"You know, it's kind of hard to trust someone when you don't know who that someone really is."
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Escobar was the CIA agent and Nick Fury's partner who eventually betrayed the agency.


CIA Agent

Working with Nick Fury

Escobar accompanied his immediate superior during the last years of the Cold War, Nick Fury, in a mission to retrieve a case containing full dossiers of at least twelve undercover CIA operatives in Soviet territories. They attended a nightclub, where Fury interrogated a man to know the whereabouts of the dossiers by the time Escobar finished his drink.

While Escobar and Fury were exiting the club, Vinorovsky threatened Fury, and Escobar witnessed how Fury disabled him with a hit to the throat. Fury's status as a wanted man prompted Escobar to ask about the goal of the mission, as he could end up completing it alone, and Fury informed him of the nature of the dossiers, with Escobar noting its value to the Soviet government.

Escobar found the briefcase while Fury fought against its owner, Verliecki. Fury defeated Verliecki, but Escobar betrayed him, holding him at gunpoint in order to sell the case to the Soviets. Fury seized an opportunity as Escobar was explaining his plans for the money to catch him off-guard. They both struggled, and Escobar was able to hold Fury at gunpoint again, only to be knocked out by Verliecki, who turned out to be one of Fury's contacts in Budapest.

It turned out that the whole mission was orchestrated to discover Escobar's true affiliation and turn him out as a mole; the case was actually filled with cigars. Escobar was given a CIA identification with his photograph, but Nick Fury's name written on it, to be framed of Fury's previous actions in Soviet territory.

The Soviet authorities, attracted by the gunshots, found Escobar unconscious and tied to a chair by Verliecki.[1]




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