"I know what this is. We all know what this is. You want us to confess to something that buys you another month in that hotel suite you conned yourself into. No. You can count me out."
―Everett Starr to Kingpin[src]

Everett Starr was a criminal figure in New York City who was called to a secret meeting with the Kingpin alongside several other crime bosses. When Starr refused to agree to Kingpin's demands, Benjamin Poindexter had murdered him in order to force the remaining criminals to do as they were instructed.


Kingpin's Offer

Meeting of Criminals

"What the hell is this?"
"It's an opportunity, Mr. Starr."
―Everett Starr and Kingpin[src]

Starr being arrested by Ray Nadeem's agents

During his jogging, Starr was stopped and apprehended by Benjamin Poindexter and Ray Nadeem. Alongside with Rosalie Carbone, Latimer Zyl, John Hammer, Sophia Carter, Starr was taken by the FBI agents to the Red Fish Blue Restaurant. They thought that the FBI took them there to indict them before Wilson Fisk revealed himself in front of them. Starr was shocked by Fisk's presence but he noted that this is an opportunity to all of them.


Starr getting killed by Benjamin Poindexter

Fisk then offered Starr and criminal bosses his protection from investigations and prosecutions by the federal government in exchange of twenty percent of everything in their businesses. They were skeptical to Fisk's offer, especially Starr who thought that Fisk just trying to make them confess to his crimes to the FBI. Starr then strongly refused the offer and attempted to leave the restaurant. Before he could walk away, Poindexter threw his Billy Club right in his head, killing him.[1]





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