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Maria Hill and Falcon[src]

Falcon's Twin Guns are side and wrist-mounted weapons on the EXO-7 Falcon which are Sam Wilson's main weapons.


Battle at the Triskelion

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Duel at the New Avengers Facility

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Attack on the IFID Headquarters

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Infinity War

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The guns are a collapsible pair of dual Steyr SPP submachine guns. Falcon can easily conceal them on his uniform. When the superhero joined the Avengers, Falcon began using one Steyr SPP in conjunction with a wrist-mounted submachine gun as part of his new uniform. He returned to using two Steyr SPPs by the Attack on the IFID Headquarters, and continued to use them during the Infinity War.

Falcon has used the guns against HYDRA soldiers, Ant-Man, Crossbones' mercenaries and Outriders to great effect.


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