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The subject of this article is set in an alternate universe that is encompassed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. Its events are not considered part of the main universe's timeline.

Eternals: AR Story Experience is an augmented reality video game prequel to the film of the same name.


History is not as you know it.

Join Sprite, one of the Eternals, on an exciting Augmented Reality adventure through time to discover the truth about humanity.

In the Marvel Studios Immersive Story Experience, explore the characters, world, and stories of the film like never before. Use your iPhone or iPad to step inside the world of the Eternals and meet the heroes in AR, before you watch the film in theaters!


Sprite reacts to a global earthquake

Sprite introduces herself to the player and comments on their home. She asks the player their name when a global earthquake occurs, concerning Sprite. She tells the player that the earthquakes are getting worse, and that the upcoming threat is worse than Thanos. Sprite tells the player that she is about to share the secret of the Eternals. Sprite explains that the story of humanity is different than what is told, bragging about her own storytelling abilities, mentioning that she taught Homer, Scheherazade, and William Shakespeare how to tell stories. Sprite casts an illusion of a vase and encourages the player to look at it and see who they are.

Sprite reveals the Eternals and Arishem

As the player approaches the vase, Sprite explains that the Eternals are characters from human mythology and more. She casts an illusion of the Eternals and Arishem the Judge above the player, introducing the Eternals as immortal beings from the planet Olympia. She highlights Ajak and introduces her as the Eternals' leader, saying that they would have died long ago without her healing powers. She projects an image of the Domo, telling the player that it brought the eternals to Earth in order to protect humanity from the Deviants.

Druig erases a man's memories

In order to explain what Deviants are, Sprite guides the player to Mesopotamia in the year 5000 BCE, where the player is introduced to one of their ancestors, who is fleeing from a Deviant when the Eternals arrive. As Makkari rescues a human, Sprite introduces her. She explains that Makkari can move faster than the speed of sound. She tells the player that since Makkari is deaf, she introduced sign language to humans. She introduces Kingo next as a sharpshooter with an ego. As the player watches Kingo attack a Deviant, Sprite explains that he became a Bollywood movie star when the Eternals began hiding. Sprite next introduces Druig, explaining that his unique power to control minds has allowed the Eternals to operate form the shadows. Sprite's illusion of Druig demonstrates his ability.

Phastos introducing the plow to humanity

Sprite casts an illusion of Babylon in the year 575 BCE and explains that keeping humans safe from Deviants was only a part of their mission; the other being to help humanity thrive. She introduces the player to Phastos, showing him inventing the first plow. Sprite tells the player that Phastos won the first ever game of chess. Sprite next introduces Sersi's ability to transform matter, showing her creating plants from dirt. She says that she and Sersi are like sisters, instructing the player to get close to the symbols Sersi is creating on the ground. Sprite explains that Sersi is channeling Cosmic Energy, the source of all Eternal powers.

Thena attacking a Deviant in Sprite's illusion

Sprite casts an illusion of Gilgamesh, Thena, and Ikaris fighting a Deviant, explaining that they all used their powers to fight the beasts for centuries. Sprite first introduces Gilgamesh as the Eternals' strong man. She next introduces Thena as their fiercest warrior. Sprite explains to the player that it is incorrect to think of Thena as the Greek Goddess Athena and explains her ability to create any weapon from cosmic energy. Sprite mentions a time where she saw Thena take down seven Deviants with seven weapons at once. Sprite then introduces Ikaris and lists his abilities. As the player watches Ikaris use his abilities, Sprite shares that Ikaris enjoys Twinkies.

A museum exhibit dedicated to Gilgamesh

Sprite explains that the last of the Deviants had been killed five hundred years ago, so their bravery is now memorialized in museum exhibits, casting an illusion of one such exhibit for an example. Sprite explains that although the Eternals were remembered only in myth, the player now knows the truth. Another global earthquake occurs, worrying Sprite. A Deviant breaks through the floor of the player's house as Sprite ends her illusion. She tells the player to flee as she holds the Deviant off as she says to herself that she thought they had killed all of the Deviants, resolving to find Sersi.






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