"Where the hell did he go?"
"I have no idea, he just vanished."
"Set up a five-block perimeter, now!"
Jim Paxton and Gale[src]

The Escape from the San Francisco Police Station was a break, planned by Hank Pym in order to get Scott Lang out of the San Francisco Police Station.


"Put it down on the ground! You are under arrest!"
"No, I didn’t steal anything! I was returning something I stole."
―Police Officer and Scott Lang[src]
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Scott Lang is arrested by the police

Using a lead, planted by Hank Pym, Scott Lang managed to break into the Pym Residence and stole the Ant-Man Suit, as well as the Pym Particles. After a quite unfortunate experience with the suit, Lang grabbed the suit and rushed back to the house, so he could return the suit. However, Hope van Dyne contacted the San Francisco Police Department, tipping them about Lang. As soon as Lang arrived at the house, several police officers surrounded him and took him into custody.[1]


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Scott Lang is visited by Hank Pym

"Second chances don’t come around all that much. So next time you think you might see one I suggest you take a real close look at it."
Hank Pym to Scott Lang[src]

Scott Lang was taken to the San Francisco Police Station where the lawyer came to visit him. Hank Pym who pretended to be Lang's lawyer, ordered his ants to block the camera and told Lang that he was the one who tipped Luis about the robbery opportunity, so he could get the Ant-Man Suit. Confused Lang was not sure about Pym's intentions but he told Lang that he needs his help and offered him a way to get out of jail.


Scott Lang escapes from the station

After leaving the station, Pym ordered his ants to deliver the suit to Lang, so he donned it before the police arrived and shrunk out of the cell. Following Pym's instructions, Lang escaped the cell by running below the bars just as Gale arrived and alerted the other police officers of Lang's disappearance. Making his way outside, Lang ran out the door and jumped on the back of a carpenter ant and flew to safety high over the streets while the police department searched for him. As they flew over the city and hitched a ride on the side of a police car, Lang fell unconscious.[1]


"I met with my captain today, he wanted a report of the night that you got out of jail. Something happened with the cameras, circuits got fried, and… But I told him you were processed correctly."
"Well, yeah. Can’t be sending Cassie's dad back to jail on a technical glitch, right?"
Jim Paxton and Scott Lang[src]

Ants brought unconscious Scott Lang to the Pym Residence where he was greeted by Hope van Dyne and Hank Pym. Pym revealed that it was van Dyne who had Lang arrested and explained that she did not think Lang was needed for their upcoming heist. Pym told Lang about Darren Cross and his success with the Pym Particles research, resulting in the creation of the Yellowjacket Suit. Understanding the potential damage, caused by the technology if Cross manages to sell it, Pym told Lang that he needs to infiltrate the Pym Technologies Headquarters and steal the suit.

Jim Paxton and the San Francisco Police Department started a search for Lang in order to get him back into the jail. However, after the confrontation with Cross, Paxton met with the captain and reported that Lang was processed correctly but the police were confused because of the technical glitch with cameras. The police accepted Paxton's report and stopped the investigation of Lang's escape.[1]


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