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"Stop your war. This city is no place for the Iron Fist."
Madame Gao to Danny Rand

Felling Tree with Roots is the seventh episode of the first season of the television series Iron Fist.


Ward's loyalty is tested. Danny discovers a rogue division, and the mysterious Bakuto visits Colleen's dojo unannounced.



Harold Meachum sleeps in his chamber when he is awakened by the Hand. Meachum explains how the Iron Fist has no idea he is alive. Then, Rand walks in. Meachum attacks the guards, knowing his cover is blown. Meachum slices the mans throat effectively ending the fight. He then asks Rand why he didn't use the fist. Rand explains how he just used it at the tournament and it drained his Chi. Rand then asks what they do with the bodies, Meachum sits down on the couch and tells Rand that he has to pay for his mistakes first. He takes a knife and severs his own finger.

Ward Meachum and Joy Meachum discuss Ward's recent troubles. Ward yells at her saying he can't tell her what is happening. She asks who Frank N. Stein is and Ward doesn't respond. Joy then angrily walks out. Ward answers the call from his dad, asking him to come over to the Penthouse.


At Chikara Dojo, Colleen Wing stitches up Rand's wounds and they talk about Madame Gao. Rand gets a text from Claire Temple, who says that Sabina Bernivig is safe. They sit down against the bed and Wing asks Rand to tell her more about K'un-Lun. She also asks how he got the tattoo. Rand replies saying it's the mark of the Iron Fist and explains to her how the Iron Fist works. Rand says that he has to get going, but Wing tells him she wants him to stay. She then kisses him and they have sex.

Ward enters the penthouse to find Harold brutally beating the Hand corpses with a hammer. Ward grabs a bucket to throw up, but sees Harold's severed finger. Harold orders Ward to take the corpses down to the park and dump them in the lake. Ward reluctantly takes the corpses and puts them in the trunk of his car. He then takes more medicine. At the lake, Ward starts talking to the corpses, telling them he's not a child. He then dumps them into the lake.


The next morning, Wing wakes up to find Rand looking out the window. They admire the city, then Rand leaves for work. At Rand Enterprises Building, Joy approaches Rand and gives him a written statement to say to the press. The statement includes him apologizing for his words and that it wasn't true. Rand tells her that all the cases of cancer isn't a coincidence. Joy gets mad at Rand and asks him to just listen to her. However, Rand gets distracted when he sees Madame Gao exit the elevator. He leaves the room to follow her. He sees her in his office and she explains how she has been inside Rand Enterprises longer than he has. Gao warns him to take care of his own life and leave the Iron Fist behind. She threatens Temple and Wing and then walks out. Rand asks if Gao warned his father as well. She doesn't answer the question. As Rand watches her walk out, he sees that she has a Rand Enterprises security card. Rand pries open the elevator doors. He then summons the Iron Fist to help him glide down the elevator shaft wires. He opens the escape hatch of the elevator and climbs in to find that Gao has already left. Joy walks into Ward's office and apologizes for snapping at Ward the night before.


On the 13th level, Rand overhears Sophia briefing Gao about recent events involving the Hand. When Gao leaves, Rand incapacitates Sophia and yells at her for selling poison in his building. She says it isn't too different than what he is doing at the top floor. She then tells him to kill her, but Rand backs off, telling her to leave his building. Rand then enters the top floor where Megan gets him a new suit since his is all bloody. Megan then gives him the files on his family that he asked for. Rand walks into the meeting to find Joy telling him he is late. Rand acknowledges that they are unhappy with him, but assures them he has a plan. He tells them he is shutting down the Staten Island project which annoys Lawrence Wilkins. Rand tells him that the plan is already final as he reported it to Karen Page at the New York Bulletin.

At Chikara Dojo, Wing trains, but is interrupted by her old sensei, Bakuto who jokingly says that she has been getting sloppy. They talk about Iron Fist and Bakuto realizes she cares for Rand. At the Penthouse, Rand asks Harold if he knew about the 13th floor. Harold denies it and shows Rand the Hand's plans for the heroin. Later, Wing congratulates Darryl on completing his training. Rand walks in on the ceremony and waits outside till it is done. After, he warns Wing about Gao's threat on her. He tells her he has a plan.

In his van, Ward gets a call from the bank saying that all of his money is gone. He tells the driver to stop the car. Wilkins enters Joy's office and informs her that the board has agreed to oust the Meachum's and Rand from the company. Meanwhile, Rand enters the Hand's Brooklyn Warehouse with some allies. They find Radovan Bernivig, who is very hurt. They inform Bernivig that Sabina is safe, then they ask where Gao is. He weakly asks them to forgive him as he gave the formula to Gao. He tells Rand that Gao is in Anzhou. He then dies as a result from his injuries. Rand backs up, which prompts Wing to as him what's wrong. Rand explains that it is the city his family was going to before they crashed years ago.

Assassination of Harold Meachum.png

Ward storms into Harold's office and scolds him for letting him steal from Rand Enterprises and not giving him any warnings. He then yells at his father for manipulating him all of these years. Harold informs him that today was a good day and Ward should be happy. Ward says that the last happiest day of his life was when Harold died. Harold then punches Ward and walks away. While Harold's back is turned, Ward sneaks up behind him and stabs him with a knife multiple times until he is dead. Ward then takes the corpse and dumps it into the lake, just like the others.


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