"Soon it'll just be you, Vladimir."
"No, my brother. We leave here together. Tonight."
Vladimir Ranskahov and Anatoly Ranskahov[src]

The Escape from Utkin Prison was a successful escape attempt organized and orchestrated by Vladimir and Anatoly Ranskahov.


Vladimir Ranskahov and his brother Anatoly were arrested and incarcerated in Utkin Prison and tortured for many months. While his brother was being tortured, Vladimir was left in their cell with the corpse of their cellmate Alexei, who had been left to rot by their captors.[1]


"Where did you get this?"
"A gift from Alexei. The guards shouldn't have left him for the rats."
Vladimir Ranskahov and Anatoly Ranskahov[src]

Once Anatoly had returned from being tortured, Vladimir Ranskahov took the opportunity to rip out Alexei's ribs to be used as weapons against their guards, with Vladimir promising they would survive. When Anatoly returned they killed their captors and escaped, although Anatoly wished to go to Moscow, Vladimir convinced him to travel instead to New York City to begin a new criminal life in America.[1]


"We were in that hellhole for three years. From princes of Moscow to shitting in a bucket. I promised myself if we ever got free, we'd never lose what we had again. Especially not to pride."
Anatoly Ranskahov[src]

Eventually, the pair arrived in Hell's Kitchen in New York City where they became a leaders of the Russian crime syndicate and were recruited by Wilson Fisk.[1]


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