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"C'est la vie, that's life. How we deal with disappointments is what decides the person we are."
―Farah Midani[src]

Farah Madani is an Iranian psychiatrist who has spent most of her life living in the United States, where she has established a successful practice as a psychiatrist. She is the mother of Dinah Madani and the wife of Hamid Madani.


Early Life

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Madani's Return

"Nice to have you back. Nice to share this with you."
"It's temporary. Just till I find a place."
―Farah Madani and Dinah Madani[src]

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Patching Frank Castle

"What have you brought to our door?"
"He needs a doctor. Please."
―Farah Madani and Dinah Madani[src]

One night, Madani and her husband were suddenly met by their daughter and company with a bloody and semi-conscious Frank Castle. After Dinah begged for her father to perform on him, he accepted, Madani conversing about the patient in their native Farsi tongue.[2]


"That is why therapy would never work for me. Talking to you is like... It's like interviewing a suspect you know has the answers and just smiles in your face."
"That's not about being a psychiatrist. It's about being your mother."
Dinah Madani and Farah Madani[src]

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