"This is not what I signed up for."
―Ferrara to John Pilgrim[src]

Lieutenant Ferrara is a corrupt police officer contacted by John Pilgrim to cover his activity in Michigan and find Frank Castle and Amy Bendix.


Covering the Shootout

"Find the girl. And whoever she's with. And you'll tell me where they are, and you'll keep your people away."
"This has gotten too big. Look at this mess."
"Call it a turf war. It happens."
John Pilgrim and Ferrara[src]

Soon after the escape of Amy Bendix, Ferrara was called by John Pilgrim to Lola's Roadhouse. While Pilgrim arrived to the bar where he found Frank Castle's wedding ring, Ferrara saw several dead bodies in the bar. He stated that this is not what he signed up for but Pilgrim ignored it and ordered Ferrara to find both of Bendix and Castle, as well as keep away the local police force. Ferrara then noted that cover all of this can be hard and Pilgrim proposed to claim it as another turf war. He then thanked Ferrara and allowed him to leave the bar.[1]

Extradition Attempt

"Let us save you the trouble."
"Not till they've been arraigned."
"When's that? Later tonight?"
"This Thursday."
"Thursday? What kinda town is this?"
"The kind that does arraignments on Thursday."
―Ferrara and Roy Hardin[src]

John Pilgrim was informed that Marlena Olin, as well as Frank Castle and Amy Bendix was arrested by the Larkville Police Department. Ferrara, together with Pilgrim traveled to Larkville to extract them. Ferrara attempted to convince Roy Hardin to hand his prisoners to him, saying that they are drug dealers and murderers. However, Hardin stated that he can release the prisoners before they are arraigned.

Ferrara said that waiting is not an option for him and asked him to interrogate them but Hardin keep refusing, much to Ferrara's concern. Pilgrim then hinted that Hardin made a wrong decision, keeping prisoners away from him and left the station with Ferrara. Outside of the station, Pilgrim said Ferrara to flee the scene before he ordered his people to attack.[2]






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