"James Barnes, der mit dem Bombenanschlag auf die UN in Wien in Verbindung gebracht wird, ist heute aus der Haft entflohen. Ebenfalls vermisst werden die Avengers Captain Steve Rogers und Sam Wilson.[3]"
―News Reporter[src]

The Escape from the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre was an escape attempt executed by Winter Soldier and orchestrated by Helmut Zemo in his quest to divide the Avengers.


"Hello, Mr. Barnes. I've been sent by the United Nations to evaluate you. Do you mind if I sit? I'm not here to judge you, I just want to ask you a few questions. Do you know where you are, James? I can't help you if you don't talk to me, James."
"My name is Bucky."
Helmut Zemo and Winter Soldier[src]

The Winter Soldier, who had been apprehended by the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre for the Bombing of the Vienna International Centre, was imprisoned in their headquarters in Berlin, Germany.

Meanwhile, psychiatrist Theo Broussard was kidnapped and murdered by Helmut Zemo who took his place as the unfortunate psychiatrist. Zemo was looking for revenge after the Battle of Sokovia had destroyed his home and family and was the mastermind behind the bombing. Zemo had also sent an EMP bomb to the city's main power plant.[2]


Pulling the Trigger

"Жду приказов."[5]
"Mission report, December 16, 1991."
Helmut Zemo and Winter Soldier[src]

Helmut Zemo manages to activate the Winter Soldier

Zemo gave a psychological evaluation on the Winter Soldier, acting that nothing was amiss, until the EMP bomb he had sent to the city's main power plant detonated, cutting out all of the buildings power, including the security cameras.

Zemo then reactivated Barnes' Winter Soldier Program training by using the HYDRA manual he had stolen from Barnes' former handler Vasily Karpov, which led to Barnes breaking free of his restraints to stop Zemo's plans, ripping his arms free and punching the glass to try and get away. Zemo was able to finish saying the codewords just as Barnes broke free and became his willing assassin. Zemo requested the mission report about the death of Howard Stark.

Helmut Zemo is confronted by Steve Rogers

Having obtained the information he needed, Zemo faked an injury and was swiftly confronted by Captain America and Falcon who attempted to save Barnes, Rogers interrogated Zemo asking what he wanted and was told that he wanted to see an empire fall. Falcon was then attacked by the Winter Soldier and knocked out, who then presided to kick Rogers down an elevator shaft. Zemo ordered the Winter Soldier to fight and kill anyone who attempted to stop him before getting in a helicopter and escaping to seemingly prove his guilt for the bombing. As Zemo attempted to escape, Falcon pursued him up the staircase and outside, only to lose him in the crowd.[2]

Escaping the Centre

Winter Soldier fighting against Steve Rogers

"Evacuate all civilians, get me a perimeter around the building and gunships in the air!"
Everett Ross[src]

As the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre released that the Winter Soldier had escaped, Everett Ross evacuated the building as Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sharon Carter, and T'Challa headed to confront the soldier. Barnes met some resistance but quickly disarmed and defeated the guards but met trouble in the form of Stark attacking him with his Iron Man Gauntlet getting Barnes attention with an Ultrasonic pulse. Next, he disoriented him with a Flash Beam. Barnes quickly recovered and aimed a handgun at Stark, who countered by wrapping his hand with the gauntlet over the muzzle, blocking the barrel.

Winter Soldier attempts to shoot Tony Stark

When Barnes pulls the trigger of the gun, the bullet is blocked and Stark uses his other hand to pull the slide off of the lower receiver of the weapon, disabling it. Barnes then punches Stark several feet backwards into a table, defeating him. Barnes defeats Carter and Romanoff but was stopped from killing Black Widow by Black Panther, who engaged Barnes in hand-to-hand combat. However, Barnes managed to escape from Black Panther and make his way to the rooftop.

Winter Soldier tries to strangle Steve Rogers

As Barnes commandeered a helicopter, Rogers managed to make it to the roof in time to see his childhood friend take off. Rogers managed to grab the landing gear of the copter and prevent it from leaving the building. Running out of options, Barnes dangerously tilts the helicopter, hoping to catch Rogers with the blades but only manages to destroy the copter as it crashes back on the helipad. Rogers carefully approached but Barnes grabbed him by the neck as the helicopter fell off of the helipad with the two men into the ocean, knocking Barnes unconscious. The two men survive and Rogers pulls his friend to shore.[2]


Bucky Barnes interrogated by Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson

"Ross gave me 36 hours to bring you in. That was 24 hours ago. Can you help a brother out?"
"You're after the wrong guy."
"Your judgment is askew. Your old war buddy killed innocent people yesterday."
Iron Man and Captain America[src]

The Winter Soldier escaping allowed Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson to interrogate him themselves. Barnes, now free of his brain washing told the two heroes about five other candidates for the Winter Soldier Program and that the psychiatrist was headed to Siberia to find the facility where they were being kept in cryogenic stasis. Meanwhile, Thaddeus Ross gave Tony Stark thirty-six hours to capture Barnes and bring in his renegade comrades, otherwise, he will task the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre to prosecute them as criminals.

Although War Machine, Vision, Black Widow, and Black Panther agreed to help Stark, he still felt undermanned and recruited Peter Parker, better known as Spider-Man, under the pretense of giving him a scholarship under the Stark September Foundation program. Rogers tasked Hawkeye to recruit Scarlet Witch and Ant-Man to head towards the facility were the other Winter Soldiers were being kept, leading to the Clash of the Avengers.[2]


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