Estella is the representative within the extraterrestrial alliance known as the Confederacy.


Joining the Confederacy

Along with five other representatives of extraterrestrial species, Estella joined the alliance known as the Confederacy. As such, she took part to the deal struck between the alliance and HYDRA, demanding Inhumans and Gravitonium in exchange for the Confederacy's protection over Earth.[1]

Meeting Glenn Talbot

"This man is clearly a charlatan. No mortal being can wield the power of Gravitonium, especially not some Human. I submit we strip him to rags, then put him to auction."
"That would be most unwise, Estella."
―Estella and Qovas[src]

Estella joined a Confederacy meeting summoned by Qovas. When Qovas arrived with the Human Glenn Talbot, Estella declared the meeting open but could not help but be surprised by Talbot's presence. Estella grew even more surprised as Talbot claimed to have come to renegotiate the deal struck between HYDRA and the Confederacy.

Talbot also pretended to have absorb Gravitonium and to be able to control its powers, which Estella did not believe. Estella suggested to capture Talbot and to sell him into an auction, but Qovas advised her against it. Indeed, as the meeting progressed and Talbot requested to become a part of the Confederacy, which Estella disapproved, she watched in shock as Talbot murdered Crixon by absorbing him into his own organism. Following the murder and Talbot's subsequent joining of the Confederacy, Estella left the Confederacy meeting room.[1]





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