"Casi nadie se acuerda de Locos de la Quinta Calle.[1]"
Santino Noguera[src]

The Fifth Street Locos were an Hispanic gang based in Los Angeles. They were notably hired by Joseph Bauer to assassinate Eli Morrow, which only resulted in Gabe Reyes losing the ability to walk and Robbie Reyes being turned into the Ghost Rider.


Hit on the Reyes Brothers

"Ordenar los puntos intermedios en un par de niños hace unos años? Dos hermanos, sólo niños navegaban por el barrio, Fifth Street Locos enrollado, los rociaron con balas, encendió el coche en llamas y los dejaron morir!"
"Sí, recuerdo eso, también escucharon esos niños vivían bien?"
"Y uno de ellos nunca caminará![2]"
Robbie Reyes and Santino Noguera[src]

The Fifth Street Locos were hired by Joseph Bauer to kill his colleague Eli Morrow. When the Locos arrived at Morrow's house, they saw someone driving away in Morrow's car, and they followed him, not knowing that in the car were Morrow's nephews Robbie and Gabe Reyes, and not their intended target.[3] While Robbie and Gabe were driving around their neighborhood, the thugs shot at the two boys and lit their car on fire. Despite this, Gabe survived but lost the use of his legs and was confined to a wheelchair. Robbie, however, was flung from the car and killed on impact with the tarmac.[3]

Hunted by the Ghost Rider

"Mis carnales nunca me lo dijeron, y nunca me lo dirán, porque después de ese día todos terminaron muertos. Cada miembro de Calle Cinco, quemados.[4]"
Santino Noguera to Robbie Reyes[src]

After the attack, Robbie was revived by a person he believed to be the Devil and transformed into the Ghost Rider.[3] Seeking vengeance for the attack, he hunted down and brutally murdered the Fifth Street Locos, all except Santino Noguera who was in prison at the time.[5]

The Last One to Fall

"No, todavía queda uno."
"Hombre fácil. Usted no quiere hacer esto."
"Sí, lo hago."
"¡Oh Dios mío! ¡No![6]"
Ghost Rider and Santino Noguera[src]

During an operation in South Ridge Penitentiary, Robbie recognized Santino Noguera as a member of the Fifth Street Locos. Initially managing to resist the urge to murder him, Robbie went to escort Eli Morrow out of his cell. Noguera did not take part in the following riot caused by Lucy Bauer unlocking the doors. However, during the final stretch of the mission, Robbie abandoned Morrow to confront Noguera in his cell about the drive-by. It was then that Robbie discovered that the incident was a hit, but Noguera had not been involved with the hit due to his imprisonment and was by then the only surviving Loco. Robbie transformed into the Ghost Rider and incinerated Noguera, putting a complete end to the Fifth Street Locos and prompting the rioting prisoners to return to their cells, terrified of the Ghost Rider.[5]





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    "Yeah, I remember that. I also heard those boys lived, right?"
    "And one of them will never walk!"
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