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"Ah, bienvienido, Señor Ward. ¿Qué le parece una afeitada?"
"Creo que me voy a dejar la barba, Ernesto.[1]"
―Ernesto and Grant Ward[src]

Ernesto is a barber at the Barbershop Headquarters in Havana, Cuba.


Ernesto at the Barbershop Headquarters

Grant Ward brought Raina to a barbershop in Havana, Cuba, where they were greeted by Ernesto who noted Ward's return and offered him a shave. Ward politely turned him down as Ernesto finished with his latest customer, John Garrett.[2] Ernesto gave Ian Quinn a haircut and charged him five dollars. Quinn was impressed with both the cut and the cost before he left for Washington, D.C..[3]




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  1. Translates from Spanish to: "Ah, welcome back, Mister Ward. How about a shave?"
    "I think I might let the beard grow out, Ernesto.
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