"So, your son, is he gifted?"
"He's gifted at playing video games and running up my credit card bill. But, no, he's not like you."
Jessica Jones and Justis Ambrose[src]

Eric Ambrose is the son of Justis Ambrose.


"This is my son, Eric. He was born with severe craniofacial dysostosis, a genetic disorder. He wasn't expected to live past age five. I met Karl at university. He had made some incredible breakthroughs, but his techniques were years away from being approved. Eric didn't have that kind of time."
"So you paid Karl to experiment on your son?"
"I would have given him every penny I had. Karl risked his entire career to save my boy."
Justis Ambrose and Jessica Jones[src]

When Eric was born, he was diagnosed with severe craniofacial dysostosis and was not expected to live past the age of five years old. His father, Justis Ambrose met Karl Malus at university, and allowed him to experiment on Eric in an effort to save his life. The procedure was a success, allowing Eric to live a normal life.[1]

Years later, Eric was accosted in the street by Jessica Jones, who used his phone to FaceTime his father. Jessica wanted information on the whereabouts of Dr. Malus. Faced with the implied threat to Eric, Justis gave up his location.[1]






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