"There's a problem with this tire."
"Oh, what's wrong?"
"Your phone number isn't written on it. You'll have to write it down somewhere else, or enter it into my phone, or―"
"―or we could wait until fate brings us back together."
Tony Stark and Evetta Gorani[src]

Evetta Gorani is the vice president of the Gorani Insurance company.


Evetta Gorani became the vice president of Gorani Insurance, the insurance company led by her father, Michael Gorani. One day, she was driving through Germany, heading for a business meeting. Unfortunately, one of her car's tires got flat, stopped near the road.

Luckily for her, Tony Stark was passing by and he changed the tire, hoping to get her phone number. But she departed, saying that he'll have to wait until fate brings them back together.

A few hours later, at the meeting, she was reunited with Tony, who just saved her insurance company a hundred million dollars by saving the precious stolen paintings. When he asked her again about the phone number, she said they'll negotiate after the meeting.[1]





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