"Thank you for joining me on such short notice."
"The last time you called a meeting, my brother Peter got a bullet to the head."
Mariah Dillard and Eric Hong[src]

Eric Hong was the leader for the Korean Mob, who replaced his brother Peter Hong following his demise. Although Hong was invited by Mariah Dillard to create an alliance between all of the criminal families in New York City, the alliance fell apart following the death of Dillard, resulting with Hong being killed during the ensuing war for dominance across New York.


United Nations

Meeting with Black Mariah


Hong is given an ultimatum by Mariah Dillard

Following the death of Peter Hong, his brother Eric became a leader of the Korean Mob. Hong, along with Rosalie Carbone and Anibal Izqueda met with Mariah Dillard and Hai-Qing Yang at the Calderwood Auction House to discuss Dillard's plans to create a criminal alliance between their factions.[1]

Gang Violence in Harlem

"Harlem's getting carved up like a birthday cake."
"Who sent out the invites?"
"Well, it wasn't Eric Hong of the Koreans. He's dead."
Luke Cage and Dave Griffith[src]

Hong is gunned down during gang violence

Following the arrest of Mariah Dillard by the New York City Police Department for all of her crimes, the gang violence erupted in Harlem as the different criminal groups attempted to take control of Dillard's territory now she was locked up within Ryker's Island. As the violence continued to erupt, Hong was gunned down and killed in the streets.[2]





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