"Now, I've heard that you're a very reasonable man."
"Who said I was reasonable?"
"You have a stellar reputation, sir, in the building."
"Ms. Jones didn't say I was reasonable. She said I was an "entitled prick of a slumlord." That's a quote."
Malcolm Ducasse and Eugene[src]

Eugene is the landlord for Jessica Jones' Apartment Building.


Unfriendly Super

"Oscar's got something on our landlord. Pay him a visit and find out. And be nice. The nicer, the better. Eugene can be a dick."
Jessica Jones to Malcolm Ducasse[src]

Eugene answered the door to his residence to find Malcolm Ducasse standing before him. As Ducasse attempted to persuade him into monitoring Oscar Arocho's eviction of Jessica Jones, Eugene expressed his liking to Arocho, citing that he had commissioned a painting of his boyfriend Keo; he also explained that as the superintendent, Arocho has the power before closing the door on Ducasse.[1]





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