"What did you put in my head?"
"Nothing that wasn’t already there."
Vers and Talos[src]

The Escape from Skrulls' Ship was a breakout executed by Vers and aimed at evading the Skrulls who were responsible for her abduction.


During a surprise ambush on the Starforce by Skrulls on the planet Torfa, Vers located what she believed to be Soh-Larr, a Kree Spy. However, Soh-Larr revealed himself to be Talos and abducted Vers, taking her aboard the Skrulls' Earth-bound vessel. On board the vessel, Vers was subjected to a memory probe, witnessing memories from various points in her life. Vers awakens just as Talos unlocks her memories, revealing he wants information pertaining to a Light-Speed Engine.[1]


Captain Marvel VFX 16

Vers frees herself from the memory probe

Vers freed herself from the memory probe, but couldn't get a pair of specialized devices off her hands that obstructed her photon blasts, limiting their use. One of the Skrulls aimed his Skrull Blaster at her, but Talos stopped him. She then fought off all of the Skrulls present at the room, and began questioning Talos about what they'd been doing to her. After Talos told her that they were looking for information about Dr. Lawson and her Light-Speed Engine, they were interrupted by a group of incoming Skrulls. Vers threw Talos at them to slow them down, and ran off to continue her escape. She tried to get the obstructors off her hands many times, to no avail. She defeated another group of Skrulls without using photon blasts, but then faced an unusually large and powerful Skrull. In need of her powers, she created enough cosmic energy around her hands to eventually blast the obstructors off, knocking out the Skrulls and accidentally creating a hole in the ship's wall in the process. The hole sucked everything in the room, including a number of Skrulls and nearly Vers, out into space but she used her photon blasts' propelling force to get back inside the ship.

Captain Marvel VFX 23

Vers mustering energy to propel herself back into the ship

Vers then made her way to the ship's space pods, knocking a Skrull out of a pod and attempting to use it to escape, but Talos shot the pod with a Skrull Blaster. She launched the pod and escaped the ship before its destruction, but the damage Talos had inflicted on the pod caused it to crash-land on Earth.


Talos and three other Skrulls managed to escape the ship using space pods, landing in the Atlantic Ocean. After arriving in Los Angeles beach, they took the form of nearby surfers to blend in, and then tracked Vers' pod to find her near a Radio Shack store, talking to Nick Fury.


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