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"Hey, Hawkeye, you have some place to be? You gonna be a little late!"
―Enrique to Hawkeye[src]

Enrique is a member of the Tracksuit Mafia.


Hunt for Ronin

Robbery of the Black Market Auction

"Let's get to the van and go after her."
―Enrique to Kazi Kazimierczak[src]

Enrique yells at Kazi Kazimierczak to retreat

Under Kazi Kazimierczak's lead, Enrique took part in the Tracksuit Mafia's heist of a black market auction being held below a charity gala. The Tracksuits stole many expensive items that were to be sold in the auction, but were mainly searching for a watch that had been found at the ruins of the Avengers Compound. Their plans were disrupted by Kate Bishop, who disguised herself in the Ronin Suit and attacked the Tracksuits, causing them to believe that the Ronin was back. As Kazimierczak chased after Bishop as she fled the auction, Enrique and Ivan Banionis followed him and, upon hearing police sirens, yelled for Kazimierczak to retreat for the moment.[1]

Ambush on Ronin

Enrique approaches Ronin

"Why you makin' it so tough on us, bro?"
―Enrique to Kate Bishop[src]

Enrique and his comrades tracked down the wearer of the Ronin Suit, surrounding her. As Enrique approached her, Bishop began to fight the Tracksuits. As she was greatly outnumbered, Bishop fled into a nearby car, locking the doors as Enrique and Banionis attempted to break in. Suddenly, Enrique, Banionis, and Tomas were knocked down by a mysterious assailant, Clint Barton. Barton quickly dispatched Enrique and the other Tracksuits before grabbing Bishop and fleeing the scene.[1]

Attack on Kate Bishop's Apartment

Enrique outside Kate Bishop's apartment

"You were on fire, bro. Like a little shish kebab."
―Enrique to Tomas[src]

Enrique and the Tracksuit Mafia tracked the Ronin to an apartment, where they learned her true identity as Kate Bishop. The Mafia tried to lure Bishop out by throwing Molotov cocktails in her apartment, setting the building on fire.

Enrique listening to Ivan Banionis

The third Molotov cocktail was caught by Clint Barton, who threw it back at the Tracksuits, lighting a fire at their feet. Enrique tried to throw another Molotov cocktail, but the bottle was knocked out of his hands by an arrow shot by Bishop, resulting in the Tracksuits' van being set on fire as well. As the Tracksuits attempted to extinguish the fires on their side, Bishop and Barton managed to escape the apartment.[2]

Capture of Clint Barton

Enrique and allies capture Hawkeye

"Wakey-wakey, bro."
―Enrique to Clint Barton[src]

Enrique and his comrades later tracked down Clint Barton, who unbeknowst to the Tracksuits, was trying to be captured. Enrique attacked Barton with a bat, and then Tomas loaded him into their van. The Tracksuits took him back to their hideout.

Enrique taunts Hawkeye

Enrique watched as Tomas and Ivan Banionis interrogated Barton about the location of Kate Bishop, who he denied knowing anything about. Barton revealed he had freed himself of his restraints, prompting Enrique and the rest of the Tracksuits to aim their guns at him, as Bishop suddenly fell through the ceiling in an attempt to save Barton. The Tracksuits then restrained both of the archers to coin-operated kiddie rides.[2]

Enrique toys with Hawkeye and Bishop

While waiting for their boss to come out, Enrique and the others activated the kiddie rides and watched as the archers were forced to ride them as entertainment. He stood nearby as Banionis and Dmitri decided to play cards instead and Tomas had a fit over a conversation with his girlfriend. Enrique watched as Maya Lopez and Kazi Kazimierczak interrogated Bishop and Barton.[3]

Escape of Clint Barton and Kate Bishop

Enrique falls into a shopping cart fighting Kate Bishop

Clint Barton managed to tear through the duct tape restraining him, this time running away as he freed himself. Enrique and his allies pursued Barton through the store. Barton managed to slow down the Tracksuits by jumping on top of the store's gondolas and knocking them over on Enrique and the others as he jumped across them. Enrique caught up to Barton, who was now joined by Bishop who was also now free of her restraints. Enrique was knocked into a shopping cart by Bishop and pushed away.

The archers managed to escape the store, stealing a car and driving away, while the Tracksuits divided themselves amongst four vehicles to pursue them. Enrique rode in the passenger side of one of the Trust a Bro Moving Company vans. They tried to get in front of Barton and Bishop so the Tracksuits in the back of the van could open fire on the archers, but Barton maneuvered a u-turn, losing the van for the moment.

Enrique watches Hawkeye and Kate Bishop get away

Enrique managed to catch up to the archers on the Manhattan Bridge. The Tracksuits all exited their vehicles and approached Barton and Bishop on foot, attempting to shoot at them, but the archers managed to escape under the bridge onto a train using a combination of a grappler arrow and a plunger arrow.

Enrique and the rest of the Tracksuit Mafia later packed their things from their hideout into moving vans, abandoning the toy store for a new hideout as its location was now compromised.[3]

Battle at Rockefeller Center

"I got you now, bro."
―Enrique to Kate Bishop[src]

Enrique joined the rest of the Tracksuit Mafia during the battle at the Rockefeller Center. After Kate Bishop took out Tomas, Enrique approached her, pointing his gun at her. He was taken by surprise by Jack Duquesne, who disarmed him using his sword and knocked him out with a punch to the face.[4]


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  • Bilingualism: Enrique is fluent in his native English and Russian.


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  • KB Toys Store: As a member of the Tracksuit Mafia, Enrique utilized their hideout in an abandoned toy store until the Tracksuits abandoned it when its location was compromised.





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