"I won't make you angry! I'll make you dead!"
―Espinoza to Bruce Banner[src]

Espinoza was the head of a South American cartel operating out of the jungle dedicated to over a dozen of organized crime activities, most prominently arms trafficking.


Espinoza was the capo of a cartel dedicated to arms trafficking amongst other crimes, operating from the jungle in South America.

Local authorities and the central government, lacking the resources to capture Espinoza and dismantle the cartel, had to wait until a black ops mission was authorized in order to arrest him.

A three man team led by experienced commando Emil Blonsky was sent to capture Espinoza, under explicit orders of capturing him alive. Therefore, the team was armed exclusively with tranquilizer ammo, albeit in enough quantity to disable a rhinoceros.

Espinoza showed up to interrogate Bruce Banner, who was apprehended while accompanying Miguel, the son of one of his men who got lost, back to the compound. Espinoza accused Banner of being a spy, either working for the CIA, the DEA or their local government, as no American wandered the jungle without being a spy.

Espinoza's men started to beat up Banner, angering him enough to transform into Hulk despite Banner's warnings. Hulk attacked the guards and the compound, destroying it while pursuing Espinoza and his reinforcements, who returned to the complex shooting, even to Blonsky's team, thinking an army was attacking the compound.

By the time Blonsky arrived, Espinoza was already dead along his men.[1]




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