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"Where are they holding him?"
"Some kind of drug operation. I don't know what they're doing there. They call it the Farm."
Daredevil and Stan Gibson[src]

The Farm is a facility in New York City where the Hand established heroin manufacturing and blood draining rituals.


Rescue in the Farm

"Take me there."
"I've thought about it but it's a fortress. It's impossible to get inside."
Daredevil and Stan Gibson[src]

Hirochi is attacked by Daredevil

The Hand established heroin manufacturing in New York City where they also held several children, such as Daniel Gibson. Daredevil, who was tipped by Stan Gibson, sneak inside the Farm where he knocked the guards out and confronted Hirochi. Hearing the blood dripping in another room, Daredevil demanded Hirochi take him to the source, so he showed Daredevil caged children with blood being drained through a tube in a stone sarcophagus.

Daredevil fighting against Nobu Yoshioka

While Hirochi escaped, Daredevil freed the children before Gibson entered the Farm and was horrified to see his son in one of the cages. However, Daredevil was ambushed by Nobu Yoshioka, saying that the ritual was not complete. Daredevil fought Yoshioka as long as he could, but Yoshioka managed to defeat him before pushing the sarcophagus into an elevator, leaving Daredevil with children behind.[1]

The Hand's prisoners are found by the NYPD

Having been called to the Farm, NYPD officers discovered children held in cages by the Hand. While Thompson and the officers were dealing with the children, Brett Mahoney went to speak with Daredevil. Daredevil told Mahoney about the Hand's ritual and asked him to provide medical attention for children, warning him about the Hand trying to get them. Daredevil advised Mahoney to take children to Metro-General Hospital, as Claire Temple was able to take care of them.[2]

Nobu Yoshioka prepares the sarcophagus

Although Daredevil freed the prisoners, Yoshioka ordered the Hand warriors to attack the hospital and recapture children. They succeeded to take children back to the Farm where Yoshioka and Hirochi continued the ritual and drained their blood, so the sarcophagus was ready to be used for their plans.[3]



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