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"You chuckleheads get blood on my floor, you best be prepared to get down and add some of your own."
―Ernest Koenig[src]

Ernest Hazard Koenig was the owner of the The Krazy Kanoe in New York City in 1931.


Early Life

Helping Freddy Malick

Ernest Koenig ran a speakeasy, The Krazy Kanoe, during Prohibition. Koenig saw Freddy Malick living on the streets, so he offered Mallick a job. He allowed him to work in his speakeasy and live there at a discounted rate.[1]

Legitimate Illegitimate Business

Governor's Campaign Party

Koenig was asked to cater a campaign party being held by New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt. In order to ensure his own safety, he offered a bribe to New York City Police Department Captain William Dole. He had Jimmy Bottles deliver the alcohol to the police officers at Cut Rate Drugs, but Bottles never returned, having been killed.

The next day, the speakeasy was visited by Alphonso Mackenzie and a Life-Model Decoy of Phil Coulson, who beat all of his men, before Koenig finally revealed himself and began talking to them. He told them about the campaign party, and then left to scold Freddy Malick for being clumsy with a bottle.[1]

Protecting Viola

Koenig's employees worked at the campaign party, while Koenig himself waited at his bar. Phil Coulson later returned with Daisy Johnson and a bleeding Viola, needing to use the bar to treat her. Koenig at first did not want to talk with Johnson around, but Coulson pushed the issue, saying that their doctor, Jemma Simmons, was on the way.[1]

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Exploring Zephyr One

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Ambush at Hell's Harbor

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Working with Enoch

"Enoch, this looks like the start of a marvelous friendship."
―Ernest Koenig to Enoch[src]

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Ernest Koenig was a tough man, who was not afraid to yell to get his way. He had bias towards certain groups, as he referred to Alphonso Mackenzie as Phil Coulson's shadow, refused to allow shop talk around Daisy Johnson and called Jemma Simmons "Dame" and "Bird" while she displayed her intelligence.

He was a patient man, as he continued to allow Freddy Malick to work for him despite many mistakes he had made. Koenig also proved himself to be morally rational, protesting to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that they could not hold Malick accountable for something that he, or his descendants, have yet to do. He has also exhibited the onset of similar nerdy quirks that shall be displayed by his grandchildren, such as fascination with artificial lifeforms like Chronicoms, and was rather pleased when he learned from Enoch that his legacy will be passed down and on to later generations of the Koenig bloodline following his own.


  • Tactician: Koenig was very cautious. He went by an alibi and made sure to bribe NYPD police officers through a proxy, rather than do any of it with his own name attached. He even felt the need to bribe police officers even when catering an event held by Franklin D. Roosevelt, the governor of New York, just to be extra safe.






  • Son



Behind the Scenes


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