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"There's no mention in here of any of these names."
"Because they were nobody. No one cared for these kids. Not even enough to file a missing persons report."
"One a year for 15 years."
Alex Wilder and Nico Minoru

Fifteen is the fourth episode of the first season of the television series Runaways.


The parents try to find a solution to PRIDE’s problem, and the kids grapple with a new discovery that yields more questions than answers.


Amy Minoru is found dead by her family

In a flashback, Nico Minoru discovers the body of her sister Amy Minoru, who seemingly committed suicide in her bedroom. Nico alerts her mother Tina Minoru, who rushes with her husband Robert Minoru. While Nico tries to call 911, Tina stops her and orders Wizey to seal the Minoru Mansion. Nico still tries to call for an ambulance, but Tina knocks her unconscious with the Staff of One. When Nico regains consciousness, she uses Wizey to monitor her mother, who meets with Detective Flores.

Alex Wilder finds a gun in Geoffrey Wilder's office

In the present, the Runaways have a WizTalk conversation and share the thin results of their investigation, but still disagree whether or not PRIDE murdered Destiny Gonzalez. They decide to keep looking for clues and once the call is ended, Alex Wilder goes to open the secret passageway leading to the sacrifice room, but finds out that the access is locked. Alex also finds and steals a gun from his father's desk.

In the next morning, the teenagers meet at Atlas Academy. Firmly convinced that their parents are guilty of murder, Nico decides to go to the District 27 West Side Station to tell the LAPD everything she has found. Gert Yorkes and Karolina Dean witness Chase Stein getting in a fight with his lacrosse team over what happened when Brandon and Lucas attempted to rape Karolina. Since Gert and Karolina are the only ones to think that their parents are innocent, they decide to go to the Dean Mansion to investigate. Wilder refuses to join them, preferring to go to the police with Nico.

Karolina Dean reveals her powers to Chase Stein

Gert and Karolina search through the Dean Mansion, discussing about the Church of Gibborim's beliefs. They find Leslie Dean's laptop with an encrypted file related to the Ultra Project and decide to send it to Wilder so that he can decrypt it. As Gert leaves, Chase arrives at the Dean Mansion and tells Karolina that he will quit the lacrosse team. Since Karolina is grateful to Chase for having saved her from the rape attempt, she decides to trust him and reveals her powers to him, and Chase reacts with genuine amazement to it.

PRIDE meets at the Wilder Mansion

Meanwhile, PRIDE struggles to find another person to sacrifice. Victor Stein fails to kidnap another victim, prompting Leslie to call for an emergency meeting at the Wilder Mansion. Only Dale and Stacey Yorkes miss the call as they are busy looking for the dinosaur who escaped from the Yorkes Residence. During the meeting, Leslie and Tina decide to send Victor and Robert to kidnap someone. In the meantime, Tina asks her bodyguard Kincaid to run an investigation on the Yorkeses. Leslie returns to the decrepit Jonah, fearing that he can die, while Frank Dean fears that Leslie is cheating on him.

Victor Stein and Robert Minoru attempt to abduct Murray

However, Victor and Robert fail to abduct Murray and end up in the Los Angeles Police Station, where Wilder joined Nico. Before they can talk to Detective Flores, Nico recognizes the officer with Victor and Robert, causing Wilder and Nico to deduce that PRIDE will have the support of the LAPD, meaning that the Runaways cannot trust the police either. Wilder then receives the file sent by Karolina and Gert and work on its decryption.

Gert Yorkes keeps the dinosaur from attacking Molly Hernandez

Dale and Stacey return to the Yorkes Residence without having found their dinosaur, which actually returned to the residence and nearly attacked Molly Hernandez before being stopped by Gert and the telepathic connection she has with the creature. Before the Yorkeses can explain the dinosaur's origin to their daughters, Tina, having received the results of Kincaid's investigation, subtly threatens the Yorkeses should they fail to meet their obligations towards PRIDE.

While Chase return to the Stein Mansion and receives the unexpected assistance of his father to work on the Fistigons, Wilder and Nico complete the decryption of the Ultra Project, which actually contains a list of all the victims of PRIDE. Nico calls Karolina to inform her of their findings. Before they can further elaborate, however, Nico realizes that Wilder has been kidnapped.


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I Wanna Prove To You The Lemon Twigs
  • Victor Stein drives in a van with a tied-up blonde girl who tries to yell for help in the back.
Beat Goes On Lizzy Land
  • Karolina Dean overhears gossip about her, then texts Chase Stein. Stein ignores Dean's text. A trio of students approach Gert Yorkes about her 'undermining the patriarchy' group as Dean asks to speak with her.
Blame Bastille


  • The students seeking to join Gert Yorkes' group wear t-shirts bearing the slogan "I'm With Her", which was commonly used by supporters of Hillary Clinton after she lost the 2016 United States presidential election to Donald Trump. An expression by one of them that the shirt had previously filled him with sadness could suggest that Hillary Clinton also ran and lost an election in the MCU, but the election is otherwise largely un-referenced.


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