"And just as the blue blood of the Wilson brothers boiled over, New Orleans was struck by a storm more devastating than it had ever seen."
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Ewin Wilson was the brother of Leland Wilson. Along with his brother, he was part of the second incarnation of the Divine Pairing.


"The last duel ever to be held in the city of New Orleans was right here by, famously, the brothers Wilson, in 1793."
Evita Fusilier[src]

Ewin lived in the 18th century. He had a brother, Leland, with who he came into conflict due to both of them loving the same woman, with Ewin having the woman's preference, which left Leland heartbroken. The feud between the two brothers escalated into a duel to the death which took place while New Orleans was being struck by a hurricane. Ewin loaded his weapon and stepped away from his brother before turning back and shooting at Leland, killing him.

Immediately after shooting Leland, Ewin rushed to his brother, and realized that Leland had chose to sacrifice himself and had not loaded his pistol, thus giving up on any chance of survival. As Ewin looked up in the sky, he realized that the storm had stopped in the moment the duel was over. Due to the end of their rivalry having seemingly saved New Orleans, Ewin and Leland became known as the second incarnation of the Divine Pairing.[1]



  • Flintlock Pistol: Wilson used this weapon during a duel against his brother.





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