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"Fenris, my darling, what have they done to you?"

Fenris was a giant Asgardian Wolf who served Hela during the times of the expansion of Asgard around the Nine Realms. Millennia after her death, Fenris was resurrected by Hela with the Eternal Flame and put at her service during her rule over Asgard. Fenris later fell into the vastness of space during her battle with Hulk.


Serving Hela

Conquering the Realms

"We were unstoppable. I was his weapon in the conquests that built Asgard's empire. One by one, the realms became ours."
Hela to Skurge[src]

Fenris and her mistress Hela conquer the Nine Realms

Fenris was Hela's loyal companion and mount during the bloody expansion of Asgard throughout the Nine Realms. She died not long after Odin banished Hela to Hel, quite possibly at the hands of Odin himself. The wolf was buried with Hela's Berserkers in the catacombs beneath Odin's Vault at the Royal Palace of Valaskjalf.[1]


"With the Eternal Flame, you are reborn!"

Fenris with Hela and Skurge

When Fenris' mistress Hela returned from her banishment following Odin's death, she used the power of the Eternal Flame to reanimate Fenris as well as the Berserkers. Unlike them, Fenris was fully resurrected, and would later be used as a means of intimidating the Asgardians when Hela and Skurge went in search of the stolen sword Hofund.[1]

Battle of the Rainbow Bridge

Fenris charging towards Heimdall and the Asgardians

"This stupid dog won't die!"

As Heimdall guided the surviving populace towards his observatory, he spotted Fenris and an army of Berserkers guarding it from a distance. Fenris begins to charge towards the Asgardians before Valkyrie shot at her from the Commodore, but the gun had no effect on the giant wolf. At this point, Fenris resumed charging towards the Asgardians. Just as she was about to attack, Bruce Banner hit the bridge in front of her. Fenris paused and curiously sniffed at Banner's unmoving body to see if he is dead or alive. Deciding he was no threat, Fenris prepared to attack again, but was suddenly dragged back by her tail and thrown away.

Fenris furiously fighting against Hulk

Fenris is confronted by Hulk and engages him in battle before charging at him where she attempted to devour him, but it only succeeded in tossing them both into the river below. Later, Fenris is seen leaping towards Hulk trying to devour him again, but Hulk keeps her massive jaws open. Eventually, she snatches Hulk in her jaws, throttles him around like a chew toy and dunks him in the water, where she bites painfully into his highly impervious skin with her razor sharp fangs. However, Hulk punches Fenris off, sending the giant wolf falling to her death down the waterfall and into the void below.[1]


  • Asgardian Wolf Physiology: Fenris, as an Asgardian Wolf, and the personal pet and steed of the Goddess of Death Hela, was one of the most powerful and fearsome beings in the Nine Realms, to the point that even Heimdall showed fear when cornered by the beast on the Rainbow Bridge, only preparing to face it once he knew it was absolutely necessary. She stands 23 feet tall[3] and spans 35 feet long.[4]
    • Superhuman Strength:

      Fenris piercing Hulk's flesh with her fangs

      Fenris had tremendous strength, matching even Hulk's. She was able to engage him in a brief, albeit vicious battle. Fenris' jaw strength allowed her to bite through Hulk's durable flesh, drawing blood. She was also able to lift and throttle him in her mouth like a chew toy. When she runs, she cracks the Rainbow Bridge underneath her paws. The ground shakes with her every footfall.
    • Superhuman Durability: Fenris was highly invulnerable, remaining unscathed after being shot at by the Commodore, and after fighting Hulk.
    • Superhuman Speed: Fenris led the charge of the Berserkers on the Rainbow Bridge. She stomped ahead over 15 times faster than any of her own men could run.
    • Superhuman Agility: Fenris could quickly go from standing still to a full-on charge in less than a second. She recovered quickly when pulled away by Hulk.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Fenris sprinted at full speed across the entire Rainbow Bridge, totally unfazed by most of the attacks her way. She kept a strong fight for the entirety of her battle with Hulk.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Fenris could quickly dodge some of Hulk's attacks, managing to grab him multiple times.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: Fenris was able to quickly heal from Hulk's beating on her during their duel.





  • In the comics, the Fenris Wolf is a creature of Asgardian origin, and is said to be the offspring of Loki and the giantess Angrboda, and the sibling of Hela and Jormungandr. Fenris is based on the Norse wolf god Fenrir, which was destined to kill Odin during Ragnarök. Fenris also takes elements from the Norse Wolf Garmr, associated with both Hel and Ragnarök.
  • The Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Fenris is a female, unlike her mythological counterpart (which is a male) and her comic book counterpart (which is gender-fluid).[2]
    • Fenris is the third character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be depicted as a different gender from their counterpart in the comics, following Jeri Hogarth and the Ancient One.
  • Fenris and Abomination are the only characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to have pierced Hulk's tough skin.

Behind the Scenes

  • Fenris was originally meant to transform from a husky into a giant wolf. Her design was later changed to a black wolf.[2]


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