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"The planet of Kitson is a nasty place, absent any basic scrap of decency."
Pretorious Pryce

Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson is the third episode of the sixth season of the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..


It’s a wild night out on the planet of Kitson for the agents. While Leo and Enoch try their luck at the casino, nearby, Daisy and Simmons find themselves in a much... groovier situation.


A Chronicom named Malachi looks through wanted people when he finds another Chronicom, Enoch along with Leo Fitz. He charges up his Inter-Planetary Conveyance Disc and goes to find them.

In Naro-Atzia, James Davis and Piper argue with Jemma Simmons about of her dangerous jump to the next planet to find Fitz. Daisy Johnson notes that the mission is the find Fitz, but she is the mission leader and it's her call to make, not Simmons'. Eventually, Johnson makes the decision that they are going home, only for a Naro-Atzian named Pretorious Pryce to force them to dock their ship. Simmons asks Pryce if he has seen Fitz, showing a picture of him, to which he replies saying that they shouldn't have said that name because "he" is listening. Malachi then steps out of the corner and stuns Quake and Piper. But Davis comes from behind and knocks him out.

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On Kitson, Boyle and Toad force Fitz to give them their ship due to the bounty on their head. To compensate them, Boyle give them a casino token to earn back money. Enoch proudly calls Fitz his best friend, but Fitz dodges the claim. In the casino, Enoch tells Fitz that he is well-versed in all of the games that are available in the casino. Even though he is not good at them, he has great knowledge of them. He then goes up to a game and instantly wins, noting that it has been 30 spins without a win so the odds of the next spin are greater. Still unsure about his skills, Fitz convinces Enoch by claiming they are best friends.

Simmons and Johnson question Malachi, until he says that Fitz is wanted and is scheduled to come in on the next vessel. Malachi notes that Fitz shouldn't be there because he had died over a year ago. They then go to Fitz's ship only to find Toad and Boyle. Quake breaks Boyle's finger and he tells her where Fitz went. A hungry Davis takes some alien food from them unbeknownst to the hallucigenic properties of the food.

Enoch joins another game and starts winning, but quickly loses all of their tokens when the competitor tricks him into going all in. Trying to earn back the token, Enoch convinces Fitz to play another game. When the game starts he tells Fitz that if he loses, he gets sold into slavery. Enoch says that he will tell him when to bet by making a high pitched noise only Humans can hear.

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Now on Kitson, Simmons and Johnson enter the casino but start hallucinating from the alien food. They struggle their way to the bar when Simmons starts to see Fitz in a monkey costume dancing on a straw she then leaves her seat to find him. A hallucinating Davis sees Malachi escape but is unable to stop him. They all continue to hallucinate while Daisy looks for Simmons. She finds her under the bar table, but they start hearing Enoch's high pitched tones made to signal Fitz.

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Meanwhile, Enoch uses these tones to tell Fitz to hit. The guy next to him hits on 4 and gets shot in the heart by an arrow. Right before giving he next tone, Enoch gets shut down by Malachi who overrides his system. He then starts emitting the loud noise uncontrollably and falls to the ground. The head of the game realizes Enoch is non-organic which is illegal. He imprisons Fitz and Enoch for Mister Kitson to deal with.

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Johnson and Simmons plug their ears from the noise but realize no one else is effected. They realize it could be from Fitz. Many Chronicom Hunters arrive to capture Fitz and Enoch. Quake encounters them and attempts to fight. Despite her condition, she is able to take them down. Enoch has an existential crisis which makes Fitz truthfully tell Enoch he is his best friend, not just to convince him. Fitz uses a dead aliens sulfuric body and some sparks to set off an explosion and break out. When exiting, he sees Simmons. Finally having their reunion, they go to hug, but Fitz is then taken by Malachi.

On Earth, Sarge sets off a lazer beam into space to see how much Shrike have infested the planet.


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  • The title of the episode is a reference to the classic 1971 novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, which was adapted as a film in 1998.
    • Additionally, when the hallucinating Daisy Johnson is meandering around the House of Games, she is narrating a surreal documentation to herself. This is also a direct reference to Fear and Loathing where the main character Raoul Duke, based on the original book's author, Hunter S. Thompson, does just this throughout as he visits the numerous casinos while taking various psychotics.


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