"Now, who wants to polish my sword?"

Fimbuldraugr was an Asgardian rapier and Fandral's weapon of choice.


In battle, Fimbuldraugr was Fandral's weapon of choice. Having always been a brilliant swordsman, Fandral used his rapier in a swashbuckling manner, usually displaying swift and agile behavior when in battle. Fandral used his rapier in the brief bout against the Frost Giants on Jotunheim, then again against the Destroyer on Earth.[1]

Fandral took part in the battle against the Marauders across the Nine Realms, once again armed with his rapier.[2]

Fandral attempted to attack Hela with his rapier upon her arrival in Asgard, although he was unable to make contact before his death. Fimbuldraugr, along with Fandral's body, was presumably left in Himinbjorg and destroyed by Surtur along with the rest of Asgard after the Battle of the Rainbow Bridge.[3]



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