"I've killed many people. Men, women, and children."
―Ernst Mueller to Roger Dooley[src]

Ernst Mueller was a Colonel of Wehrmacht who was captured and hanged for his crimes against humanity following World War II.


World War II

Committing War Crimes

"No German fought any Russian at Finow. What we found can only be described as a massacre."
―Ernst Mueller to Roger Dooley[src]

Mueller joined the armed forces of the Third Reich and actively participated in World War II. He rose in ranks until he became a Colonel. During the war, he committed many war crimes, killing many people, including children. In 1944, on the Eastern Front, Mueller and his men were stationed in the area near Finow. When they searched for the Soviet troops, they discovered the bodies of hundreds of Soviet soldiers, massacred.[1]

Awaiting Execution

Roger Dooley's Visit

"They're said to have died in the Battle of Finow. You familiar with that battle?"
"I was in Finow."
"What can you tell me? You tell me what happened in the battle of Finow, I'll help you escape."
Roger Dooley and Ernst Mueller[src]
Mu Do prison

Mueller is visited in his cell by Roger Dooley

After the war, Mueller was arrested and tried at the International Military Tribunal in Nuremberg. He was sentenced to death by hanging. A day before the execution, he was visited by Roger Dooley who offered Mueller a pill to commit suicide and defy his captors if Mueller gave information on the battle at Finow. Mueller complied, thinking he was given a cyanide pill; but the pill was actually a breath mint and Mueller was hanged later that day.[1]






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