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"I don't fix problems. I make them disappear."
―Felix Manning to Karen Page[src]

Felix Manning is a fixer hired by Wilson Fisk.


Guarding Vanessa Marianna

"You protected her two years. You kept Vanessa safe when I couldn't."
Wilson Fisk to Felix Manning[src]

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Encountering Karen Page

"Before I go to print, I'm obligated to offer you a chance to comment on your involvement in laundering money for Wilson Fisk. Look, if you talk to me off the record, help me connect some dots, I promise I will keep your name out of it. But that is only if you talk to me."
Karen Page to Felix Manning[src]

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Agent of Kingpin

Blackmailing the Nelsons

"This old English dude comes to see me. He knew all about the creative accounting on the loan app. He said unless I could convince you to walk back everything you said about Fisk he'd have Red Lion call the loan."
Theo Nelson and Foggy Nelson[src]

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Hunt for Ray Nadeem

"Agent Nadeem has not yet been located. But my source tells me that the state's grand jury that was to be released this morning has been held late. What's more, courthouse security has been dramatically increased. These could be indications Nadeem is intending to testify."
―Felix Manning to Wilson Fisk[src]

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Interrogated by Daredevil

"I witnessed Ms. Marianna order the murder of Agent Nadeem. And Fisk ordered many. Agent Winn. Julie Barnes! I could testify!"
―Felix Manning to Daredevil[src]

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"The men responsible have been eliminated. However, the ultimate responsibility does rest with me. If you would like my resignation, I understand."
―Felix Manning to Wilson Fisk[src]

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