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"Bullet went through and through the meat. Missed the bone. She got real lucky. Or it was one hell of a shot."
―Evans to Roy Hardin[src]

Doctor Evans is a physician called by the Larkville Police Department to treat Frank Castle and Marlena Olin.


"Maybe you should send 'em both to the hospital. Let the staties have this one, Roy."
"This is our town."
"And they ain't from it. Not my place to tell you your job."
―Evans and Roy Hardin[src]

In the wake of shootout at the Tides Motel, Larkville Police Department arrested Frank Castle, Marlena Olin and Amy Bendix. Roy Hardin noticed that Olin and Castle were both wounded and called for Evans to treat them. While Charles was removing a bullet from Olin's leg, she expressed that she needs to go to the hospital what Evans replied that nearest hospital located at 45 minutes of the Larkville County Sheriff Station and most likely, that would call for her anyway.

Evans removed the bullet and stitched up Olin's wound, telling Hardin that bullet went through the flesh and missed the bone what could be luck or her shooter is very accurate. Evans then examined Castle and patched up his arm, stating that it must be broken.

Castle refused to go to hospital despite Evans' advises. Evans then proposed Hardin to hand them to the federals and took them to the hospital, however, Hardin decided to deal with it by himself. Evans admitted his decision and left the station.[1]


  • Physician: Evans is a physician who was able to remove the bullet from Marlena Olin's leg and patch up Frank Castle's arm.




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