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"If you find your companions, they shall be trapped in a moment that tortures them."
Quinton the Great

Enter The Dreamland is the fifth episode of the third season of the television series Runaways.


The kids find themselves in an alternate dimension full of visions from their past. They must find their parents and Alex before time runs out. One person is left behind.


In the aftermath of the Battle at the Marine Vivarium Desalination Plant, the Runaways wake up at the Hostel, although they do not remember how they got back home. However, upon discovering the mansion full of guests, they quickly figure out that something is wrong. Indeed, the powerful spell cast by Nico Minoru against the Gibborim actually sent them to the Dark Dimension, featuring a recreation of the Hostel. The Runaways meet with the Hostel's original owner, the magician Quinton the Great, who confirms that he saw Alex Wilder, Stacey Yorkes, Victor Stein and Tina Minoru.

Despite Quinton warning them against leaving the Hostel, the Runaways decide to go and look for their friend and family. Once they get outside the mansion, however, they get separated from each other and each arrive in different parts of the Dark Dimension. Nico encounters recreation of family members: Akari, Tokiko and Judith Minoru. They express interest in the fact that the Staff of One is embedded in Nico's body and grab her to reclaim it. However, Nico is saved by what appears to be a recreation of her sister Amy. Although Amy explains that she does not remember Nico, she reluctantly agrees to help her.

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Tracking down Tina to her worst memory, Nico and Amy arrive in a recreation of the Minoru Mansion on the day Amy was found dead. Nico enters the room and finds her mother trapped in her memories, as she failed to revive Amy using the Staff of One. Tina asks Nico to do it her place, but Nico instead causes the body of Amy to disappear to make her mother come back to her senses. Once she realizes where she actually is, Tina agrees to follow her daughter so they can escape.

Karolina Dean meets with another recreation of a ghost from her past: Destiny Gonzalez, who soon brings along with her all the former victims of PRIDE's Rite of Blood. Gonzalez accuses Dean of being responsible for their deaths, as it was her smiling face who drew them to the Church of Gibborim. Dean is thus captured by the seventeen teenagers, who restrain her and plan to offer her to a monster they all fear: a dark version of Nico. This dark Nico begs Dean to love her as she promised to, but Dean is unable to carry on this request and tricks the monstrous Nico into being released so she can escape. Dean later manages to be reunited with the real Nico and Tina.

Chase Stein finds Victor being beaten up by a man: Curtis Stein, Victor's father. Chase taunts Curtis into running after him in order to protect Victor. After losing Curtis, Chase returns to the car, which will not start. When Curtis returns and begins to beat Victor once again, Chase takes his bat and bludgeons Curtis to make him feel what it feels. However, Victor asks Chase to stop, explaining that the abuse he suffered from Curtis, but that he also replicated towards Chase and Janet Stein, was a bad choice he made and he does not want Chase to make. Father and son then abandon Curtis and drive away.

Molly Hernandez gets reunited with recreations of her parents Gene and Alice. However, she still realizes the problem when it becomes clear that they are only illusions of her real parents, since they treat her as the little child she was by the time they were killed. Moreover, Molly is horrified when she is reminded that her parents were members of PRIDE and that they actually actively contributed to the selection of the charity's victims for the Rite of Blood. With this shocking reveal, Molly is able to escape from her fake parents.

Gert Yorkes arrives in a recreation of the basement of the Yorkes Residence, where she finds Stacey working on the bioengineering of dinosaurs. Gert understands that she arrived in Stacey's worst memory: before Old Lace was actually created, Gert found out about the experiments her mother was doing, forcing Stacey to erase Gert's memories with Synnergy Serum, which is the real cause of Gert's anxiety issues. Mother and daughter argue over what they know and need from each other, until Chase and Victor arrive and take both of them out of the lab.

The Runaways and the members of PRIDE are able to reunite. However, it turns out that some of them begin to forget the reason of their presence in the Dark Dimension, just like Quinton warned them. Although they were still unable to find Wilder, the group decide that they have to leave and return later for him. They go back to the Hostel but find no trace of Quinton. Amy then arrives, and explains that she is a servant of Morgan le Fay, who ordered that Nico should be delivered to her, but that Amy was unable to carry out this order.

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In order to leave the Dark Dimension, Tina plans on performing a ritual, but requires Nico's help. To that end, she makes a cut on Nico's hand, and the wound causes the Staff of One to emerge out of Nico's body. Thanks to Tina's incantation and the power of the Staff of One, Tina is able to open an interdimensional portal to their original dimension. Once everybody left, Amy, who decided to remain behind, ends her disguise: she actually was Quinton from the beginning. Back to their world, the Runaways and the PRIDE members discover that they have been missing for six months, during which Alex remained trapped in the Dark Dimension, captured by his old enemy, AWOL.


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