them shelter and food in exchange for work. They accepted and joined Fiona's Crew, completing various tasks for her while she was taking care of them.

Fiona's Crew is massacred by John Pilgrim

Fiona was hired by Sergei Konchevsky who paid her for compromise photographs of David Schultz. The crew arrived to Chicago where they sneaked onto the funeral event and photographed Schultz engaging in homosexual activities. However, before they could hand the photographs to Konchevsky, the Schultz family sent John Pilgrim to find the photographs and eliminate everyone involved. Pilgrim tracked down the crew in Chicago and shot up the motel where they were staying, killing all crew members and Fiona herself.[1] Bendix managed to survive the massacre and run away to Michigan, intending to hand the photographs to Konchevsky and hide from Pilgrim.[2]


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