"What do we got here?"
"Speaking modestly, I'm the best mechanical engineer in this country. But I don't know what's inside this thing. Or how it works. We're not even close to this technology."
Chester Phillips and Howard Stark[src]

The Fieser Dorsch was a single pilot submersible vehicle designed by HYDRA scientists. It was used during World War II by various Hydra agents, usually during dangerous or covert missions, allowing single agents in the field to escape by sea.


Steve Rogers chasing the Fieser Dorsch

Following his assassination of Abraham Erskine, HYDRA assassin Heinz Kruger made his escape with a stolen vial of the Super Soldier Serum. However, he is quickly pursued by the newly empowered Steve Rogers. Kruger is able to evade Rogers long enough to make it to a nearby ship yard where he boards a submarine that has been waiting, concealed beneath the water’s surface, for him. However, due to his new abilities, Steve Rogers is able to swim after the sub and pry Kruger out after breaking one of the windows, bringing him back to the surface.[1]


The Fieser Dorsch was a long cylindrical or cigar-shaped submersible vehicle, designed for stealth and secrecy. The Submarine’s primary purpose was as an escape vehicle and thus only had a single seat cockpit and little, if any, cargo space. The sub’s body featured very little aside from a basic frame and an air-tight, cockpit, not unlike that of the single pilot fighter planes of that era. Its driving mechanisms included a pair of hydropulse engines on either side of the cockpit, four tail-fins on the stern, and a long cross fin at the front to steer the sub while in motion.[1]


  • Fieser Dorsch translates into "Vicious Cod" in German.
  • The Fieser Dorsch is loosely inspired by the Marder and Hai midget submarines of the Kriegsmarine's K-Verband unit.


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